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Tiger Cross Country ranked #1 in rankings

Spencer Hayden | Photo by

Spencer Hayden | Photo by

The new was released, and the Tiger Cross Country team remained number 1 in class 3A. In the individual rankings, Junior Spencer Hayden is 3rd, Junior Matthew Thomas is 13th, Sophomore Ryan Guenthner is 18th, Senior Andrew Garvey is 28th and Senior Ben Kleine-Kracht is 30th.

Class 3A Rankings

1. St. Xavier

2. Daviess County

3. Ryle

4. Cooper

5. Tates Creek

6. Trinity

7. North Hardin

8. South Oldham

9. Eastern

10. duPont Manual


Best Tiger Cross Country runners at Rumble through the Jungle

Spencer Hayden | Photo by

Spencer Hayden | Photo by

The Tiger Cross Country will take place in the Rumble through the Jungle in just one hour. To prepare for the meet here are the top 10 times ever run at Rumble by a Tiger Cross Country runner.

1. Matt Hillenbrand (9/12/2009) – 16:19.37

2. Thomas Davis (9/10/2006) – 16:23.87

3. Stacy Eden (9/12/2009) – 16:24.62

4. Scott McClain (9/10/2005) – 16:24.63

5. Connor Sheryak (9/08/2012) – 16:25.84

6. Chris Striegel (9/14/2013) – 16:25.84

7. Jackson Carnes (9/08/2007) – 16:26.14

8. Thomas Mann (9/08/2007) – 16:31.17

9. Max Mudd (9/14/2013) – 16:31.43

10. Ian McCaslin (9/12/2009) – 16:32.21

Raceday Central | Tiger Cross Country in the Rumble through the Jungle

William Mulloy keeps on winning, both on and off the track |Photo by Jana Bollinger

William Mulloy keeps on winning, both on and off the track. | Photo by Jana Bollinger

Saturday, September 13th | 9:15 AM | Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve | Goshen, KY



Rumble through the Jungle

Saturday, September 13th

Varsity Meet –  10:35 AM

Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve

Goshen, KY


After a strong outing at the Tiger Run, the Tiger Cross Country team is back in action this morning at the Rumble through the Jungle. Due to the ACT and injuries, the Tigers will only have seven runners in the race today. Don’t worry, as the Tigers will still be favorited to run away with the victory, as they have so in the past couple of years.

Juniors Spencer Hayden and Matthew Thomas will lead the charge for the Tigers, as the Tiger Cross Country are likely to win their second meet of the year. Also look out for Andrew Garvey and Tyler Just, who will more than likely have solid outings in Goshen.


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Last Race: Tiger Run

Meet the 2014 Tiger Cross Country seniors

Raceday Central | Tiger Cross Country in the Tiger Run


Meet the 2014 Tiger Cross Country seniors

The 2014 Tiger Cross Country Seniors | Photo by Jana Bollinger

The Tiger Cross Country season started off last weekend with a win at the Tiger Run. But with no race this weekend, it felt like the perfect time to introduce the 2014 Tiger Cross Country seniors to Tiger Nation.

Matthew Benentt | Photo by Jana Bollinger

Matthew Bennett 

5K PR – 17:38.32

Race most looking forward to – State

How has cross country changed since freshman year? – “It’s changed from us just messing around to our team actually having to do the work.”

Person you admire the most – Randy Schleihart and Gary Gordon

If you could date a celebrity, who would it be? – Kate Upton

Dream Job, not sports – Delta Force

Corbett Campbell | Photo by Jana Bollinger

Corbett Campbell 

5K PR – 18:34.20

Race most looking forward to – Trinity Invitational

How has cross country changed since freshman year? – “When you start freshman year, it’s just something you do after school. Going through the years and when you become a senior, you see how important it is to everybody and you carry that on from past teams.”

Pre-race ritual – “Freshman year Coach Yochum told us yawning calmed you down, so I try and yawn a bunch before I run.”

Hot or cold weather runner – Cold

Person you admire the most – Hunter York

Ben Farber | Photo by Jana Bollinger

Ben Farber 

5K PR – 16:22.93

Race most looking forward to – Lexington Catholic

How has cross country changed since freshman year? – “Freshman year is all fun and you are just racing and you see all of these older guys being awesome in every race and winning everything. Now that we are here, it’s our turn to do that now, so that’s what we are trying to do.”

Hot or cold weather runner – Cold

Favorite song – “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen

If you could have a company sponsor you, who would it be? – Aquafina water

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Tiger Cross Country Preview

Spencer Hayden | Photo by Jana Bollinger

Last year, the Saint Xavier Cross Country team won their third straight state championship and became the first 3A team to ever win 20 state championships. This year, the Tiger Cross Country team looks to make even more history, as they go for four in a row, which has never been done before in Class 3A. The Tigers lost 5 of their 7 state team members but don’t expect this to be a rebuilding year for the Tigers. St. X simply reloads, and this year is no different.

Key Losses – Chris Striegel, Ben Metzger, Max Mudd, Jack Minogue and Stephen Kinny

Key Returnees – Spencer Hayden (Junior) and William Mulloy (Senior)

The Tigers already show the potential to win a  fourth straight championship, as they have put together a couple of great pre-season performances. Spencer Hayden and Matthew Thomas have finished 1-2 in both races, but positions 3-7 have flipped around in order between the time trial and the Manual Practice meet, something you could see a lot of this upcoming season.

Pre-Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Time Trial Spencer Hayden Matthew Thomas Ben Kleine-Kracht Ryan Guenthner Tyler Just Andrew Garvey Henry Geisler
Manual Practice Meet Spencer Hayden Matthew Thomas Tyler Just Andrew Garvey Ben Kleine-Kracht Ryan Guenthner Henry Geisler


Matthew Thomas | Photo by Jana Bollinger

Hayden and Thomas led the team in the pre-season (Note: Senior William Mulloy was out due to an injury), but the state championship will be won on the strength of spots 3-7. As of right now, the Tigers have a very strong core of Ben Kleine-Kracht, Tyler Just, Ryan Guenthner, Andrew Garvey and Henry Geisler. They also have some depth past that with Brennan Wheatley, Ben Glover, Ben Farber, Andrew Edwards, and freshmen Patrick Schaefer and Clint Sherman.

Junior Matthew Thomas said, “We have a very strong front pack of Spencer Hayden, William Mulloy and myself who are all fighting to be up in the top 10 individuals, and then our #4 – 9 guys are all very close to each other. They are all within about 30 seconds of each other and really not all that far from behind our front pack.”

In years past, the main opponent to winning a state title was Trinity. This year a team from Northern Kentucky has jumped into contention.

“Cooper is definitely the biggest threat this year,” said Senior Ben Kliene-Kracht. “They had several guys finish better than 16th place last year, and they graduated no one. They gave us a hard time freshman year, so it will be tough this year too. As always, Trinity is a threat, but I’m confident we can win the state title.”

“There are a lot of solid teams in the state this year, but we’ve had our eye on Cooper High School since last year and knew they were returning some good runners,” said Senior William Mulloy.

The Tiger Cross Country team wants to win their fourth straight championship, but they also have their eyes set on a later meet: Nike Cross Regionals in Cary, North Carolina.  “Besides state this is our most important race because it gives us a chance to qualify for Nike Nationals in Oregon,” said Mulloy.  “Plus anytime the team gets to travel out of state together we have a lot of fun.”

“I’m looking forward to NXR the most because of a few reasons,” said Junior Spencer Hayden. “Firstly, the team gets free gear there. Secondly, it is the meet that will determine whether or not we will be attending the Nike Cross Nationals. Thirdly, it is very fun as the weather is usually mild and the mall across from the hotel has many great restaurants inside it and stores to go into. It is the most fun meet to be with the team.”

Why is St. X going to win the title? “Because I know the team we are up against, but they don’t know us,” said Kleine-Kracht. “Milesplit just hosted a poll and Cooper won as the favorite to win. No one knows us yet. We have guys that have had great seasons but have just been overshadowed by the greats in the past couple of years. No one has heard of guys like Ryan Guenthner, Andrew Garvey, Tyler Just and Ben Farber, but they will know us by the end of the year. We have the element of surprise going for us. That, our determination and the hard work we have been putting in since day one will give us the title.”

The Tigers first race will be on Saturday, August 30th at the Tiger Run.

Go Tigers!  We Are!

William Mulloy named Best returning Cross Country Runner in Kentucky

William Mulloy keeps on winning, both on and off the track |Photo by Jana Bollinger

William Mulloy keeps on winning, both on and off the track | Photo by Jana Bollinger

Earlier this week we asked you to go and vote for Spencer Hayden and William Mulloy to be named the best returning cross country runner in Kentucky. Wiliam Mulloy was announced today as the winner, and it wasn’t even close.  A big congratulations to William as well as a big thank you to Tiger Nation for helping William secure the victory!  We Are!

Top 5 by Percentage of the Vote
William Mulloy, St. Xavier  –  35.74 %
Ben Young, Tates Creek  –  17.56 %
Brenan Fields, Madison Central  –  7.02 %
Eric Baugh, Villa Madonna  –  5.79 %
Trenton Fryman, North Oldham  –  4.96 %
Other  –  4.96 %

The St. Xavier senior was the 2014 Class AAA 1600m State Champion and at the KY Dream Mile ran a new best converted 1600m time of 4:10.94 which stands #4 All-Time in Kentucky.  He showed his 5k prowess last spring by winning the 5K Showdown with a 15:05.07.