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GAMEDAY CENTRAL | Pink and White Game

Friday, April 28th | 7:00 PM | Br. Thomas More Stadium | Louisville, KY



Assumption Rockets vs. Sacred Heart Valkyries
Friday, April 28th
Pink and White Game – 7:00 PM
Saint Xavier High School
Louisville, KY


Assumption defeated Sacred Heart last year by a score of 14-7 in the ninth annual Pink and White Game. The game was a strong showing of the deep rivalry these two schools have, and tonight will prove the same.

Yes, Louisville is known for their football rivalries, the St.X and Trinity game drawing near 30,000 year to year, but another 6,000+ will squeeze into the stands tonight for a powder-puff football game. That’s more than most schools around the country for their rivalry football games for the guys.

A side from the actual game, the halftime show is something you will not want to miss. I guarantee it will rival with Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl this year, as the St.X and Trinity Dancers will put on a one-in-a-lifetime performance. The Tigers have been at work for the past couple of months under the watchful eye of some champion Assumption dancers and former football coach turned dancing protegé Mike Glaser. There’s sure to be some booty poppin’ and hip shakin’ taking place.

Most importantly though, make sure to make it out to the opening ceremonies that begin at 7:00 PM on the field. All four schools have been invited to bring family members, friends, and loved ones that have beaten cancer and escort them on the field for special recognition of their battle. Not only is it a beautiful ceremony, but it embodies what this game is truly played for.


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Four Schools. Two Rivalries. One Cause. Pink and White Game 2017


Four Schools. Two Rivalries. One Cause. Pink and White Game 2017

This Friday, April 28th at 7:30 at St.X will mark the 10th Annual Pink and White Football Game played between Assumption and Sacred Heart.

Since, its inception, the Pink and White Game has raised over 195,000 dollars in support of the Norton Cancer Institute Breast Health Program. Last year’s event alone raised over 25,000 dollars.

Seniors from both Assumption and Sacred Heart have been practicing diligently to claim a win and well-deserved bragging rights. Also competing are seniors from St.X and Trinity, with help from AHS and SHA dancers, who will do a choreographed dance at halftime for the title of “Best Dance Team.”

Assumption and Saint Xavier will team up to form #TeamPink while Sacred Heart and Trinity will make up #TeamWhite

If you’ve never heard of this event, here’s what you should expect.

While the game will fill Br. Thomas More Stadium to full capacity, and is all fun, the true meaning for this game is something special. This game started as a pipeline dream for an Assumption student years ago, and now that dream has benefited the lives of many others. It’s hard to come by someone who’s life has not been touched in some way by cancer. Whether it’s a parent, a sibling, an aunt, a grandparent, cancer has impacted the lives of millions of people.

With this year being the 10th Anniversary, I hope to see the biggest donation yet.

Oh, and of course, Go Rockets, Go Tigers, and Go TEAM PINK!


Pink and White Gameday Central

Friday, April 25 | 7:00 PM | Marshall Stadium | Louisville, KY

Pink and White Gameday Central Graphic


Assumption Rockets (1-5) vs. Sacred Heart Valkyries (5-1)
Friday, April 25th
Pink and White Game – 7:00 PM
Trinity High School – Louisville, KY


Assumption defeated Sacred Heart 25-14 in last year’s 6th annual Pink and White Game.  It was the first win for the Rockets since the beginning of the game in 2008 over the Valkyries.  There are rivalries in football, but no where else does it better than Louisville, KY.  A side from the 30,000+ that attend the St. Xavier vs. Trinity game every fall, another 6,000+ squeeze in to see a powder puff football game… that is more than many high schools around the country draw to their biggest games in boys football.

Make sure to stick around for halftime as the Tiger Dancers take on Trinity in a dance-off.  The Tigers have been working extremely hard under the supervision of the Assumption Dance Team and Mike Glaser.  Look for some fancy moves and hips being shook during the intermission.


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Last Game: Assumption defeated Sacred Heart 25-14
Four Schools, Two Rivalries: The Pink and White Game