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Tiger Basketball moving up in State Rankings

Photo by Varsity Views

Photo by Varsity Views

Tiger Baskeball makes its first appearance in the Top 10 in the state in the Lexington Herald’s poll this week after demolishing Male last Friday. That win clinched the top seed in the 26th District for the 5th straight year and also made the state’s heads towards Coach Klein’s squad.

The Tigers take on Holy Cross tonight in the second to last home game of the season and face Fern Creek on the road Friday evening. Two more wins this week look on the horizon which would bring the Tigers very close to another 20 win season that is appearing very possible once again this season.

Herald Leader Dave Cantrall’s High School Basketball State Rankings

1. Ballard
2. Newport Catholic
3. Trinity
4. Henderson County
5. Knott Central
6. Covington Catholic
7. Taylor County
8. Wayne County
9. St. Xavier
9. Hopkinsville

Courier-Journal boys’ basketball Litkenhous Ratings

1. Trinity
2. Ballard
3. Newport Catholic
4. Knott Central
5. Covington Catholic
6. Henderson County
7. Manual
8. Taylor County
9. Lexington Catholic
10. Wayne County
11. Mason County
12. Bryan station
13. Hopkinsville
14. Scott County
15. Oldham County
16. Owensboro
17. St. Xavier
18. Lafayette
19. Lincoln County
20. Lexington Christian

Tigers move up to No. 3 and face No. 1 Friday

Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Tiger Football moves up from No. 4 to No. 3 in this week’s Courier-Journal Litkenhous Ratings.  This sets up a showdown with No. 1 ranked team, Trinity on Friday at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.  We said this before the regular season game and we’ll say it again now… rankings mean nothing when it comes to rivalry games and especially playoff rivalry games.

Litkenhous Ratings Top 20

1. Trinity
2. Male
3. St. Xavier
4. Scott County
5. Manual
6. Highlands
7. Dixie Heights
8. Bowling Green
9. Simon Kenton
10. Johnson Central
11. Henry Clay
12. Pulaski County
13. Central Hardin
14. McCracken County
15. Mayfield
16. Christian Academy
17. Bryan Station
18. Covington Catholic
19. Lafayette
20. North Oldham

St. Xavier No. 4 in Litkenhous Ratings

Taijon Smith | Photo by Scott Utterback

Taijon Smith | Photo by Scott Utterback

The Tigers stay in the Top 5 this week in the Courier-Journal’s Litkenhous Computer Ratings.  We are now a week deep in the playoffs and District 4 still makes up four of the top five programs in the state.  It’ll be No. 4 vs. No. 5, this Friday inside Br. Thomas More Stadium as the Crimsons come visiting again.

We will predict a victory for the Tigers so, we will see either No. 1 or No. 2 on November 21.  It’s going to be an exciting two weeks of football ahead ladies and gentleman!

Litkenhous Ratings Top 20

1. Male
2. Trinity
3. Scott County
4. St. Xavier
5. Manual
6. Highlands
7. Johnson Central
8. Dixie Heights
9. Simon Kenton
10. Bowling Green
11. Henry Clay
12. Central Hardin
13. McCracken County
14. Pulaski County
15. Bryan Station
16. Lafayette
17. Christian Academy
18. Mayfield
19. Covington Catholic
20. North Oldham

Polls! Get Your Polls Here!

Noah Houk | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Noah Houk | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Tiger Football is ranked the highest they have been all season this week in the latest AP Poll and Litkenhous Ratings.  With a bye week to rest up for the trip to Cincinnati St. Xavier next Friday, the Tigers are in good position for a playoff push in just two weeks!

The Tigers are 3-1 against fellow 6A Top 10 teams with the only loss coming to No. 1 ranked Male.  Just like the SEC West in College Football, the Super District is dominating the Litkenhous Ratings with all four teams being in the Top 5 of the poll ranked by computers.

Class 6A AP Poll

1. Male
2. St. Xavier
3. Central Hardin
4. Trinity
5. Scott Co.
6. Bryan Station
7. McCracken Co.
8. Manual
9. Meade Co.
10. Simon Kenton
10. Dixie Heights

Litkenhous Ratings

1. Male
2. St. Xavier
3. Trinity
4. Scott Co.
5. Manual
6. Bowling Green
7. Dixie Heights
8. Pulaski Co.
9. Henry Clay
10. Highlands

Tigers up to No. 4 in Litkenhous Ratings

Blake Roshkowski| Photo by Riley Pfeiffer

Blake Roshkowski | Photo by Riley Pfeiffer

With the big game coming up, let’s take a look at the weekly rankings from our media friends and the Courier-Journal.  Tiger Football stayed put at No. 6 in the AP Poll, but jumped from No. 9 to No. 4 in the Courier-Journals Litkenhous Ratings.

The Tigers are ahead of their opponent this week by three spots in the Litkenhous Ratings, but behind the Rocks in the AP Poll. Rankings are rankings and are especially not important in a rivalry game.  The best team will be seen on Friday, but for now we’ll overanalyze these two polls while we wait.

Courier-Journal Litkenhous Ratings
1.Highlands (5-0)
2.Bowling Green (5-1)
3.Male (5-0)
4.St. Xavier (4-2)
5.Manual (5-0)
6.Scott County (6-0)
7.Trinity (4-2)
8.DeSales (6-0)
9.Pulaski County (5-0)
10.Simon Kenton (6-0)

Class 6A AP Poll
1. Male (12)
2. Scott Co.
3. Trinity
4. DuPont Manual
5. McCracken Co.
6. St. Xavier
7. Meade Co.
8. Central Hardin
9. Simon Kenton
10. Henry Clay

Tiger Football drops to No. 6 in C-J Litkenhous Ratings

Matthew Boeckmann and Logan Butler| Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Matthew Boeckmann and Logan Butler| Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Tiger Football defeated Fairdale last Friday, but fell in the Courier Journal’s latest Litkenhous Ratings.  They drop to No. 6 in all of Kentucky and No. 3 in Class 6A.

Top 20
1.Covington Catholic (3-1) 135.3
2.Manual (3-0) 133.2
3.Bowling Green (4-0) 124.8
4.McCracken County (3-0) 123.7
5.Belfry (3-0) 122.8
6.St. Xavier (3-1) 121.8
7.Highlands (3-0) 121.1
8.Trinity (2-2) 120.9
9.Scott County (4-0) 119.9
10.Bryan Station (2-2) 119.8
11.Male (4-0) 119.1
12.DeSales (4-0) 118.4
13.Mayfield (3-1) 116.8
14.Henderson County (2-2) 116.1
15.South Warren (4-0) 116.0
16.Franklin County (3-0) 115.6
17.Pulaski County (3-0) 114.6
18.Boyle County (4-0) 114.2
19.Lafayette (3-1) 113.0
20.North Oldham (2-1) 112.7
1.Manual 133.2
2.McCracken County 123.7
3.St. Xavier 121.8
4.Trinity 120.9
5.Scott County 119.9
6.Bryan Station 119.8
7.Male 119.1
8.Henderson County 116.1
9.Lafayette 113.0
10.Simon Kenton 112.2
11.Campbell County 111.9
12.Fern Creek 111.8
13.Ballard 108.9
14.Henry Clay 108.9
15.Central Hardin 107.7
16.Dixie Heights 107.6
17.Ryle 95.7
18.Boone County 93.8
19.PRP 92.2
20.Paul Laurence Dunbar 91.8
21.Seneca 91.7
22.Meade County 85.2
23.Butler 83.6
24.Daviess County 80.7
25.Madison Central 78.3
26.Tates Creek 75.7
27.Oldham County 75.2
28.Eastern 71.7
29.Clark County 71.7
30.Southern 70.2
31.Muhlenberg County 61.5
32.Marshall County 35.1