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Tiger Track and Field wins Region 3 for the 3rd straight year!

Jaylon Hibbs jumps over a hurdle on his way to a 1st place finish in the 110 meter hurdles | Photo by Jana Bollinger

Jaylon Hibbs jumps over a hurdle on his way to a 1st place finish in the 110 meter hurdles | Photo by Jana Bollinger

The Tiger Track and Field team captured their 3rd consecutive Region 3 Championship this past weekend. The Tigers dominated the competition and won the meet by 42 points. The Tigers won with 174 points, Male placed 2nd with 132 points and DuPont Manual finished in a distant 3rd with 67 points.

Team Scores
1) St. Xavier – 174
2) Male – 132
3) DuPont Manual – 67
4) Pleasure Ridge Park – 53
5) Central – 39

Runners Automatically Advancing to State
800 meter run – William Mulloy – 1st (1:56.44)
1600 meter run – Matthew Thomas – 1st (4:24.23)
3200 meter run – Andrew Garvey – 1st (9:58.54)
110 meter hurdles – Jaylon Hibbs – 1st (15.19) and Dallas Ford – 2nd (16.11)
300 meter hurdles – Jaylon Hibbs – 1st (41.70) and Jack Raque – 2nd (41.82)
4 x 100 meter relay team – Jalyon Hibbs, Max Masterson, Ricky Garr and Ben Ruiz – 2nd (44.29)
4 x 200 meter relay team – Max Masterson, Ricky Garr, Patrick Ritter and Owen Johnson – 2nd (1:31.44)
4 x 800 meter relay team – Tyler Just, Michael Porter, Ben Kleine-Kracht and Eli George
Pole Vault – Barry Banta – 2nd (10-00.00)
Shot Put – Jake Glass – 1st (53-07.00) and Evin James – 2nd (46-05.00)
Discus – Evin James –  1st (134-10)

Other results by Tigers
100 meter dash – Sam Mishloney – 12th (11.88) and Ben Ruiz – 15th (11.97)
200 meter dash – Ben Ruiz – 11th (24.10) and Brock Mayer – 13th (24.32)
400 meter dash – Colin O’Daniel – 3rd (50.67) and Brock Mayer – 10th (54.73)
800 meter run – Eli George – 3rd (2:03.44)
1600 meter run – Cole Bollinger – 3rd (4:36.34)
3200 meter run – Patrick Schaeffer – 3rd (10:16.14)
4 x 400 meter relay team – Colin O’Daniel, Patrick Ritter, William Mulloy and Eli George – 3rd (3:27.69)
High Jump – Zac Rapp – 4th (5-04.00)
Long Jump – Max Masterson – 3rd (20-03.50)
Triple Jump – Mike Ervin – 4th (40-00.50) and James Bryant – 13th (34-06.50)
Discus – Jake Glass – 5th (118-03)

Kentucky High School State Track Meet – University of Kentucky – Saturday, May 23rd

Centre might be the real Tiger Tech


Michael Ackerman and four of his teammates are headed to Danvile to be Colonels. | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Centre College had an undefeated regular season with a 10-1 overall record including a Southern Athletic Association Conference Championship, which resulted in the Colonels receiving an at-large bid to the NCAA Division III Tournament.  This was only their second appearance in school history, but their second in the last four years.  They fell to John Carroll in the First Round of the Playoffs, but needless to say it was a big year for Centre.

How do you improve upon that? You go out and get more great players to add to the impressive group of talent that is already on campus in Danville. When you scroll through that list of talented players on the Centre roster, one thing sticks out and is repeated over and over. Hometown/High School: Louisville, Ky. / St. Xavier.

Four Former Tigers were on the 10-1 Colonel Football team last season and two of those were major contributors.  Wide Receiver Jake Johnson ’12 and Defensive Back Alex Mattingly ’12 made huge plays throughout the season to keep that unblemished record for ten straight weeks. Ryan Askin ’14 and Sam Gray ’14 were new members of the team and will compete for playing time this fall.

That number of Former Tigers is about to double as FIVE of the Tiger Football Class of 2015 is headed to be Colonels this year.  Jaylon Hibbs, Kyle Oliver, Michael Ackerman, Lowell Brown and Ben Logsdon have all committed to play for Centre.  One other Tiger is also still deciding on where he wants to play and his choices include Centre and Kentucky. Lexington Catholic and Manual also have a handful of former players in Black and Gold, but not NINE. Head Coach Andy Frye must like what he sees coming out of Louisville, specifically Poplar Level Road. It’s like he’s trying to be Chip Kelly from the Eagles and take a whole bunch of kids from a Green and Gold school.

To get all of these guys headed in the same direction, there wasn’t a big meeting called by one of the five pledges to Centre, but instead they all came to the same conclusion on their own for the most part.

“Actually, I didn’t talk to anyone.” was the response Ackerman gave to the question of whether or not they teamed up and made the decision together. “I just love the atmosphere on the campus and on the field and the coaches accept you like family.” That family just gained five really good players.

The now Former Tigers all looked at their options on where they wanted to play at the next level and it just so happened that they all had roster spot offers from Centre and that was where each individual thought they would have the best opportunity to play at the next level.

For Oliver, it also had to do with the coaches, but mainly the academics. “A big part was how good of school it was,” he commented.  “I really like the coaching staff especially Coach (Carter) Conley who is the defensive coordinator.” The Tiger Football linebacker also added, “We get to play football with each other for four more years and be a part of a great program.”

While Ackerman didn’t do much talking to the others about his decision, Oliver was helping recruit the guys to play with him at the next level.  He said that it was a big deal for them to all get to play together again because they loved playing with each other.  Kyle was even encouraging the others to take overnight visits down to Danville with him.

Once they were at Centre, they had plenty of familiar faces to welcome them. Oliver’s older brother, Ryan, played with Mattingly and Johnson, so they were always encouraging their friends little brother to come see what Centre had to offer. Ackerman said Johnson was a big help in his decision to go there.

The recent success of the Colonels obviously has stood out to these guys as they’ve made their college decisions.  There is no doubt that Centre will have another big year and that will probably be thanks to some of our guys that will surely make an immediate impact, the minute they step on campus this fall. The college version of St. Xavier may be forming down the highway in Danville, Ky. They might as well go ahead and rename the 220 year old College, Tiger Tech.

2015 Tiger Track and Field Event-by-Event Preview: Hurdles

Jaylon Hibbs will undoubtedly make some noise running hurdles this season. | Photo by Jana Bollinger

Jaylon Hibbs will undoubtedly make some noise running hurdles this season. | Photo by Jana Bollinger

Part three in a 5 part series previewing the 2015 St. Xavier Track and Field Tigers: Hurdles



110 Meter Hurdles

300 Meter Hurdles


110 Meter Hurdles – Michael Ritter (6th), Jaylon Hibbs (10)

300 Meter Hurdles – Michael Ritter (6th), Jaylon Hibbs (5th at Region)


Jaylon Hibbs – 110 and 300 Meter Hurdles


This is our smallest of the five previews, as there are only two events in this category. The only guy on the team who has had experience at the state meet in one of these events is senior Jaylon Hibbs. There might not be as much depth here as there are at other positions on the team, but with hurdles being kind of an added bonus for most teams in the state, every point could be the difference in deciding this year’s state champion.

Last year in the 110 meter hurdles, Hibbs finished 10th at state. He ranks this year as the 4th best returner.

“I just feel like the 110m is my race,” said Hibbs. “I stumbled over a hurdle last year in state and cost myself time and my team points, so I’m coming back with a vengeance in pursuit of that state title. One thing I’m doing to improve besides lifting weights four times a week, is simply working hard each day at practice and trying not only to better prepare myself this year at state, but my fellow teammates around me as well.”

The Tiger Track and Field team lost a great hurdler in Michael Ritter to graduation, and they are going to need someone to step up this year. Hibbs thinks he knows who it will be.

“Jack Raque for sure,” said Hibbs. “I was really surprised with how much better he has become, since last year especially. We will definitely be competing and pushing each other every day.”

If Raque is as improved as Hibbs says, we could be in for some surprise points at the State Meet.

What’s the difference in the 110 and 300 meter hurdles, besides the distance?

“The 110 are all about rhythm and getting three steps in between the hurdles,” said Hibbs “The 300 is more about pacing and saving yourself for those last 3 hurdles to give it all you have. The hardest thing to figure out for me is the pacing itself, so I’ll be doing a lot of work with that throughout the season.”

Next up: Sprints

St. X vs. Trinity Positional Breakdown: Wide Receiver


Blake Roshkowski could have a big night against the Rocks. | Photo by Jack Arnold

Blake Roshkowski could have a big night against the Rocks. | Photo by Jack Arnold

The passing attack for both St. X and Trinity will be huge, as each leans heavily on the run game. The Tigers go a solid six deep at wideout, and Trinity’s receiving corps is led by a slew of juniors.  Whoever can complement the running game through the air most effectively will likely win this game.

St. Xavier Depth Chart

– #21 Jaylon Hibbs- 6’0”| 181 lbs.| Senior

– #17 Mason King- 6’2”| 164lbs.| Senior

– #25 Michael Ackerman- 5’7”| 158 lbs.| Senior

– #16 Griffin Ackermann- 5’10”| 175 lbs.| Senior

– #37 Blake Roshkowski- 5’10”| 167 lbs.| Sophomore

– #2 Colin O’Daniel- 5’11”| 140 lbs.| Junior


St. Xavier Overview

The Tiger receiving corps is experienced and deep with four seniors serving as primary targets for quarterback Noah Houk. As I mentioned earlier, the passing attack Friday night is crucial for the offense to have success. TaiJon Smith will need a few plays off and I look to the receivers to provide those necessary moments of rest. Senior Jaylon Hibbs is a freak athlete who will go up in jump ball situations and come down with it just about every time. He leads the receivers with two touchdowns on the season. Lining up in the slot on the other side of the field is Michael Ackerman who is a burner. Ackerman is comparable to a Wes Welker, Percy Harvin or Brandin Cooks type of receiver. When he gets the ball in space, watch out. He is notorious for catching short passes and taking them deep into an opponent’s territory. The offense runs a lot of screens for Michael and he is a definite threat when the ball is in his hands. Senior Mason King provides Houk with a nice, tall target and has come up with some big catches this season in crunch time. Junior Colin O’Daniel and sophomore Blake Roshkowski provide the true depth of the receiving corps. Both are known for their ability to take the top off of a defense and reel off big chunks of yards after the catch.

I asked Michael Ackerman about what he thought makes the receiving corps such a threat to secondaries.

“I think the biggest threat we have is that all of us are dangerous. It’s hard to lockdown on 3 or 4 receivers at one time,” he said. “You can’t double team us all.”



Trinity Depth Chart

– #10 Rodjay Burns- 6’2″|175 lbs.| Junior

-#80 Dalton Jones- 6’2″|175 lbs.| Junior

– #21 Santo Biddix- 5’9″ | 160 lbs. | Junior

– #13 Jake Woosley- 5’10”| 170 lbs.| Junior

– #1 Connor Carrico- 5’7”| 145 lbs.| Junior


Trinity Overview

The Trinity corps is not nearly as deep nor experienced as the Tigers, but they are talented. There is a clear-cut number one receiver for the Rocks and his name is Rodjay Burns. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you will. Burns can set the tone of the game in just one play. His quarterback, Ryan Young, spoke glowingly of the two-way star.

“He just really has a feel for the game, he runs great routes and can go get the ball at its highest point when he needs to.”

Junior Dalton Jones is a big target and is a nice counterpart to Burns. In the Rocks’ close victory over Cocoa, Florida, Jones was the difference maker catching 2 passes for 43 yards, both of which went for touchdowns. On the other side of the field, Santo Biddix is a reception monster and can provide a change of pace in the passing game with his short, slashing routes.


EDGE: Both teams have formidable pass catchers that can break a game open in no time. It’s tough to say which one has the edge, but I’m going to side with the Tigers and here’s why: experience. These receivers roll deep and have learned from talented players who came before them. The trio of Ackerman, Hibbs and King have built up great chemistry with their quarterback and know how to get open when it matters. The deep play ability of the underclassmen is very important as well. It will be tough for the Tiger Defense to slow down the Rocks’ receivers, especially Burns, but they will be up for the task. In an almost even matchup, I’m giving St. X the slight advantage over Trinty at wide receiver.