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Chase and Zac Collins Accomplish Special Feat


Chase pitches to Zac earlier this season | Photo by Jim Collins

So we all know throwing a no-hitter in baseball is pretty impressive, right? Well, on Tuesday night, the Freshman Baseball Team defeated DeSales 11-0, and pitcher Chase Collins secured a no-hitter; however, this no-no came with a special twist as well.

The catcher for the Tigers last night was Zac Collins, who just happens to be Chase’s twin brother; a brother threw to his brother to achieve the no-hitter.

Neither Chase nor Zac realized what was going on until the latter moments of the game.  After recording the final out, Chase said, “I started walking to the dugout ready to play another inning and then realized the game was over.”  Zac explained, “As the game was going on, I didn’t think too much about [Chase’s] performance, only because I have gotten used to catching him.  I realized that he was throwing a no-hitter when when I looked on the scoreboard in the final inning.”

As the game got closer and closer to the final play, Chase mentioned that the pressure that would be normally be building for pitchers at this point was almost nonexistent.

“I felt great.  I knew the defense had my back and I just kept throwing strikes.  The nerves didn’t really kick in until the final two batters.”

The defense did indeed have Chase’s back throughout the game, as the Colts had several opportunities to break up the no-no smothered by Tiger gloves.  The top web-gem of the night went to second baseman Ryan Davis, who made a dazzling diving-stop on a line drive straight up the middle.

As for having his twin brother on the receiving end of every pitch he threw, Chase felt pretty good about his chances throughout the game.

“I was pretty comfortable; I knew he would pick me up if I made a mistake.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  It’s the best feeling in the world.”

Zac was equally elated to be involved with his brother’s performance.

“It feels great to be a part of such a great accomplishment in his baseball career.  I was excited and proud of him and just wanted to help him finish the game strong.”

Zac brought up the fact that Chase’s effort will definitely help the team moving forward.

“I think Chase’s performance will set a great example for our pitchers that if they throw strikes, our defense will take care of the rest.”

Of all the no-hitters thrown this year in high school, college, or the Bigs, we here at WSTX Sports are pretty certain that this was the first no-no that feature twin brothers getting the job done.  Congratulations Chase and Zac from everyone on the WSTX Sports Team!

The freshman Tigers are back in action this Thursday, taking on Male on the road.  First pitch is set for 5:00 p.m., followed by Varsity action at 6:00 and JV action at 7:30.