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Scouting Report | Ballard Basketball

Connor Knight (4) and Jamil Wilson (22) battled for a loose ball. | Photo by The Voice-Tribune

Connor Knight (4) and Jamil Wilson (22) battled for a loose ball. | Photo by The Voice-Tribune

Hello, Tiger Nation! The Tiger Basketball team will be taking on the Ballard Bruins in their biggest home game of the year. The Bruins have posted a 18-5 record so far this year, and are currently one of the top teams in the state. Tiger Nation, you’ll need to come out full force Friday Night and get behind your very own Tiger Basketball teams in what will be one of their best games of the year.

Head Coach: Chris Renner

Record: 18-5

Notable Wins: Paul Dunbar (67-58) , Doss (72-60) , and Waggener  (61-59)

Players to Watch: Jamil Wilson, Clivonte Patterson, Dorion Tisby

Keys to Victory: 

  1. Rebounding – The Tigers have out-rebounded most of their opponents due to a huge size advantage. The Tigers will still have the size advantage against Ballard, but the Tigers need to prevent Ballard from getting run outs and extra scoring opportunities. 
  2. Defense – The Bruins are one of the top scoring teams in the state, averaging 77.0 points per game and putting up over 90 in a few games as well. The Tigers will need to really step up their game tonight. 
  3. Moving the Ball – The Bruins defense is pesky and will look to pressure the ball early and often. The Tigers will need to keep it moving and look for the easy opportunities to score. 


The Tigers come into the game as underdogs, but every year the St.X-Ballard game has been extremely competitive. If you are a St.X student, go check out the picture by the S.A.C. office of the Rage Cage against Ballard. We want a repeat of that come Friday Night. Get out to the game and get rowdy and most importantly…