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Subway Added To Br. Thomas More Stadium Concessions Selections

st x sandwich

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The St. Xavier Athletic Department announced on Wednesday that Subway will be added to the concessions selections at Br. Thomas More Stadium as the official sandwich of the Tigers.

Fans at this year’s St. Xavier football games and other sports events will have their choice of six-inch ham, turkey or Italian BMT sandwiches for $5 each. Subway will have two concession locations throughout Br. Thomas More Stadium: Gate 1 and Gate 2 concession stands.

“As a part of the St. Xavier alumni, I couldn’t be more excited to have this opportunity to work with the St. Xavier Athletic Department,” said Subway Regional Director Harold Jackson. “We are proud to be the official sandwich of the St. Xavier Tigers.”

The Subway concession stands at Br. Thomas More Stadium will be supervised by Flik, who deliver food to the St. Xavier students daily.

BREAKING: Former Tiger Robert Shaw Declares for the 2015 NBA Draft

Robert Shaw was a force for St. X, and he will be a force in the Association. | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Robert Shaw was a force for St. X, and he will be a force in the Association. | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

After spending one year at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri, Class of 2014 Former Tiger Robert Shaw has decided to forgo the final three years of his collegiate career and enter his name in the 2015 NBA Draft to be held on June 25th in New York.

After much deliberation with family, friends, and coaches, Shaw made the decision to become a “one and done” collegiate player and move on to the next level. He believes his draft stock will never be higher than it is now, and according to NBA scouts, he has a legitimate shot to crack the top ten.

“I considered all my options, and I have arrived at the conclusion that I need to capitalize on this opportunity and see where it takes me,” Shaw explained. “I sincerely thank Coach [Kevin] Klein at St. X and Coach [Clark] Sheehy at SBU for all the time and effort they put in to improving me both as a player and a person. Without them, as well my assistant coaches and teammates throughout the years, I would not be in this position today.”

Shaw arrived on campus at SBU, which competes in NCAA Division II athletics, last fall after a sterling career at St. X. He was a four-year varsity player (three-year starter) and became the first 1,000-point scorer at St. X since 1992. He will always be remembered for his wizardry with the ball, possessing any dribble move you could think of and elite agility and athleticism. One of his biggest highlights as a Tiger was against DeSales during his senior season, when he poured in a career-high 38 points, including 19 in the fourth quarter, to lead St. X to a 77-73 overtime win.

Southwest Baptist’s season recently came to an end after a 90-74 defeat at the hands of the University of Nebraska-Kearney in the first round of the MIAA Tournament. The Bearcats finished the season with a record of 11-18, with Shaw playing a big role as a freshman. He came off the bench in all 29 games and averaged 5.4 points, 2 rebounds, and 1.9 assists per game in just under 20 minutes a game. Although the stats don’t jump off of the page, scouts and coaches who saw Shaw in person were left salivating over his ability to beat defenders off the dribble and score from anywhere on the court. Although he will certainly need to work judiciously to fill out his 6′, 160-pound frame, people around the NBA believe his elite physical tools will yield a high ceiling for what Shaw could become in the future.

Scouts generally see Shaw as the second best left-handed point guard of all potential prospects, behind Ohio State’s D’Angelo Russell. It’s a tad too early to project a concrete range where Shaw could be taken with many prominent players yet to make a decision, but ESPN’s Chad Ford says he should be right in the thick of the lottery.

“It’s tough to say at this point, but Shaw definitely projects well in this draft,” Ford explained. “I see him most likely fighting with Louisville’s Terry Rozier for the second guard taken off the board. They’re both ultra-athletic players with a propensity for scoring, so it will be interesting to see where the draft process takes them.”

The 2015 NBA Draft Combine, which begins May 12th in Chicago, will be a huge opportunity for Shaw to showcase his athletic ability in front of NBA executives. If he tests well, it will only be a matter of time before he starts climbing up boards around the Association.

From all of us here at WSTX Sports, Good Luck Robert!

Potential Tiger Offensive Coordinator Candidates

Will Tebow be dawning the green and gold next year? | AP Photo/David J. Phillip, File

Will Tebow be dawning the green and gold next year? | AP Photo/David J. Phillip, File

St. Xavier Football is reportedly switching offensive coordinators, which has been the buzz of the blogosphere surrounding Kentucky High School Football all off-season long.

Now, the focus shifts to who will replace Coach Chad Lyons as the offensive coordinator. It’s a position that’s sure to garner a lot of interest, especially with attractive weapons like Colin O’Daniel, Chase Rowan, Blake Roshkowski and others returning in 2015.

Here’s a list of potential candidates who could be the Tigers’ offensive coordinator for next season.

  • Tim Tebow (SEC Network Analyst) — Tim has reportedly reached out to Coach Wolford in recent weeks looking for an opportunity to return to the sidelines after a short time as a TV personality traveling the country covering SEC Football.  He said his interest was in working at a school with great academic standards and phenomenal football tradition.  If Tebow gets the job at Tiger Tech, you could definitely see a return of the jump pass and more smash-mouth quarterback run plays.
  • Jon Gruden (FFCA) — This is the name to watch when it comes to the next offensive coordinator at St. X.  Alumni have been calling for him to come to Br. Thomas More Stadium for quite some time and he could be a great fit right next to Coach Wolford on the sideline.  Could you imagine their coaches meetings? That’d be wild man. A.J. Breit better be hoping this is the move the program is looking to make. If I were a betting man, this will be the next guy.
  • Andre Coleman (St. Xavier Basketball Freshman Head Coach) — A dark horse in the search for the next OC may come from another sport underneath the stands of the football field. Coleman has been mastering the art of play calling by playing Madden since the game was created in 1994.  This experience is exactly what the Tigers need to regain a strangle hold on the difficult competition of Kentucky High School Football.

Mike Glaser Getting Comedy Central Roast

Glaser Roast

Comedy Central tweeted on Monday that the Mike Glaser roast – now scheduled for June 7th – will be hosted by ESPN personality Jay Bilas.

Mike Glaser will be roasted in an upcoming special scheduled to air on Comedy Central on June 7th, Us Weekly reports.

The longtime St. X faculty member has reportedly wanted to be the butt of the joke for years, according to a source at Comedy Central, who told Ryan Seacrest’s website: “Mike has been asking us for years to roast him, so we kept telling him to create some more material and we’re thrilled he listened.”

As far as targets go, Glaser’s an easy one. The coach’s fiery demeanor in the stands and now behind the bench at St. X basketball games have made for plenty of comedic fodder over the years, and now that he is moving his career into being a dance coach in preparation for the Pink and White Game, who knows what could go down in the two hour special.

The comedians along with former players taking part in the Glaser roast will be able to cull material from any number of Glaser-related incidents: From the hat tip against Trinity to countless call outs on Twitter and jug slips written.

New turf will be the GOLD standard

Gold Field

In recent years, America’s football-mad public has been treated to the novelty of blue football fields, red football fields and even purple and gray striped playing surfaces. Yet never before has a team had the unorthodox temerity to unveil an all-gold football field … until now.

As reported by the Xavier Snooze, the Golden Turf was officially unveiled on Friday, when St. Xavier High School held a press conference on campus.

“It never dawned on me that it would mean as much to this community as it does,” a St. Xavier spokesman told WSTX Sports. “From what we understand it’s the only gold field in the country. That’s really taken off over here.”

Amazingly, pure novelty and fan excitement weren’t the primary motivating factors behind St. Xavier’s choice of gold for a field color. Rather, the school was offered a price break of nearly $150,000 if it installed a gold field rather than a green one, with those savings reflected in FieldTurf Inc.’s ability to avoid having to use dyed synthetic turf in its installation.

While St. Xavier has traditionally played in an all-gold outfit, the school special ordered new black alternate jerseys, much like the new Tiger Lacrosse uniforms, to avoid any complaints of trying to gain a competitive advantage by blending in with the background field, a charge which was leveled at New Braunfels (Texas) Canyon High after it installed an all-red surface in fall 2011.

Still, that was a small side expense for a school which couldn’t be more excited about a rather unique new twist to its own version of America’s fall pastime.

April Fools!

Under Armour Signs St. Xavier

Under Armour Football Jerseys

St. Xavier High School and Under Armour announced Tuesday that they have agreed to the most valuable shoe and apparel contract in high school sports history.

The private school did not reveal the value of the 10-year deal, which will begin when its contract with Nike expires at the end of June, but sources told that the value of the deal, in cash and merchandise combined, is worth about $90 million.

That would make the deal worth more than the $82 million Adidas is paying in cash and product to Trinity over 10 years.

As of 12:30 p.m. ET Tuesday, shares of Under Armour were up more than 3 percent on the day and up more than 80 percent over last year.

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank said he first set foot on the St. Xavier campus in 2007, coincidentally the year that Nike’s first deal with the school began. That year, Plank said Under Armour’s revenues were $110,000. In 2013, Under Armour projects sales of $2.25 billion.

The fans’ focus might be on the uniforms, this deal is as much about working with Under Armour to share information that will improve technology.

“We’re in a very competitive business where the margins between a 15-win season and an eight-win season are so small,” he said. “Mining the data is one of the next frontiers, and given that this deal is 10 years, we better be focused on those things.”

Under Armour currently has schoolwide deals with 12 other schools: Cincinnati St. Xavier, Moeller, Montgomery Bell, Findlay Prep, Mater Dei, Oak Hill Academy, St. Joseph, North Shore, Orlando Christian Prep, Montverde Academy, Greater Atlanta Christian and Atherton.

Despite a history of pushing the envelope, Plank said he understands what St. Xavier means and says his company will treat the school as a unique entity.

“Moeller is different from North Shore is different from St. Xavier,” Plank said. “We don’t have to invent any new history. We don’t have to tell any new stories. St. Xavier is quite simply St. Xavier.”

In a statement that noted its 7-year partnership would come to an end after this school year, Nike said, “As with every business decision, we weigh our investment against the value to our brand.”

One point in the talks that was not negotiable was Under Armour getting any signage in Br. Thomas More Stadium.

“It’s just one of those things that is just so central to our identity,” members of the Tiger front office said. “We want to be Augusta-like in that way, and that’s why after we discussed it one time it was never brought up in conversation again.

April Fools!

The Tiger released back to St. X after being rescued from a leprechaun’s snare

Captured Tiger

This is the incredible moment an angry and fearsome tiger makes a bid for freedom – after being rescued from a leprechaun’s snare.

The hulking beast, the St. Xavier mascot, was nursed back to health by experts for a week after being caught in a brutal snare set by ruthless Shamrock fans.

The one hundred and fifty year-old tiger, who was spotted by students in a remote Kentucky forest who heard him roaring in pain after being trapped in a cable snare.

The bleeding beast, who would have been worth up to $10,000 on the black market for its bones and skin alone, was finally released to safety on the St. Xavier campus after being treated for cuts to his skin.

John Jefferson, who has spent countless years working with tigers in Louisville, said: ‘We chose a place with enough open space down in the Germantown Parking Lot so that we could sit in our vehicles and watch as the tiger left his cage to freedom.

‘We had cameras ready as my wife, Mrs. Jefferson, raised the door to the cage.

‘The mascot glared at us and roared, making a great cloud of steam in the cold air. But he stayed put.

‘Then, letting out another roar, he turned toward us again and burst out of the cage. He hit the pavement and, with one great leap, disappeared into the trees behind the tennis courts.

‘The power and speed with which he leapt from the truck and disappeared into the forest was awesome and would have been terrifying had I not been sitting in the safety of my vehicle.’

When the tiger was found, the kindhearted students drove over 50 miles to the nearest telephone to raise the alarm, and alerted the Inspection Tiger Department to their find.

The organization then contacted the Wildlife Conservation Society, which sent a specialist to anaesthetise the stricken tiger and transport it to safety.

He was examined by experts, who found him to be ‘unusually fat and healthy’, weighing 385 pounds, and stretching an incredible 10 feet long.

They kept him under observation for days, ensuring there were no internal injuries, before fitting him with a radio collar and driving him eight hours back to St. Xavier.

John said: ‘Watching him burst from his steel cage to freedom was incredibly satisfying; there was no doubt in our minds that we had made a difference.

‘His beauty and power as he leaped from the cage into freedom was stunning and something I will never forget.

‘This story is immensely encouraging.

‘For the one or two leprechauns who set the snare to catch a tiger, there were several dedicated people willing, ready, and able to get the tiger out of the snare, against all odds.  We’re glad that students for generations to come will get to have such a great mascot patrol the sidelines still.’

For more information about tiger conservation, see Happy April Fools Day!