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Tiger Lacrosse is the 2014 State Champions


Congratulations to the 2014 KY Lacrosse State Champion Tiger Lacrosse Team!  The Road to Redemption ends with a win over the Trinity Shamrocks!  This is the program’s sixth state title in the last seven years!

Chris Raymond and I will have more here shortly from the championship team.  Celebrate accordingly Tiger Nation! We Are! St. X!

Tiger Lacrosse beats CAL 17-3

One Win Away

Tiger Lacrosse defeated Christian Academy 17-3 in the KY Lacrosse State Semifinals last night.  Before we get a full recap from Chris Raymond, here are the Roshkowski brothers and Nick King plus J.C. Storner with their thoughts on the team’s performance.

Trinity defeated KCD 14-3, so St. Xavier will face Trinity in the State Championship of the KY Lacrosse State Tournament tonight at 7:00 PM at Br. Thomas More Stadium.

Tiger Lacrosse beats Ballard 18-1

Tiger Lacrosse defeated Ballard 18-1 in the KY Lacrosse State Quarterfinals tonight.  Before we get a full recap from Chris Raymond, here is Junior Goalie Max Cartor and Attackman Leland Gray with their thoughts on the team’s performance.

CAL defeated Oldham 17-8, so St. Xavier will face Christian Academy of Louisville in the Final Four of the KY Lacrosse State Tournament on Wednesday at 8:00 PM at Br. Thomas More Stadium.

Trinity and KCD round out the rest of the Semifinalists on the other side of the bracket.  They will play before the Tigers on Wednesday at 6:00 PM at Br. Thomas More Stadium as well.

Hot off the press, your 2014 KY Lacrosse State Tournament Bracket

2014 KY Lacrosse State Tournament Bracket

See you at Br. Thomas More Stadium Monday at 6:00 PM SHARP!

Tigers Claim District Championship

Collin Roppel and Nick King | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Collin Roppel and Nick King | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Coming off of a strong victory over Collegiate High School, the Tiger Lacrosse team started their playoff run on Thursday, once again playing Collegiate in the District Finals. St. X fans sat in silence as Collegiate performed in one of their best quarters of the season. At the end of the first quarter, Collegiate led 1-0 over the Tigers.

After a very long and loud screaming session by Tigers’ Head Coach Scott Howe, the Tigers pulled themselves together to start the second quarter. St. X didn’t waste much time after that as the Tigers quickly scored 8 consecutive goals (Roppel, Muldoon, Webb, Edwards, Miller, King, Gray) to head into halftime with an 8-1 lead.

By the start of the second half, the Tigers had suppressed the Collegiate attack due to Owen Peters, Austin Sweeney, and Caleb Grimes’ great defensive efforts. Through the last two quarters, the Tigers scored 7 more goals, being led by Will Edwards who had three on the night. In the end, St. X claimed the district championship with a 15-3 win over Collegiate.

2014 All-District Lacrosse Team | Photo by Chris Raymond

2014 All-District Lacrosse Team | Photo by Chris Raymond

The victory was made sweeter when Max Cartor, Collin Roppel, and Nick King were named All-District players of the 2014 season. Next up for St. X is the real playoff bracket. The Tigers start off with Ballard on Monday, May 12 in the KY Lacrosse State Quarterfinals.

The Road to Redemption

2014 Tiger Lacrosse Playoffs Road to Redemption

2014 Tiger Lacrosse Post-Season Schedule:

May 8: District One Tournament Championship – St. Xavier vs. Collegiate 6:00 PM (Male High School) Win 15-3

May 12: KY Lacrosse State Championship Quarterfinals – St. Xavier vs. Ballard 6:00 PM (St. Xavier High School)

May 14: KY Lacrosse State Championship Semifinals (St. Xavier High School)

May 16: KY Lacrosse State Championship (St. Xavier High School)

Lacrosse District Tournament Pairings

Coach Scott Howe | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Coach Scott Howe and Will Roshkowski | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

The 2014 Lacrosse district tournaments begin today, but your Tiger Lacrosse team will not take the field until Thursday as they secured a spot in the district championship after going undefeated during the season against teams in their conference.

District winners and runners-up will automatically advance to the state tournament, which starts next week. For the second straight year, St. Xavier and Br. Thomas More Stadium will host the Kentucky Lacrosse State Championship on Friday May 16th.


Tuesday: Male vs. Collegiate 6:00 PM

Thursday: Final, St. Xavier vs. Male-Collegiate winner 6:00 PM

Johnny Manziel wants a Tiger Lacrosse playoff update

Even Johnny Football says Go Tigers! | @jmanziel2

Even Johnny Football says Go Tigers! | @jmanziel2

The Tiger Lacrosse team wrapped up their regular season last Wednesday with a win over Collegiate by a score of 14-4.  This Thursday, May 8th, the Tigers will face the winner of Male-Collegiate at Male in the District Championship at 6:00 PM.

St. Xavier received a bye in the first round of the District One Tournament, which is held at Male High School this year, since they went undefeated in the regular season against teams from their conference. The Tigers automatically advance to the state tournament next week regardless of the outcome of the game since both the champion and runner-up of the district advances.  The State Tournament schedule is as follows: Quarterfinals Monday May 12th, Semifinals Wednesday May 14th and State Championship Friday May 16th at Br. Thomas More Stadium on the campus of St. Xavier.

Below, you will see the final standings of the KY 1 KSLL Conference.  Tiger Lacrosse finished the season with an overall record of 13-3 which puts them in the No. 1 spot in the state heading into the playoffs.  Nationally, the Tigers are ranked No. 204.

The Road to Redemption begins on Thursday, will have full coverage leading up to the game and during, so stay tuned for more information about this year’s Kentucky Lacrosse State Championship Tournament!

                                     Conference          Overall
    Team                              PR   W   L   T    Pct.   W  L  T    Pct.
1   St. Xavier                      96.92  6   0   0    1.00  13  3  0    0.81
2   Trinity                         91.69  3   2   0    0.60  10  5  0    0.67
3   Collegiate                      89.19  7   3   0    0.70  11  5  0    0.69
4   Ballard                         87.68  6   3   0    0.67  10  4  0    0.71
5   Christian Academy               87.43  7   2   0    0.78   7  4  0    0.64
6   South Oldham                    87.06  7   3   0    0.70  11  3  0    0.79
7   Kentucky Country Day            85.90  5   4   0    0.56  11  4  0    0.73
8   Oldham County                   84.90  5   2   0    0.71  10  2  0    0.83
9   North Oldham                    82.12  2   6   0    0.25   4  8  0    0.33
10  DuPont Manual                   77.30  2   8   0    0.20   2 10  0    0.17
11  Eastern                         75.88  1   8   0    0.11   5 14  0    0.26
12  Male                            75.05  0  10   0    0.00   3 10  0    0.23