2017 EXPYS

2015 EXPYS


Hello, Tiger Nation! Welcome to the official page of The 2017 EXPYS.

The EXPYS recognize top Tiger Athletes, Coaches and Teams and commemorate the past year in Tiger Sports by recognizing major Tiger Sports achievements, reliving unforgettable moments and saluting the leading performers and performances. The 2017 EXPYS recognizes best-in-sport winners, such as “Best Team” or “Best Athlete” that will pit nominees from different sports against each other.

It has been an amazing year in Tiger Sports and these awards are to help celebrate that.  Congratulations to everyone who was nominated this year! You can vote once every hour for your favorite nominee in each category. The winners will be announced August 7th. Tiger Nation, here are your 2017 EXPY nominees…


  1. Sam Mudd is one outstanding athlete and individual!

  2. St X golf’s most underrated player – last year’s regional champion – Will Fowler.

  3. Nicole Ohlmann

    Desmond Ridder for his athletic ability and his heart! Just a fantastic kid in all areas.

  4. Awesome athlete!!

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