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GAMEDAY CENTRAL | 7th Region Championship vs. Trinity

Thursday, June 1st | 7:45 PM | Jim Patterson Stadium | Louisville, KY



Saint Xavier Tigers (28-11) vs. Trinity Shamrocks (31-5-2)
Thursday, June 1st
7th Region Championship
Jim Patterson Stadium
Louisville, KY


The St.Xavier Baseball team will meet the Trinity Shamrocks for the 3rd time this year with a bid to the KHSAA State Tournament on the line. This is only the second time these teams have played each other in the Regional Championship in the past twenty years, the last being in 2014.

The Shamrocks and Tigers are ranked #1 and #3 in the state, respectively. Each time they have faced off they have both been Top 5 teams and for good reason. They have split the series this year, the Tigers winning their most recent outing at Slugger Field a few weeks ago.

Their last two games have been night and day. In the first game, both teams were lighting it up at the plate. They combined for 22 hits, and 21 runs scored (Trinity won 13-8). Their next game was headlined by a great night for the pitchers. Sam Wilson and Chris Esselman combined for ten strikeouts on a three hit shutout. On the other side, Brandon Pfaadt and Brody Heil (signed to Bellarmine and UofL, respectively) combined for only four hits and the Tigers scored all of their runs in the sixth inning.

Tonight, hopefully we will see a happy medium of the last two games and see an absolute show. Both games have been amazing to watch, so I would expect nothing less tonight.

But like always, we are a little biased here… GO ST.X, BEAT THE WEEDS!


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GAMEDAY CENTRAL | Tiger Baseball vs. Eastern

Wednesday, May 31st | 5:00 PM | Jim Patterson Stadium | Louisville, KY


Saint Xavier Tigers (27-11) vs. Eastern Eagles (22-15)
Wednesday, May 31st
Region 7 Semi-Finals
Jim Patterson Stadium
Louisville, KY


In the first round of the 7th Region Tournament, the Tiger Baseball team started slow in their matchup with Atherton, leading 1-0 after the third inning. However, by the end of the fifth inning, the Tigers proved victorious by run-ruling Atherton. Tonight, they continue their postseason run against Eastern, and will play at Jim Patterson Stadium at 5.

The Eagles coasted by Central in the first round of the postseason, winning their game 7-0. Obviously, the reigning State Champions will provide some stiffer competition.

Last time these teams faced off, the Tigers won in convincing fashion, winning by a score of 6-1. Sophomore Cam Scheler led the charge for the Tigers in the last game, going 4-4 at the plate, and was a homerun short of hitting for the cycle. Andrew Littlefield took the win on the mound for the Tigers.



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Gameday Central | Tiger Baseball District Championship vs. Male

Tuesday, May 23rd | 6:00 PM | Saint Xavier High School | Louisville, KY

Gameday Information 

Saint Xavier Tigers (25-11) vs. Male Bulldogs (22-14-1)
Tuesday, May 23rd
26th District Championship
6:00 PM
Saint Xavier High School
Louisville, KY

Game Notes 

The Tiger Baseball team will face the Male Bulldogs in the 26th District Championship game tonight at 6 PM. The #5 ranked Tigers will look to rebound after a loss in their final game of the regular season to Lafayette last Wednesday.


Last time these teams faced off, the Tigers took the win over the #14 ranked Bulldogs. The Tigers won the game 3-0 behind the lead of juniors Chase Patton and Ryan Hamilton. Patton went 2-2 at the plate with a home run while Hamilton got the win on the mound on 6 innings pitched, five strikeouts, and a four hit shutout.

Game Coverage

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2017 Track and Field State Roster


The Tiger Track and Field team will travel to Lexington today to compete in the 3A State Track Meet. The Tigers look to vie for a Top 3 spot for the first time since 2014, and will have an outside shot of winning their first title since 2003. Let’s look at who will be competing today and their seeding:

4×800 – Tanner Boling, Clint Sherman, Eoin Corbett, and Nick Poole (2nd)
(Alternates – Patrick Schaefer, Ryan Guenthner, Jonny Vaughn, and Andrew Edwards)

110 Hurdles – Jonny Dumuolin (23rd)

4×200 – Ricky Garr, Jax Goldberg, Beck O’Daniel, and Nick Lamattina (10th)
(Alternates – Max Masterson, Paul Russell, James Bryant, and Nick Erwin)

1600 – Grady Shiftlet (7th) and Cooper Marchal (8th)

4×100 – Max Masterson, Beck O’Daniel, Ricky Garr, and Jax Goldberg (5th)
(Alternates – Nick Lammatina, Nick Erwin, Paul Russell, and James Bryant)

300 Hurdles – Beck O’Daniel (4th)

800 – Eoin Corbett (11th)

3200 – Ryan Guenthner (6th) and Patrick Schaefer (9th)

4×400 – Ricky Garr, Nick Erwin, Beck O’Daniel, and Jax Goldberg
(Alternates – James Bryant, Tanner Boling, Paul Russell, and Nick Poole)

Shotput – GJ Wellinghurst (8th)

Discus – GJ Wellinghurst (20th)

Long Jump – Max Masterson (19th)

High Jump – Jax Goldberg (4th)

Pole Vault – Barry Banta (7th)





1,500th Post: Letter from the Editor

WSTX Sports Logo Square

Dear Tiger Nation,

With this post, has now reached 1500 posts. Since it’s inception five years ago, WSTX Sports has become a trademark in what the students of St.X produce for the greater community, and it’s been an absolute blast to be a part of that. Even though this was my first and only year writing for the site, I can’t even think of how my senior year would’ve played out without it.

Now again, this is my first and only year writing for the site, so I want to take a few words from my predecessor Cole Bollinger to show just how much WSTX means to him and St.X as a whole. Last year when he handed down the reigns to me, there was one post still in the drafts that he never got around to posting. I never deleted it, because what he says is all true, and now I’d like to give some recognition to what he wrote and the significance of WSTX.

“WSTX Sports was founded by Class of 2013 St. X graduate and my brother Clay Bollinger. Clay started the twitter account his junior year and continued it in to his senior year. When he told me that he wanted to start a web site for WSTX Sports in February of 2013, I thought he was crazy. Web sites are a lot of work, but like everything else, Clay was persistent and did it anyways. He convinced me to write for the site on February 2nd, and I have been writing on here ever since. Being a part of the start of the web site was a lot fun and seeing my first post which was on Class of 2009’s Matt Smith playing in a College All-Star Game publish was a great feeling. That feeling I felt after that article published and how I felt after every one of my articles got published is part of why I want to do be a journalist.

After Clay graduated, he handed WSTX Sports down to Evan Shaheen, Class of 2014. A year later, Evan handed it to Jacob Hayslip, Class of 2015. When Clay created WSTX Sports, it was for guys like Jacob. Jacob took the responsibility of WSTX Sports to heart and everything Phillip and I said to him in our letter to him last year was completely true. Neither Clay, Evan or Jacob were or are journalists, but they all loved St. X more than just about anyone, and they wanted to make sure our athletes got the credit they rightfully deserved. Once Jacob graduated, he handed WSTX Sports down to me, and now here we are. Writing about St. X sports has been a lot of fun these past four years and controlling the site this past year has been a blast. Unfortunately, I have now graduated. I will still be a Tiger next year, but at Mizzou instead of St. X. I probably should have done this much earlier this spring, but I need to be preparing the next crop of writers for the next several years.

I am in the process of handing WSTX Sports down to Max Masterson, who has not written for the site before but has the determination to continue on what we have going on here. As of right now, we don’t have a lot of writers for next year which could make things difficult next year as Max will try and continue to bring Tiger sports coverage to you all in the best way possible.

You all can help though. You must be a student at St. X to help with WSTX sports, but by no means need to be a journalist of any sorts. Like I said above, Clay, Evan and Jacob are not journalists but they made the site work because of their love for St. X.

This isn’t journalism. Even though I plan on majoring in journalism, I rarely used this site to be a journalist. I wrote some longer feature type articles but for the most part, it was short blurb type of articles. Being a journalist or having journalistic skills will make it easier, but you definitely don’t have to be involved in journalism to be a part of this program. Fandom and determination is all that is required.

I wrote for WSTX Sports because I wanted to see the athletes that don’t get that much attention get the attention they deserve and nothing made me happier to see them retweet tweets that showed their success. To me, that’s what this is all about. I have been on hand for a lot of state championships and after covering a team for a whole season, you become attached to them and feel the emotions they feel even more than what you feel by just watching them from the stands as a fan.

I’m a fan and anyone with a passion for St. X can do what I have and the guys before me have done. This really isn’t that hard. This isn’t exclusive to the best writers or personalities in the school or the future journalists in the school. If you love St. X or St. X sports, you have a place here.

I want to thank you, Tiger Nation, for supporting us and making us what we are today. You were responsible for a couple eye-popping numbers: In 2015, we had 37,000 different people visit the web site and had over 30,000 views in one day. We also now have over 3,300 followers on Twitter, making us the largest student run twitter account in Kentucky. Don’t let those people down I-65 tell you any different. They may be the “Bad Boyz,” but they are not bigger.

I believe that WSTX Sports is one of the greatest things that St. X produces, and it is run by the students. That’s kind of awesome. I hope that can continue to be the case. We have the best fans and athletic department around, and they deserve the unparalleled coverage.

To the students of St. X: You all can make a difference with WSTX Sports, no matter who you are, where you come from, or what sports you like. We are always in need of your help. If any of you are interested, contact me or Max Masterson.

This will sadly be the last post I ever write on this site. It’s been a great four years, and I can’t thank you all enough for reading what I have written these past four years. I’ve gotten to do some pretty cool stuff because of WSTX Sports, and it has created some memories that will last a lifetime. It’s been truly an honor to provide Tiger Nation with the coverage they deserve.”

For me, WSTX has been a major part of my senior year. My senior football season was cut short again and again by repeating injuries. I wanted nothing more to contribute to the team, and thought I had failed to do so, because I couldn’t show it on the field. However, WSTX gave me that outlet to contribute. I loved writing about our future matchups and breaking them down, and I truly loved all the gratitude I received from parents and athletes alike. That really hit home for me, and it’s something I’ll always be grateful for.

Sadly, I will graduate in a few short days (Go Hoosiers!), and I will be passing down the website to Tucker Worden and Andrew Lechleiter. Both have written for the website sparingly this year, but I am hoping that they take pride in WSTX next year and continue it. Much like Cole, I do fear a drop off with Tucker and Andrew being the only writers.

I just want to reiterate that if you are an underclassmen or a parent of a student, any and all help will be welcome. WSTX is a great way to get involved whether it’s covering games live on Twitter, or showing off your writing skills to nearly 3,700 followers. You don’t have to be an aspiring journalist, just a dedicated advocate of St.X.

Now with this being one of my last posts, I just wanted to say thank you to St.X and thank you to WSTX for all the memories I’ve made this year. I’ve had a blast doing it. Writing for the site was hands down one of the best decisions I made my senior year, and Tiger Nation is the reason why.

Thanks for everything,

Max Masterson

Contact Max Masterson at








Gameday Central | Tiger Baseball vs. CAL

Monday, May 15th | 7:15 PM | Saint Xavier High School| Louisville, KY

Gameday Information 

Saint Xavier Tigers (24-10) vs. CAL Centurions (10-14)
Monday, May 15th
Varsity Game – 7:15 PM
Senior Night
Saint Xavier High School
Louisville, KY

Game Notes 

The Tigers Baseball team returns to action at home for the final time this season for Senior Night. Overall, the Tigers have run a record 15-6 record at home this year.

This group of Seniors has been one of the most successful classes in recent years. Their freshman year, they had one of the best records by a freshman team in St.X history. They also were part of a program that won their first state championship in 33 years. Fast forward two years later, and they are hoisting up a championship trophy themselves, the second one in three years. This year, they are leading a Top 5 team in the state as they start to gear up for Regionals.

Game Coverage

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GAMEDAY CENTRAL | Round 1 of Lacrosse Playoffs

Monday, May 15th | 6:00 PM | Saint Xavier High School | Louisville, KY

Photo by Victory Views


Saint Xavier Tigers (14-3) vs. KCD Bearcats (12-4)
Monday, May 15th
Round 1 Playoffs
6:00 PM
Saint Xavier High School
Louisville, KY


The Tiger Lacrosse team begins their pursuit of a fourth straight state championship tonight when they open up play against the Bearcats of KCD in the First Round of the playoffs. These two teams have not played this year head-to-head, but both teams are undefeated against common opponents in Manual, Male, and Collegiate.

Though they have not played, I would still favor the Tigers in this matchup, and I don’t believe the game will be very close. Look for the Tigers to really get going in the second quarter, and manage the game the rest of the way for a win.

My prediction is 16-4 Tigers.


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Tiger Track and Field Gearing Up for Regionals

After placing 3rd at their own Brother Borgia/Coach Cooper Invitational, the Tiger Track and Field team took the next weekend off in preparations for Regionals. Well the time has come, and the Tigers are in position to make some noise tomorrow at Male. They’ll be strong in every event, and are looking to reclaim the Regional Crown that Male won last year. Let’s look at who will be competing:

4×800 – Nick Poole, Clint Sherman, Tanner Boling, and Eoin Corbett
(Alternates – Ryan Guenthner, Patrick Schaefer, Jonny Vaughn, and Andrew Edwards)
110 Hurdles – Jonny Dumuolin
100 Meter – Ricky Garr and Nick Lamattina
4×200 – Ricky Garr, Nick Erwin, Beck O’Daniel, and Jax Goldberg
(Alternates – Max Masterson, Nick Lamattina, Brock Mayer, and James Bryant)
1600 Meter – Grady Shiftlet and Cooper Marchal
4×100 – Max Masterson, Beck O’Daniel, Ricky Garr, and Jax Goldberg
(Alternates – Nick Lamattina, Brock Mayer, James Bryant, and Nick Erwin)
400 Meter – Brock Mayer and Tanner Boling
300 Hurdles – Beck O’Daniel and Jonny Dumuolin
800 Meter – Grady Shiftlet and Eoin Corbett
200 Meter – Nick Lamattina and Brock Mayer
3200 Meter – Patrick Schaefer and Ryan Guenthner
4×400 – Ricky Garr, Tanner Boling, Beck O’Daniel, and Jax Goldberg
(Alternates – Nick Poole, Brock Mayer, James Bryant, and Nick Erwin)
High Jump – Jax Goldberg
Long Jump – Max Masterson and Brian Mazzoni
Triple Jump – James Bryant and Josh Bennett
Pole Vault – Barry Banta and Nick Meredith
Shotput – GJ Wellinghurst and Justin Voelker
Discus – GJ Wellinghurst and Justin Voelker

GAMEDAY CENTRAL | Tiger Rugby vs. Trinity

Thursday, May 11th | 6:00 PM | Saint Xavier High School | Louisville, KY


Saint Xavier Tigers vs. Trinity Shamrocks
Thursday, May 11th
6:00 PM
Saint Xavier High School
Louisville, KY


I’ll be the first to tell you that I know next to nothing about rugby, but I am really looking forward to Tiger Rugby’s rematch with Trinity from last year’s state championship game. After attending the game last year, I left wishing the game wishing I had watched rugby more, and now I am going to extend that same invitation to you all.

This season, the Tigers moved to the Indiana Super League, giving them the ability to play tougher competition. All in all, they have played some of the top teams in the country, making them well prepared for a matchup with Trinity tonight.

“I expect it to be a very physical game between both sides… I expect Trinity to really go hard, because they have yet to ever beat us in rugby,” said senior outside center Brewer Cahalan.

Since the Tigers are now in a different league, this is essentially the state championship game. Cahalan is calling for a big Rage Cage for this game.

“I want to see a big Rage Cage, because the rugby team has been very good the whole time it’s been around, we work very hard, and why not see the Tigers whoop up on the Rocks at home?”



Gameday Central | Tiger Lacrosse District Championship vs. Collegiate

Wednesday, May 10th | 6:00 PM |Male High School| Louisville, KY

pat anderson

Patrick Anderson | Photo by Courier Journal 

Gameday Information 

Saint Xavier Tigers (13-3 ) vs. Collegiate Titans (9-10)
Wednesday, May 10th
District Championship
6:00 PM
Male High School
Louisville, KY

Game Notes 

Due to threat of rain tomorrow night, the District Championship between St.Xavier and Collegiate has been moved up to tonight at 6:00 PM. The game will still be played at Male.

The Tigers are coming off of an impressive regular season campaign, one in which they were undefeated against in-state competition and are ranked as the #4 Team in the Midwest by Inside Lacrosse.

Tonight, the Tigers will begin their quest to a 12th overall state title when they play Collegiate in the district championship. The Tigers defeated the Titans earlier in the year by a score of 15-0 in a stellar performance on both sides of the field.

Game Coverage

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Tiger Sports Schedule | May 8th – May 13th, 2017

WSTX Sports Logo Square

Monday, May 8th 

4:00 PM – Varsity Tennis – Regionals @ St.X
5:00 PM – JV Baseball @ Male
6:00 PM – Varsity Baseball @ DeSales
7:15 PM – Freshman Baseball @ Male

Tuesday, May 9th 

4:00 PM – Varsity Tennis – Regionals @ St.X
5:30 PM – Varsity Baseball @ Martha Layne Collins
7:30 PM – JV Baseball @ Martha Layne Collins

Wednesday, May 10th 

4:00 PM – Varsity Tennis – Regionals @ St.X
5:00 PM – Freshman Baseball vs. Manual @ Derby City Field
5:30 PM – Varsity Volleyball – State Tournament @ Mid-America
6:00 PM – Varsity Baseball vs. PRP
7:15 PM – JV Baseball vs. Manual @ Derby City Field

Thursday, May 11th 

4:00 PM – Varsity Tennis – Regionals @ St.X
6:00 PM – Varsity Rugby @ Trinity
6:00 PM – Freshman Baseball vs. Floyd Central

Friday, May 12th 

5:00 PM – JV Baseball vs. Butler
7:15 PM – Freshman Baseball vs. Butler

Saturday, May 13th 

9:00 AM – Varsity Track and Field – Regionals @ Male
12:00 PM – JV Baseball vs. Trinity @ Thurman Hutchins Park
1:00 PM – Varsity Rugby @ Brownsburg
Varsity Baseball @ Bowling Green (Double-Header)

Three St.X Runners set to compete in Friday’s Dream Mile

Tomorrow night at 8:30, apart from the Oaks and Derby, another premier racing event will be held in the state of Kentucky. No it will not take place at Churchill Downs, but our very own St. Xavier High School, and no there will not be horses. Rather, there will be three of our student-athletes from the Tiger Track and Field team who will compete in the Dream Mile.

The Dream Mile is an annual event held at St.X that pits the Top 16 Girls and Boys one milers in the state of Kentucky against one another, making it the best race in the state and one of the best in the nation.

The Tigers have had a lot of success in the event, with Matthew Thomas (Class of ’16) and William Mulloy (Class of ’15) both winning the event.

This year, the eight annual Dream Mile features three of St.X’s own one milers, the most by one school in the field. Here’s a look at the full lineup and seed times for the boys:

  1. Yared Nuguse (Manual, 4:14.33)
  2. Trevor Warren (Trinity, 4:22.46)
  3. Grady Shiflet (St. Xavier, 4:23.10)
  4. Alex Mortimer (Tates Creek, 4:23.12)
  5. Keeton Thornsberry (Holy Cross, 4:24.31)
  6. 6. Dylan Allen (Male, 4:25.38)
  7. Logan Greco (Meade County, 4:25.82)
  8. Austin Matthews (Paul Dunbar, 4:25.93)
  9. Alex McCarty (North Oldham, 4:26.35)
  10. Cooper Marchal (St. Xavier, 4:28.41)
  11. Josiah Harp (Central Hardin, 4:28.58)
  12. Spencer Carman (Lexington Catholic, 4:29.15)
  13. Jacob Burnham (Trinity, 4:29.30)
  14. Ryan Guenthner (St. Xavier, 4:29.46)
  15. Luke Spurrier (South Warren, 4:30.68)
  16. Garrett Hadaway (Oldham County, 4:30.74).

Good luck to all these guys and Go Tigers!

Tiger Sports Schedule | April 30th, 2017 – May 6th 2017

Monday, May 1st 

4:00 PM – JV Tennis vs. Male
5:30 PM – Freshman Lacrosse @ Eastern
6:00 PM – Freshman Baseball vs. Jeffersonville

Tuesday, May 2nd 

4:15 PM – Track and Field – Master Meet #3 at St.X
5:00 PM – Freshman Baseball @ PRP
5:30 PM – Freshman Volleyball vs. Trinity
6:00 PM – Varsity Baseball vs. Central Hardin
6:30 PM – JV Volleyball vs. Trinity
7:15 PM – JV Baseball @ PRP
7:30 PM – Varsity Volleyball vs. Trinity

Wednesday, May 3rd 

5:30 PM – Freshman Baseball @ Martha Layne Collins
6:00 PM – JV Baseball vs. Floyd Central

Thursday, May 4th 

4:00 PM – Varsity Tennis vs. Trinity
5:30 PM – JV Baseball vs. Oldham County
6:00 PM – Varsity Baseball @ Meade County
7:15 PM – Freshman Baseball vs. Oldham County

Friday, May 5th 

(Who needs Oaks anyways?)
8:00 PM – Dream Mile @ St.X

Saturday, May 6th 

11:00 AM – JV Baseball @ Madison Central
11:00 AM – Varsity Baseball vs. McCracken County
1:30 PM – JV Baseball vs. Tates Creek at Madison Central
4:00 PM – Varsity Baseball vs. Madison Central

GAMEDAY CENTRAL | Pink and White Game

Friday, April 28th | 7:00 PM | Br. Thomas More Stadium | Louisville, KY



Assumption Rockets vs. Sacred Heart Valkyries
Friday, April 28th
Pink and White Game – 7:00 PM
Saint Xavier High School
Louisville, KY


Assumption defeated Sacred Heart last year by a score of 14-7 in the ninth annual Pink and White Game. The game was a strong showing of the deep rivalry these two schools have, and tonight will prove the same.

Yes, Louisville is known for their football rivalries, the St.X and Trinity game drawing near 30,000 year to year, but another 6,000+ will squeeze into the stands tonight for a powder-puff football game. That’s more than most schools around the country for their rivalry football games for the guys.

A side from the actual game, the halftime show is something you will not want to miss. I guarantee it will rival with Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl this year, as the St.X and Trinity Dancers will put on a one-in-a-lifetime performance. The Tigers have been at work for the past couple of months under the watchful eye of some champion Assumption dancers and former football coach turned dancing protegé Mike Glaser. There’s sure to be some booty poppin’ and hip shakin’ taking place.

Most importantly though, make sure to make it out to the opening ceremonies that begin at 7:00 PM on the field. All four schools have been invited to bring family members, friends, and loved ones that have beaten cancer and escort them on the field for special recognition of their battle. Not only is it a beautiful ceremony, but it embodies what this game is truly played for.


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Four Schools. Two Rivalries. One Cause. Pink and White Game 2017


2017 Spring Signing Ceremony 


Yesterday, 12 athletes from 9 different sports signed on to play to the next level. Congrats to all these guys for all the hard work they have put in, it has certainly paid off. Good Luck to all these guys in college. Go Tigers!

Jake Zickel – Lacrosse (University of Indianapolis): Zickel is a three-year Varsity Letterman and two-year starter at midfield for the Tigers. In 2016, he was the team’s 4th leading scorer with 23 goals and 7 assists. This year, he has displayed skill as one of the best ball handlers around the crease, while racking up 17 goals and 11 assists.

Nic Malubay – Lacrosse (Centre College): Nic is a two sport Varsity Letterman, earning honors as an Attack on the Tiger Lacrosse team and as a Defensive Back on the Tiger Football team. After scoring 5 goals and assisting on 11 in 2016, he has emerged as the team’s second leading scorer this year with 25 goals and 11 assists.

Spencer Blandford – Tennis (University of Southern Indiana): Blandford was a state semi-finalist in Doubles this past season. Presently, he is a team captain and carries an 11-2 record in singles and 13-0 record in doubles this year. He is a four-year Varsity tennis Letterman, and his singles victory in 2015 and come from behind doubles court victory in 2016 helped the Tigers capture two recent team titles.

Ryan Guenthner – Cross Country and Track (University of Cincinnati): Ryan was the top senior finisher for St.X at the KHSAA State Championship meet in November, finishing 4th overall in 15:58. He was a 2017 Team Captain, a state competitor for 2016 &2017 back-to-back state Championship squads, and an integral member of the 2017 Nationally Ranked Cross Country team this past fall. During his four years at St.X, he has earned five varsity letters – 2 in Track and 3 in Cross Country.

Andrew Edwards – Track and Cross Country (Centre College): Andrew was one of the top seniors and a Team Captain as the 8th runner for the 2017 State Championship and nationally ranked Tiger Cross Country team this past fall. During his four years at St.X, he has earned four varsity letters – 2 in Track and 2 in Cross Country

Martin Nitzken – Swimming (Miami of Ohio): Martin was a four-year Letterman for the Tiger Swimming and Diving team. In 2017, he was a State Captain and a state finalist for the third time. For the second consecutive year he, along with his teammates, broke the Kentucky state record in the 200 yard medley relay at the KHSAA State Meet, earning both All-State and All-American honors.

Owen Johnson – Football (Elon University): Owen was the Tiger Football team’s 3rd leading scorer, kicking 8 field goals and 41 extra points. In addition, he was a valuable member of the kick-off team, consistently booming his kicks into the end zone, eliminating any chance for a return. Owen earned 2nd team All-Metro Area Kicker honors from the Courier Journal for his accomplishments this year.

Brad Middleton – Soccer (Bellarmine University): Brad was a 2 year Letterman at striker for the Tiger Soccer program. During his career, he scored 12 goals and had 4 assists to help lead the Tigers to 34 wins. With 8 goals and 4 assists this season, he was the team’s leading scorer.

Chris Esselman – Baseball (Centre College): Chris has been a varsity starter for the past two seasons as an infielder and right-handed pitcher. In 2016, he hit .278 with 4 doubles and was 1-0 pitching with 3 saves. In addition, he hit .364 in last year’s KHSAA State Tournament, helping the Tiger Baseball team claim their second title in three years. Currently, Chris is hitting .386 with 21 RBI and has earned two victories on the mound.

Joshua Schmidt – Wrestling (Lindsey Wilson College): Josh has earned four varsity letter in Wrestling and two more for the Tiger Powerlifting team during his four-year career. In 2017, he was a State Champion powerlifter as well as Jefferson County and Region 4 Wrestling Champion at 113 lbs. He also earned victories in the first two rounds of the KHSAA State Wrestling Tournament for the state-runner up team.

Sam Wilson – Baseball (Earlham College): Sam has been a stalwart on the mound for the past two Tiger Baseball seasons. In 2016, he had a 1.46 ERA in 24 innings pitched. In 2017, he has a 1.24 ERA in 22.2 innings while striking out 25 opposing batters and earning 3 wins in 6 appearances.

Ian Waldrop – Soccer (Hanover College): Ian was a two-year varsity Letterman for the Tiger Soccer program. During his career, he scored 5 goals and had 5 assists to help lead the Tigers to 34 wins. With five assists, he was the team’s second leading facilitator for the team in 2017.