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Preview of NXN

Photo via @saintxpics

Runners from St X will run as Louisville Extreme in Portland, OR this weekend in the Nike Cross Nationals. Members of the team are senior Ryan Guenthner; juniors Patrick Schaefer, Cooper Marchal, Eric Portaro, and Thomas Knepshield; and sophomores Zach Larkin and Grady Shiftlet.

The team will face off against the toughest competition in the country. The only familiar teams that Louisville Extreme has faced off against is number five in the nation Brentwood. Brentwood placed first in the Southeast Region and beat Louisville Extreme with four of their runners placing in the top 15.

The biggest competition will be American Fork from Utah and Neuqua Valley from Illinois. American Fork has major talent with its first four runners and the number one runner in the nation Casey Clinger. Neuqua Valley is the most rounded team in the nation and has a great pack with their first 5 runners.

While it will be tough for Louisville Extreme to win on Saturday, this could be the first time a team with runners from St X place in the top ten in the nation at NXN. The only other time was when runners from St X competing in 2012 placed 13th. At their current rank and depth the team could be the first to place in the top ten from St X in history.

Tigers are Portland Bound

The Tigers competed in the Nike Cross Regional in Cary, NC and placed second, only losing to number eight in the nation Brentwood. The Tigers were led by junior Patrick Schaefer who placed 15th and senior Ryan Guenthner who placed 18th. Other scorers for the Tigers were sophomore Zach Larkin, junior Cooper Marchal, and sophomore Grady Shiftlet.

The Tigers will race in Portland, Oregon next weekend to compete in the Nike Cross Nationals (NXN). The Tigers have not competed in NXN since 2012 and have never placed in the top 10. St X is currently ranked ninth. All five of the scorers along with juniors Thomas Knepshield and Eric Portaro will represent the Tigers in NXN for this historic season for St X.

State Meet Preview

Today, the Tigers will race at the Lexington Horse Park to compete for the 3-A state title. The Tigers should win with dominating fashion as they are currently ranked 12th in the nation by and first in the southeast region. The Tigers toughest competition should once again be Manual’s Yared Nuguse, who won the regional race 3-AAA regional race last week, and Tates Creek’s Alex Mortimer who both currently hold the best two times in the state, respectively.

“We’ll be chasing Yared Nuguse and Alex Mortimer,” says senior Ryan Guenthner. “I know we’d love to beat them, but I think as long as we’re chasing them and we run our race we should be fine. As long as we get the team win we’ll be happy .”

The Tigers will be looking to win their second championship in a row and four in the past five years.

Tigers Dominate Regionals

On Saturday, the Tigers won the 3-A Region 3 meet. The Tigers placed seven in the top ten and were led by junior Cooper Marchal who placed second. Other finishers for the Tigers were sophomore Zach Larkin, junior Thomas Knepshield, junior Eric Portaro, senior Andrew Edwards, and sophomore Grady Shiftlet, and junior Joey Schrepferman who placed third, fourth, seventh, eight, ninth, and tenth.

The Tigers will run in the 3-A state meet next Saturday and are expected to win as they are currently ranked 12th in the nation by and number one in the southeast region.

Tiger XC gears up for Regionals this Saturday



On Saturday, the Tigers will race in the Region 3 AAA meet at Tom Sawyer Park at 1:45. The Tigers are predicted to sweep the race even with senior Ryan Guenthner and Patrick Schaefer not racing due to injury precautions.

The Tigers toughest competition will be Manual’s Yared Nuguse whose best time is 15:19.10 which is currently best in the state. However, while Nuguse will be the toughest competition in the Region, St X should have no problem winning the race overall. The Tigers are still one of the best teams in the nation that can run as a pack. Even with only three of the top five racing on Saturday, the time between all of them finishing is within only seven seconds.

Junior Cooper Marchal is currently the fastest with a 15:37.70 and followed closely by sophomores Zach Larkin and Grady Shiftlet. The top three runners for St X on Saturday could all place in the top five with juniors Thomas Knepshield and Eric Portaro closely behind.

The Tigers should have no problem winning the region with their depth, ability to run as a pack, and runners who could score in the top 5. Do not be suprised if all of the Tigers’ scorers  finish before any other team has three runners finish.

Tigers Take Lead on Day One

The St. X Golf Team is currently leading in the two day state tournament. The Tigers are currently even and are beating second place Trinity who has a score of +13. Senior Clay Amlung led the Tigers with a score of -3 and is followed by junior Jay Kirchdorfer, junior Andrew Hinkibein, junior Will Fowler, and freshman Campbell Kremer who have scores of even, +1, +2, and +5.

The Tigers will finish the tournament tomorrow where the tournament will begin at 8:00 am at Bowling Green CC.

Tigers Win National Race

For the first time in school history, the Tigers won the Great American Cross Country Festival by beating the ninth ranked team in the nation Brentwood High School by 8 points with a score of 111 to 119. Juniors Patrick Schaefer and Cooper Marchal led the team by placing 24th and 26th with senior Ryan Guenthner, sophomore Zach Larkin, and junior Eric Portaro not far behind at 29th, 32nd, and 39th respectively.

“It was just like Coach Medley told us,” said Guenthner,”we didn’t drive for eight hours just to compete for second. We were looking for a win and wanted to show that we’re the team to beat in the Southeastern region, and that’s what we did.”

“We knew that if we packed up we would be successful,” said Marchal. “It took a team effort and without that it would not have been possible.”

“I know I’m still capable of more and so is the team,” says Guenthner. “We raced our best, but we can always do more to improve for the next race. I’m a lot happier with myself this week, but I’ll never be content with just the third best guy. It’s just my competitive nature. I want to be the best on the team and best in the state. It was a pretty sweet victory, but we are always looking to improve.”

Varsity B also had an outstanding performance by placing second in their race. They were led by junior Thomas Knepshield, junior Joey Schrepferman, and junior Johnny Vaughn who placed 16th, 19th, and 29th respectively. Junior Nick Poole and sophomore Eoin Corbett also scored for the Tigers.

The JV team also placed second with junior Seth Goodwin, senior Jacob Young, senior Haba Hamada, junior Alex Weber, sophomore Will Perrone, and junior Sam Snawder placing sixth, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, and 18th respectively.


Freshman Football Takes Down Trinity

Photo by Megan Stearman (@SaintXpics)

The freshman football team defeated Trinity 14-7 in overtime (OT). The game was physical with the offense using a ground and pound running attack led by running-back Brandon Chang and quarterback/wide receiver Douglas Bodaine.

The Tigers went back and forth with Trinity in the first quarter until Chang scored a seven yard touchdown that was set up by an interception by Jake D’Antoni. The quarter ended with the Tigers leading  7-0.

With  both teams primarily running the ball in the second quarter, Trinity scored a touchdown with about two minutes left in the half. On the following drive Trinity intercepted the ball from Bodhaine and ended the Tiger’s final drive. Trinity ran the clock down with 42 seconds left in the the second quarter. The score was 7-7 at halftime.

The third quarter was scoreless for both teams and with a little less than five minutes left in the fourth quarter Casey Gerhardt snagged a one-handed interception to set the Tiger’s offense up close to the 45 yard line. The Tigers brought the ball down to the Trinity 30 yard line where they were stopped with 1:41 left in the fourth quarter. The Tigers immediately retaliated with their own defensive effort and forced Trinity to fumble the ball on the 38 yard line.

Trinity’s defense held up and forced the Tigers to kick a 32 yard field goal. The Tiger’s missed the field goal attempt and gave the ball up to Trinity with 47 seconds left, where the Shamrocks tried to run the ball and get out of bounds as much as possible in order to preserve time on the clock. The Tiger’s defense stopped Trinity’s rushing game and caused the game to go into overtime with a score of 7-7.

After the coin toss, the Tigers received the ball first in OT. After a one yard rush from Chang and no gain on second down from Bodaine, the Tigers received a holding penalty to make it third and 19 on the 19 yard line. On third down Bodaine stepped back in the shotgun formation and connected with Cameron Johnson for a touchdown.

Trinity then received the ball on the 10 yard line and rushed for two yards. On second down the Tigers forced a fumble and recovered it on the six yard line to end the game with St. X winning with a final score of 14-7.

Tigers Place Second at Palatine

(Left to Right) Zach Larkin, Ryan Guenthner, and Cooper Marchal

The varsity cross country team placed second in the Palatine Invitational this weekend which had heavy competition from across the country. The Tigers were led by junior Patrick Schaefer, sophomore Grady Shiftlet, and junior Cooper Marchal who placed 17th, 29th, and 30th respectively. Other scorers for the Tigers were sophomore Zach Larkin and senior Ryan Guenthner.

“I thought we did pretty well,” said Guenthner. “Our goal at every meet is to win because we feel like we have the talent, but Palatine is a big meet with a lot of strong competition that we’re not used to, so getting second is a pretty good accomplishment.

“I think that for my first race back [from a strained calf] I did well, but I’m not where I want to be. I was only 5th for us, and I know I need to improve a lot more if we’re going to win state and have a shot at making it to nationals. Plus, my goal is to be my absolute best, and I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near my best yet.”

The junior varsity dominated the field with a score of only 24 points. Senior Andrew Edwards won the race and was followed by junior Johnny Vaughan, sophomore Eoin Corbett, junior Clint Sherman, junior Joey Schrepferman, and junior Nick Poole who placed third, fifth, sixth, ninth, and 22nd respectively.

“I thought I had a pretty good chance to win this race.” said Edwards. “I wanted to go out a little fast to see if anyone could hang with me. I knew the competition would be stronger and I knew that the results would help give coach a good idea of what our state team would look like, so I had even more motivation than usual.”

“I think we’re really starting to show our true strength and depth,” said Guenthner. “We have a lot of guys who are in great shape and still improving. It’s not just the top seven. This is starting to look like a national caliber team, and we’re only just scratching the surface.”

Tigers Take on the Jungle

The varsity cross country team showed their talent today by placing first in the Rumble Through the Jungle meet. The team was led by junior Patrick Schaefer who placed fourth and was followed by sophomore Grady Shiftlet, sophomore Zach Larkin, junior Cooper Marchal, and junior Nick Poole who placed eighth, 10th, 13th, and 19th respectively. Also in the top twenty for varsity was junior Clay Meiers who placed 20th, junior Eric Portaro who placed 21st, and junior Johnny Vaughan who placed 23rd.

Varsity B  scored third in the meet which was led by Thomas Knepshield who placed sixteenth in the meet. Other scorers for the varsity B team include junior Joey Schrepferman, sophomore Will Perone, junior Seth Goodwin, and junior Sam Snawder.

The JV team placed third with sophomore Luke Buddeke, sophomore Brian Carrico, sophomore Zacb Weigel, freshman John Paul Stegman, and sophomore Paul Buechler placing fourth, 12th, 13th, 23rd, and 36th. Freshman Kaden Woo also placed 22nd for the JV Tigers B.

UP NEXT: Trinity Invitational @ Tom Sawyer State Park on Saturday 9/17

Tigers Dominate Season Opener

The Cross Country team started their season off by placing 5 of their runners in the top 10 at Tiger Run. The Tigers were led by junior Patrick Schaefer who placed second.

“I went out a little fast, but I’m definetly happy with where I’m at and how the team is looking right now,” Schaefer says.

Other scorers for the Tigers included senior Ryan Guenthner, sophomore Grady Shiftlet, junior Cooper Marchal, and sophomore Zach Larkin who placed fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth respectively. Not far behind was junior Eric Portaro who placed 14th and junior Clay Meiers who placed 21st.

“Today went really well,” Guenthner said. “I’m very happy with how the team is coming along and I think the future is looking bright. We made a statement today by putting five in the top 10 and had two more in the top 20 range. It’s just shows how ready we’re to compete. It’s the first stop on the way to Portland.”

The JV team also had an outstanding performance by placing first which was led by Joey Schrepferman who won the race. Schrepferman has been  injured recently and was placed in the JV race as a precaution to prevent further injury.

“I won the race, but I still would have liked a better time,” Schrepferman said. “I haven’t been running at full speed at practice or done workouts because of the injury so I’m ok with where I’m at, but I definetly plan on returning to the state team and I think I can be top five for St. X. Injury-wise I feel great which is the most important part. Once I get my cardio all the back up I think I’ll be back to normal.”

Sophomore Brian Carrico, sophomore Pierce Walker, sophomore Luke Buddeke, and junior Alex Tapia scored fourth, eighth, ninth, and 15th respectively and also rounded out the scorers for the JV team.

The freshman team also placed third. John Paul Stegman placed 14th, Kaden Woo placed 17th, Peter Schoenbachler placed 18th, and Shawn Payne placed 20th.



Cross Country Preview

2015 Tiger Cross Country

2015 Tiger Cross Country

After a phenomenal 2015 season, the Tigers look to continue their winning streak by adding on a 22nd state title. Even with competition predicted to be more difficult and losing graduate Matthew Thomas the Tigers are still expected to contend for the state championship.

“We’re always aiming for a state championship and this year is no different ,” senior Ryan Guenthner says. “I think we have the most talent and depth of any team we’ve had in the past four years. We should definetly be able to make it two state championships in a row and maybe even nationals.”

The team is led by Guenthner, junior Patrick Schaefer, and sophomore Zach Larkin who all scored for the Tigers in last year’s state meet. These will be the top of the pack and are likely to be top 10 runners in state.

Behind these three is a lineup of runners that could all compete on the state team and be top ten finishers as well. They are extremely close in times and could all be interchangeable for the other 7 spots on the state team. This includes sophomore Grady Shiftlet, junior Cooper Marchal, junior Clay Meiers, junior Eric Portaro, senior Haba Hamada, junior Thomas Knepshield, junior Joey Schrepferman, sophomore Eoin Corbett, junior Jonny Vaughn, junior Clint Sherman, and senior Andrew Edwards. With all of these talented runners the competition is just as high when competing against fellow teammates in a race as it is the opponents.

“One reason we are better than past years is because everyone has to compete for their spot on the team. Often times in practice we compete a little much and end up going to fast, but for the most part it works well. Nothing is guaranteed so we all know we have to outwork the guy next to us if we want to be apart of the state meet and that’s really hard to do with all the talent we have,” says Guenthner.

“Our team has tremendous depth,” Edwards says. ” We have 15 guys who are competing for 10 spots. We are all working extremely hard for those spots. You can see that in our training. We all know we have to put in the work day in and day out in order to compete for those spots.”

The competiveness on the team is what drives the Tigers to be the best they can. They motivate each other and themselves everyday in practice. The competition is extremely stiff on the team which makes it even easier to compete against other schools.

“The high-powered competitiveness among us is great. It brings out the best in all of us,” Hamada says. “It is a tough journey when competing for the state team. It’s not easy, but there is a great benefit that comes with it. We become the best runner we can be.”

With a team that is maximizing its talent at practice, the competitve nature within the team, and the enormous depth it will be extremely difficult to take down the Tigers.  With a large group of runners competing for only 10 spots the Tigers seem to have a bright future ahead of them in the 2016 season.



Tiger Track and Field Place Second at GRC Heavy Metal Throwdown

Max Masterson Regionals 2015

The Tigers ran at the GRC Heavy Metal Throwdown Invitational on Saturday and placed second with 107.5 points, losing to Tate Creek by 5 points. The Tigers performed well in all aspects. The Tiger distance team was led by junior Ryan Guenthner who won the 1600 meter run and sophomores Eric Portaro and Joey Schrepferman who placed first and second respectivly in the 3200 meter run.

The sprinters also performed at a high level. Junior James Byant placed sixth in the 400 meter run and senior John Hinkbein placed sixth in the 200 meter run. In the 110 hurdles junior Jonny Dumoulin placd fourth. In the 300 meter hurdles junior Owen Johnson placed third, senior Dallas Ford placed fifth, and Dumoulin placed sixth.

Other events included strong performances from junior Max Masterson who placed second in the long jump, Bryant who placed fourth in the triple jump, and junior Barry Banta who placed fifth in the high jump. The Tiger also won the untraditional throwers 4×100 meter relay.

Next Meet: Friday, April 8 Taco Bell Invitational in Colombia, SC

Tiger Cross Country wins Greater Louisville Classic

Matthew Thomas | Photo by Jana Bollinger

Matthew Thomas | Photo by Jana Bollinger

The Tiger Cross Country team participated in the Greater Louisville Invitational this weekend instead of traveling to Cary, North Carolina due to the horrific weather conditions. The Tigers won the race and beat highly ranked Brentwood Academy (Tenn.).

Seniors Matthew Thomas (15:39) and Spencer Hayden (16:05) placed second and fifth respectively. Freshman Zach Larkin placed 12th (16:25), junior Ryan Guenthner placed 15th (16:27), and sophomore Cooper Marchal placed 24th (16:44).

The JV team also won on Saturday as sophomores Clay Meiers, Eric Portaro, and Clint Sherman placed top 5. Other scorers for the Tigers were senior Michael Porter and sophomore Thomas Knepshield who both placed in the top 10 overall. Junior Jacob Young, senior Nick Grove, sophomore Nick Poole, and freshmen Grady Shiftlet, Will Perone, and Luke Buddeke all placed top 25.

Next Meet: October 17th at Lexington Catholic

Tiger Cross Country Places Second in Southeast Division at Trinity Invitational

Spencer Hayden got off to a fast start in the 2014 KHSAA State Cross Country Meet | Photo by

Spencer Hayden got off to a fast start in the 2014 KHSAA State Cross Country Meet | Photo by

Tiger Cross Country competed at the Trinity Invitational today against teams across Kentucky and Indiana. The Tigers placed first in the Seeded Race out of Kentucky schools and fifth out of all seeded teams including number 5 in the nation Carmel High School. Seniors Spencer Hayden and Matthew Thomas placed 14th and 18th respectively. Junior Ryan Guenthner and sophomores Patrick Schaefer and Cooper Marchal also contributed to the Tigers fifth place in the seeded race.

The Tigers JV team placed fourth with senior Cole Bollinger finising 15th and junior Jacob Young finishing 17th.  Other scorers included sophomores Thomas Knepshield and Nick Poole as well as junior Haba Hamada.

In the Freshman race the Tigers placed second overall.  Zach Larkin placed 2nd, Eoin Corbett placed 10th, Will Perrone placed 17th, Grady Shiftlet placed 19th, and Luke Buddeke placed 21st. Overall, the Tigers looked strong and continue to have an impressive season.

NEXT MEET: September 27 at Palatine Invitational (In Chicago)