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St. X vs. Trinity Positional Breakdown: Special Teams

Jack Werner will have to execute perfectly tonight. | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Jack Werner will have to execute perfectly tonight. | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Our last preview is definitely not the least, as we could see this clash of titans come down to a field goal late.  It’s simple; if you take advantage of opportunities in special teams, you win a lot more ballgames.  Special Teams may not be as involved as the other facets of the game, but it is still responsible for the most exciting and momentum-shifting plays.  This game could be decided by special teams play, so let’s take a look at both sides.

St. Xavier Depth Chart

-#98 Michael Bennett-K 5’6″ | 147 lbs. | Senior

-#15 Ben Logsdon-K 6’2″ | 165 lbs. | Senior

-#17 Mason King-P 6’2″ | 164 lbs. | Senior

-#39 Mike Ervin-P 5’11” | 163 lbs. | Junior

-#83 Owen Johnson-K 5’9″ | 146 lbs. | Sophomore

-#2 Colin O’Daniel-KR 5’11” | 155 lbs. | Junior

-#21 Jaylon Hibbs-KR 5’11” | 175 lbs. | Senior

-#5 J.R. Johnson-KR 5’5″ | 145 lbs. | Senior

-#25 Michael Ackerman-PR 5’7″ | 158 lbs. | Senior

-#84 Jack Werner-LS 6’3″ | 183 lbs. | Senior



St. Xavier Overview

I will keep this one short and sweet because there are only a few things you need to know about St. X’s special teams.

Mason King is a fantastic punter.

Jack Werner is the best long snapper in the state.

Colin O’Daniel can take a kickoff all the way home at any moment.

Ben Logsdon and Michael Bennett bring a great combination of power and accuracy to the St. X kicking game.



Trinity Depth Chart

-#98 Andrew Deye-K 5’8″ | 160 lbs. | Senior

-#99 Jay Nunamaker-P 5’7″ | 155 lbs. | Junior

-#19 Donald Brooks-KR 5’11” | 185 lbs. | Senior

-#67 Kyle Gregory-LS 6’0″ | 228 lbs | Senior


Trinity Overview

While Trinity’s kicking game might not be the best, their kick returner is.  Donald Brooks is simply a speed demon as soon as he touches the ball, and it is dangerous to kick to him.  Regardless of how far away he is from the endzone, Brooks is always a threat to score.

Kyle Gregory is a nice long snapper, too.  He has great size, and uses that size well when making plays on kick coverage.


EDGE: Another gridlock.  I would give kicking and punting for St. X, but Brooks’ sheer ability in the return game warrants a lot of attention.  He is a game-changer, and there is no better place to change the complexion of a game than on special times.  It will obviously be fun watching these powers juke it out, but keep your eye out for special teams, for sure.  You will not regret it.