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Parker Thieneman and Zachary Kuo win Doubles State Championship

Zachary Kuo | Photo by Clay Bollinger

Zachary Kuo | Photo by Clay Bollinger

Parker Thieneman | Photo by Clay Bollinger

Parker Thieneman | Photo by Clay Bollinger

The doubles team of Parker Thieneman and Zachary Kuo are Doubles Team State Champions of Kentucky!  The two seniors dominated all season long giving the Tigers great leadership. Congratulations to Parker and Zachary on this outstanding achievement.

Brandon Lancaster and both Doubles Teams in Finals

Brandon Lancaster | Photo by Clay Bollinger

Brandon Lancaster | Photo by Clay Bollinger

Brandon Lancaster defeated Emerson Walsh of Trinity to advance the singles state championship while Sean Donohue was upset in his semifinal match.  Parker Thieneman/Zachary Kuo and Coleman Cox/Nick Waldeck also advanced to the doubles state title match.  Doubles final is at 1:30 PM followed by the Singles final at 3:30 PM.

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Go Tigers!

Donohue and Lancaster in Sweet Sixteen

Two of the Tiger Tennis players are in the Singles Sweet Sixteen after winning the first two rounds of singles play. The Team State Championship is tonight at 6:00 PM at UK. Below are the singles play results through the first and second rounds. (h/t to Louisville Catholic Sports) Go Tigers!

First Round

1. Sean Donohue (St. Xavier) def. 2. Jin Woo Jeong (Oneida Baptist), 6-0; 6-0.

48. Brandon Lancaster (St. Xavier) def. 47. Wes Averill (St. Mary), 6-0; 6-0.

Round of 32

1. Donohue (St. Xavier) def. 3. Alex Spalding (Marion County), 6-1; 6-0.

48. Lancaster (St. Xavier) def. 45. Brit Bowling (Clay County), 6-0; 6-0.

Round of 16

1. Donohue (St. Xavier) vs. 5. David Hess (Manual) – 10:30 a.m.

48. Lancaster (St. Xavier) vs. 44. Ryo Takeda (Henry Clay) – 10:30 a.m.

Time to Get 6!

Lacrosse State Championship Beat Trinity

The day has arrived that all you Tiger Lacrosse fans have been waiting for! There is no better accomplishment for a high school team than being crowned state champion. For three members of this year’s varsity team, this will be the 4th time that they compete for a state title. Brad Schickel, Zayne Smith and Zack Riggs have been a member of the varsity team since their freshman year. They have been a part of the highs and lows of the program and its rise to being the best in the state. When they enrolled at St. X, the Tigers were defending champions, but coming off a Trinity 4-peat. They along with the members of the class of 2010 decided that it was time for a change! Each year Schickel, Smith and Riggs have improved and gained confidence in their own game while leading the team as underclassmen and now as the seniors. No matter who they have been surrounded by, they have been a steady common denominator for Tiger Lacrosse the past 4 years.

This year’s team has been one to remember with their exciting fast tempo style and lock-down defense. As only a sophomore, Max Cartor has impressed the Tiger faithful standing fearlessly in between the pipes. He has carried this team and looks to bring his “A” game tonight once again against Trinity for all the marbles. Time will only tell, but he is on track to be one of the best goalies in St. X Lacrosse history. Cartor has stood out as a sophomore, but the youth mixed with the veterans has been the key from the start. Guys like Zac Sells, Coleman Webb and Collin Roppel have played significant minutes as sophomores and you can’t forget the lone freshman Caleb Grimes who has been phenomenal on defense. It speaks very highly of these young players to be contributing on such a senior heavy team. They have progressed so much in just one season and that is thanks to seniors like Cooper Sohm who has led by example all season long.

It will be a bittersweet moment for myself along with the rest of the senior class watching our final St. X sporting event as students at the school, but I could not ask for a better one than this. Having a state championship played on your home field is a rare thing as many of the other sports are played on neutral fields of colleges or other large high schools. For the first time in Br. Thomas More Stadium history, it will host a state title game featuring our home Tigers. One thing will be very evident tonight and that is the presence of the St. X student body. I hope all of you remember the Moeller football game, Trinity and Ballard basketball games because that is what the atmosphere will be like tonight. Upwards of 500+ students will be in attendance to watch the Tigers go for a state title game. It will be a sight to see and a night to remember.

Gametime is 7:00 PM at Br. Thomas More Stadium on the campus of St. Xavier. Good luck to the team and the coaching staff as they go for #6. The Rage Cage will be behind you 110%! Go Tigers! Get 6!


Tweet Beat | Lacrosse State Championship

Many of the Varsity Lacrosse team members took to Twitter encouraging their classmates and fans to come support the team in the KY Lacrosse State Championship at Br. Thomas More Stadium at 7:00 PM.

#GoTigers #Get6 #BeatTrinity #VI #WinForPatrick #PFP

Are you ready for some football?

While we wait for the Spring Game next Saturday at 11:00 AM, here are Charles Walker’s junior highlights to hold you over! The team is in day 3 of Spring Practice and are looking sharp so far! Roll Tigers!

Coach Wolford makes an appearance on The Early Birds

Earlier today, the new head coach for Tiger Football was a guest on The Early Birds on 790 WKRD. St. Xavier alumnus Kent Taylor sat in as guest host of the morning sports talk show as he spoke with his good friend, Coach Will Wolford, on the Right Stop RV Phone Line. With spring football underway for the Tigers, the new era of Tiger Football is beginning to take shape. The new coaching staff is settling in nicely while bringing a new twist to the unequaled tradition of St. X football.

As Coach Wolford led off the interview with some investing tips, we think that you should invest in supporting this Tiger Football team this fall by getting season tickets or just tickets to the gridiron rivalry game against Trinity.

Taylor asked Coach Wolford what the biggest thing he ever bought was. His answer: a horse.

They finally got around to talking a little Tiger Football and here are some of the quotes from the interview:

We’re getting a little taste of [football] because we’re into spring practice finally. Yesterday was our first practice in helmets and shoulder pads, but today we are coming back with full pads for the first time. So, it will put the brakes on the itchiness a little bit. I’m really looking forward to today’s practice and we’re going to go 9 of the next 10 days to get all of [the practices] in.

Cozy Kent Taylor, as Coach Wolford nicknamed him, asked about some of the new coaching staff members and their roles.

I’ve added quite a few coaches, and you mentioned Browning [Nagle], who is very detailed oriented with the quarterback position. He has a lifetime of knowledge in the passing game, he’s extremely positive and he happens to be working directly with his own son who is a heck of a player. He can still physically demonstrate everything he wants as far as “these steps” and “this drop” and “this look” and he can still throw it 70 yards at 45 years old

Another coach that came on board is Mike Flores, who happened to play at UofL with Browning on that Fiesta Bowl team and Mike has 6 years experience in the NFL and he’s working with the defensive line. He was a pass rush specialist when he played in the NFL. This year’s defensive line is good. We had our first pass rush test yesterday and they without a doubt got the better of the offensive line.

I’m very lucky that a school like St. X has guys like Todd Walsh who’s been there for ever. He has 10 state championship rings as a player and a coach.

As always, the most important topic surrounding St. X football that everyone wants to talk about was brought up, the rivalry game with Trinity and what it means to him as a coach.

I’ve been in these situations before. When I first started playing for the Buffalo Bills all I heard was, “I don’t care what you do, just beat the [New York] Jets!” Now as a guy who grew up in Louisville, played at St. X and back in Louisville for a number of years, I certainly know the importance of that game and everything else, but you can’t focus on it or think about it right now. There’s now doubt that [Trinity] raised the bar and we have to raise it as well. I’m very lucky, I have a nice team coming back, it looks like we’re going to be really good, I won’t know for sure until we actually get into the fall and start playing games, but you know if you catch a couple breaks, stay healthy, kids continue to develop. On paper we’re going to matchup with [Trinity] really well, so it will come down to coaching.

The final question for Coach Wolford was if there was a message that he was trying to instil with the team during the spring practices that will foster with them as the season goes on.

A mindset. The mindset has always been there. St. X Football has always played fast and physical and not thinking, just go out there and read, react and get after it. The one thing I want to see the kids do is see them seperate. We do have a lot of seniors coming back. We have three running backs coming back that were the starters last year. The third string running back from last year just received a scholarship offer from Indiana State. Obviously I can’t sit here and pummel three senior running backs when I have everything else we have, I need to be able to spread the ball around a little bit and distribute and have them be able to showcase their talents elsewhere [on the field]. I need the kids to settle that on the field.

As a coach, I don’t want to be the guy that says hey you’re the starter. I want them to decide that out on the field and that’s what we’re doing right now. We’re putting them in situations that they’re competing and we’ll let the cream rise to the top and when that kid’s the starter, yeah it was a very easy decision because he showed it on the field

You can listen to the interview in it’s entirety by clicking on the Sports Radio 790 logo below.

Tiger Tennis beats Henry Clay 3-0. Face Lone Oak in Team State Championship

Zachary Kuo | Photo by Clay Bollinger

Zachary Kuo | Photo by Clay Bollinger

Another state championship is on the horizon for St. Xavier, this time on the tennis courts!  The Tiger Tennis team advanced to yet another state championship after defeating Henry Clay High School of Lexington, KY at the Boone/Downing Tennis Complex at the University of Kentucky.  In the state final, the Tigers will look for their fifth straight state championship as they face Lone Oak High School from Paducah, Kentucky.  The “Purple Flash” claim to be have voted the best high school sports program.  I would just like to know by who?  The State Championship is tomorrow night at 6:00 PM also at UK’s Boone/ Downing Tennis Complex.  Let’s get the #6 state championship of the year! Go Tigers!

Tigers demolish North Oldham 17-6

Tristan Purcell scores vs. Trinity at Louisville Slugger Field | Photo by Tim Porco

Tristan Purcell scores vs. Trinity at Louisville Slugger Field | Photo by Tim Porco

The Tiger Baseball team improved their record to 26-4 as they defeated the North Oldham Mustangs by a score of 17-6 in 5 innings.  Sam Melchior was on the mound once again for the Tigers and dealt another great game.  Tristan Purcell was the star of the game as he hit superbly from the plate.  The Tigers will have Senior Night tomorrow as they face Lexington Christian at 6:00 PM at Mueller Field.  The 9 senior members of the team are Ben Britt, Jack Cleary, Austin Gahafer, Marc Hellmueller, Andrew Hubbs, Matt Lasley, Sam Melchior, Nate Stemle and Gunnar Wagoner.

May 2013 Xavier News

In the fifth and final Xavier News (student newspaper) of the year, Junior Ben Grimes writes about the progress that WSTX Sports has made and interviews founder Clay Bollinger about the first year of WSTX Sports.  Grimes also spoke with Evan Shaheen, who will take over Bollinger’s duties next school year.  Turn to page 5 of the online PDF version to read WSTX Sports: We Are Tiger Sports by Ben Grimes.

What happened last time? | Ballard Bruins Edition

St. Xavier vs. Ballard

Tigers warming up for their first matchup with Ballard earlier this season | Photo by Will Wolford via Twitter

It was a cold March night when the St. Xavier Tigers defeated the Ballard Bruins early in the regular season by a score of 10-5.  It was the second game of the season for the veteran Tigers and the hype leading up to the game made it into the great contest it was.

The game started out with a goal from sophomore attackman Collin Roppel followed by the first of senior Brad Schickel’s four goals.  Coleman Webb and Zack Riggs controlled the victories of the face offs all night long giving the Tigers plenty of possessions.  The Tigers were up 5-0 before you could blink an eye.  The defense of the Tigers led by Graham Weyland and Evan Caffee came to play from the start, bringing a little attitude with their hits as they knocked the Bruins to the turf.  Halftime came with a shut out thanks to the great play by sophomore goalie Max Cartor between the pipes.

There was a scary moment at the beginning of the 3rd Quarter as Schickel took a shot, but then fell to the ground in pain and had to be helped off the field by Head Athletic Trainer Danny McDonald.  It was only a stinger and the veteran Schickel would sub back in on the next trip down the field.  Ballard made the game interesting towards the end of the 3rd Quarter as they came within two goals, 7-5, before the Tigers said enough of that.  More fantastic saves from Cartor combined with goals from Nick King, Schickel, and Zayne Smith gave the Tigers the victory.

The Bruins (12-3) raffled off 8 straight wins after their loss against us showing steady improvement along the way.  Overall they are 11-2 since our last meeting, which will make for an exciting semifinal game in the 2013 lacrosse state tournament.  Let’s hope they are smart enough this time to not run their mouths on Twitter before the game.  That made for some awesome locker room wall motivation.

Louisville Catholic Sports Interview with Varsity Baseball Head Coach Andy Porta

Season Passes/Trinity Tickets Available NOW

Make plans now to support Tiger athletics for the 2013-14 season and save money! A variety of options are now available for purchase including All-Season Student Passes, Fall Sports Passes with Reserved Seating (varsity football games), General Admission Fall Sports Passes, and All-Season Sports Passes. Go to

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Tiger Tennis wins Sectionals

tennis coach lancaster

Varsity Tennis Head Coach Kerry Lancaster | Photo by Tim Porco

The St. Xavier tennis team won the sectional title Saturday to advance to Wednesday’s state semifinals at the University of Kentucky’s Boone/Downing Tennis Complex.

Host St. X beat Trinity 3-0 in the sectional semifinals and then knocked off South Oldham 3-0 in the final.

Picking up victories for the Tigers against Trinity were Sean Donohue (No. 1 singles), Brandon Lancaster (No. 2 singles) and Coleman Cox and Nick Waldeck (No. 2 doubles).

Against South Oldham, the Tigers got victories from Lancaster (No. 2 singles), Liam Friel (No. 3 singles) and Evan McCullough and Matt Graft (No. 2 doubles).

St. X, which has won four straight state titles, will play in the state semifinals at 5:00 PM Wednesday against an opponent to be determined. The state final is set for 6:00 PM Thursday.

Tigers draw South Oldham Dragons first

Brad Schickel

Brad Schickel | Photo by Tim Porco

In the first round of the 2013 Lacrosse State Tournament, the St. Xavier Tigers will face the South Oldham Dragons at Br. Thomas More Stadium at 7:00 PM.  The St. Xavier-South Oldham game winner plays the Christian Academy (C.A.L.)-Ballard winner on Wednesday at 6:00 PM also at St. X.  The Championship will be on Friday night at 7:00 PM in Br. Thomas More Stadium on the campus of St. Xavier High School.

The Tigers have won 6 of their last 7 games and look to win their 6th Straight State Championship with a great week of play.  With 3 wins, the Tigers can take home their 9th overall state title.