Job Opportunities

WSTX Sports Logo Square

Are you interested in being a part of the WSTX Sports Team?

We want YOU to help us continue to improve our coverage of Tiger Sports!

WSTX Sports is dedicated not only to promoting the athletes and teams at Tiger Tech, but also to helping any aspiring journalist or multi-media enthusiast who is a student at Saint Xavier High School.

If you become a member of the staff at WSTX Sports, your work will be a great aid to you even after you leave 1609 Poplar Level Road!

Your work will look great on summer journalism camp applications, college applications, and many other outlets!  Working with WSTX Sports will give you great experience and preparation for entering the vast and ever-changing field of journalism.

If you want to join the team, simply email with your name, cell phone number, and email, and you will quickly be integrated into the system.


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