Game Notes from Last Night’s Big Win Against Cathedral

The Tigers put together an unbelievable game last night against one of Indiana’s top teams: Cathedral. Was the game perfect? Absolutely not. However, the Tigers made big plays when they needed to be made and that is why they won the game. Let’s look at some notes from a fantastic opening win:

  • Quarterback Jack Albers was great tonight. He connected with his receivers on several long passes and ran the ball very well. Albers ability to throw and run the ball makes him a dangerous threat and opens up the running game for Brett Metzmeier.
  • Speaking of Metzmeier… WOW. After being sidelined almost all of last year the senior finally got his shot to shine and he did not waste it. He carried the ball 26 times for 160 yards and 4 touchdowns. This was an unbelievable opening game for Brett and while it is hard to top a game like this, he will certainly be working to stay consistent throughout the year.
  • The offensive line was great again. They allowed only two sacks and opened up the holes for Metzmeier and Albers.
  • Will Crum was Albers main deep threat in the game, catching several long balls and making plays in the open field.
  • The offense had very few three and outs, which chewed up the clock and gave the defense time to rest.
  • Yes, the defense gave up 28 points. However, considering the fact that Cathedrals running back and center are going to big time Division 1 schools, I would say the defense was great last night. At the end of the day, they made big plays when they needed to be made and that is one of the main reasons the Tigers won.

Next up for the Tigers: September 1st @ Bowling Green

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