The 6’5 Wide Reciever that is Poised for a Breakout Season: Will Crum

In part two of the “fun facts” series we look at senior wide receiver Will Crum. Crum is a two sport athlete who spends time on both the basketball court and the football field. In Friday’s scrimmage he looked to be Albers go-to guy as they connected on several short, quick passes that Crum took for positive yardage. Here are some fun facts about the wide-out poised for a big season:


Full name: William Oliver Crum

Position: Wide Receiver (X)

Jersey number: 82

Grade: Senior

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 195 lbs

Nickname: 99

Fun Facts

Favorite food? Steak

Pregame meal? Smoothie from Smoothie King

Favorite TV show? Big Brother

Favorite college team? Kentucky

Favorite pro teams? Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Chicago Cubs

Football idol? Calvin Johnson

Biggest role model? Father

Dream school to play football? Kentucky

Favorite subject? History

Camps attended? None

Camps you will be attending in the future? Not sure yet

How do you mentally prepare for a game? Listen to music and go over the weekly playbook.

Favorite football memory? Scoring a 99 yard touchdown against PRP sophomore year.

Individual goals for this year? Have 10 touchdowns and earn a scholarship

Team goals for this year? State Championship and nothing short of that.

Hobbies outside of football? Shoes

Celebrity crush? Kylie Jenner

Favorite movie? The Goonies or Skyfall

Favorite restaurant? Outback Steakhouse

What is the significance behind your number? My cousin was 82

Go-to lunch at school? Joey Wrap

Person that has been most influential in your football career? My Uncle Dickie

Favorite artist/band? Tim McGraw

All time favorite song? The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Current favorite song? Meanwhile Back at Mama’s

All-time favorite Sports Center anchor? John Buccigross

3 most important things to you? God, Family, and Friends

What are you looking to improve on this season? Blocking and catching in traffic

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