Game Notes from Tiger Football’s Scrimmage vs. Simon Kenton

The Tigers opened their season with a scrimmage against Simon Kenton tonight. Here is some of what the fans saw:

  • Quarterback Jack Albers is the real deal. He throws and runs the ball at a very high level. Albers will be hard to stop with his dual threat ability and will wreak havoc on defenses.
  • Brett Metzmeier also played very well. Metzmeier is a downhill runner that does not go down after the first hit.
  • The offensive line was as we all expected: fantastic. They created holes for the running backs and the quarterbacks had plenty of time to throw.
  • Fans should expect to see an offense with a lot of running plays as well as short, quick passes.
  • Will Crum emerged as Albers number one receiver, catching multiple screens and taking them for good yardage.
  • Expect to see the defensive line get to the quarterback and apply pressure on almost every play.
  • The secondary was also very good, allowing very few big passing plays.

To sum up, this years team has the weapons to win every game on their schedule.

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