How Well Do You Know Your Quarterback, Jack Albers?

As most people know, the starting quarterback for the Tiger Football team this year will most likely be rising senior Jack Albers. Albers, who played sparingly last year while sitting behind Cincinnati commit Desmond Ridder, will look to lead the Tigers to their first state championship in eight years. You know the name and the face, but how much do you really know about the soon-to-be signal caller for the Tigers? WSTX compiled some fun facts about the person behind number 11.


Name: Jack Thomas Albers

Position: Quarterback

Jersey number: 11

Grade: 12

Height: 6’1

Weight: 180

Nickname: Cowboy Jack

Fun Facts

Favorite food?  Wendy’s

Pregame meal?  Beef jerky and a bag of munchies

Favorite TV show?  Family Guy

Favorite college team?  Indiana Hoosiers

Favorite pro teams?  Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Twins, Cleveland Cavaliers

Football idol?  Peyton Manning

Biggest role model?  Dad

Dream school to play football?  Indiana

Favorite subject?  History

Camps attended?  Western Kentucky, Northwestern, Ohio University

Camps you will be attending in the future?  Princeton, Pennsylvania University, Dartmouth, Yale

Current offer(s)?  Kentucky Wesleyan University

How do you mentally prepare for a game?  Listen to music and go over scouting reports

Favorite football memory?  Winning the Toy Bowl in eighth grade

Individual goals for this year?  Lead the team to a State Championship

Team goals for this year?  Win the State Championship

Hobbies outside of football?  Call of Duty, fishing

Celebrity crush?  Rihanna

Favorite movie?  Superbad

Favorite restaurant?  Pat’s Steakhouse

What is the significance behind number 11?  The team I played for when I was younger didn’t have the number I wanted so I instead chose 11 and I have worn that ever since.

Go-to lunch at school?  Fried chicken sandwich with a yogurt parfait and a side of fries

Person that has been most influential in your football career?  Dad

Favorite artist/band?  Rihanna

All time favorite song?  Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry

Current favorite song?  Self Made by Bryson Tiller

All-time favorite Sports Center anchor?  Stuart Scott

If you could go back in time to any point in your life when would it be and why?  When I was 5 years old and had nothing to worry about

3 most important things to you?  Family, schoolwork, football

What are you looking to improve on this season?  Staying in the pocket longer and not scrambling as often

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