1,500th Post: Letter from the Editor

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Dear Tiger Nation,

With this post, wstxsports.com has now reached 1500 posts. Since it’s inception five years ago, WSTX Sports has become a trademark in what the students of St.X produce for the greater community, and it’s been an absolute blast to be a part of that. Even though this was my first and only year writing for the site, I can’t even think of how my senior year would’ve played out without it.

Now again, this is my first and only year writing for the site, so I want to take a few words from my predecessor Cole Bollinger to show just how much WSTX means to him and St.X as a whole. Last year when he handed down the reigns to me, there was one post still in the drafts that he never got around to posting. I never deleted it, because what he says is all true, and now I’d like to give some recognition to what he wrote and the significance of WSTX.

“WSTX Sports was founded by Class of 2013 St. X graduate and my brother Clay Bollinger. Clay started the twitter account his junior year and continued it in to his senior year. When he told me that he wanted to start a web site for WSTX Sports in February of 2013, I thought he was crazy. Web sites are a lot of work, but like everything else, Clay was persistent and did it anyways. He convinced me to write for the site on February 2nd, and I have been writing on here ever since. Being a part of the start of the web site was a lot fun and seeing my first post which was on Class of 2009’s Matt Smith playing in a College All-Star Game publish was a great feeling. That feeling I felt after that article published and how I felt after every one of my articles got published is part of why I want to do be a journalist.

After Clay graduated, he handed WSTX Sports down to Evan Shaheen, Class of 2014. A year later, Evan handed it to Jacob Hayslip, Class of 2015. When Clay created WSTX Sports, it was for guys like Jacob. Jacob took the responsibility of WSTX Sports to heart and everything Phillip and I said to him in our letter to him last year was completely true. Neither Clay, Evan or Jacob were or are journalists, but they all loved St. X more than just about anyone, and they wanted to make sure our athletes got the credit they rightfully deserved. Once Jacob graduated, he handed WSTX Sports down to me, and now here we are. Writing about St. X sports has been a lot of fun these past four years and controlling the site this past year has been a blast. Unfortunately, I have now graduated. I will still be a Tiger next year, but at Mizzou instead of St. X. I probably should have done this much earlier this spring, but I need to be preparing the next crop of writers for the next several years.

I am in the process of handing WSTX Sports down to Max Masterson, who has not written for the site before but has the determination to continue on what we have going on here. As of right now, we don’t have a lot of writers for next year which could make things difficult next year as Max will try and continue to bring Tiger sports coverage to you all in the best way possible.

You all can help though. You must be a student at St. X to help with WSTX sports, but by no means need to be a journalist of any sorts. Like I said above, Clay, Evan and Jacob are not journalists but they made the site work because of their love for St. X.

This isn’t journalism. Even though I plan on majoring in journalism, I rarely used this site to be a journalist. I wrote some longer feature type articles but for the most part, it was short blurb type of articles. Being a journalist or having journalistic skills will make it easier, but you definitely don’t have to be involved in journalism to be a part of this program. Fandom and determination is all that is required.

I wrote for WSTX Sports because I wanted to see the athletes that don’t get that much attention get the attention they deserve and nothing made me happier to see them retweet tweets that showed their success. To me, that’s what this is all about. I have been on hand for a lot of state championships and after covering a team for a whole season, you become attached to them and feel the emotions they feel even more than what you feel by just watching them from the stands as a fan.

I’m a fan and anyone with a passion for St. X can do what I have and the guys before me have done. This really isn’t that hard. This isn’t exclusive to the best writers or personalities in the school or the future journalists in the school. If you love St. X or St. X sports, you have a place here.

I want to thank you, Tiger Nation, for supporting us and making us what we are today. You were responsible for a couple eye-popping numbers: In 2015, we had 37,000 different people visit the web site and had over 30,000 views in one day. We also now have over 3,300 followers on Twitter, making us the largest student run twitter account in Kentucky. Don’t let those people down I-65 tell you any different. They may be the “Bad Boyz,” but they are not bigger.

I believe that WSTX Sports is one of the greatest things that St. X produces, and it is run by the students. That’s kind of awesome. I hope that can continue to be the case. We have the best fans and athletic department around, and they deserve the unparalleled coverage.

To the students of St. X: You all can make a difference with WSTX Sports, no matter who you are, where you come from, or what sports you like. We are always in need of your help. If any of you are interested, contact me or Max Masterson.

This will sadly be the last post I ever write on this site. It’s been a great four years, and I can’t thank you all enough for reading what I have written these past four years. I’ve gotten to do some pretty cool stuff because of WSTX Sports, and it has created some memories that will last a lifetime. It’s been truly an honor to provide Tiger Nation with the coverage they deserve.”

For me, WSTX has been a major part of my senior year. My senior football season was cut short again and again by repeating injuries. I wanted nothing more to contribute to the team, and thought I had failed to do so, because I couldn’t show it on the field. However, WSTX gave me that outlet to contribute. I loved writing about our future matchups and breaking them down, and I truly loved all the gratitude I received from parents and athletes alike. That really hit home for me, and it’s something I’ll always be grateful for.

Sadly, I will graduate in a few short days (Go Hoosiers!), and I will be passing down the website to Tucker Worden and Andrew Lechleiter. Both have written for the website sparingly this year, but I am hoping that they take pride in WSTX next year and continue it. Much like Cole, I do fear a drop off with Tucker and Andrew being the only writers.

I just want to reiterate that if you are an underclassmen or a parent of a student, any and all help will be welcome. WSTX is a great way to get involved whether it’s covering games live on Twitter, or showing off your writing skills to nearly 3,700 followers. You don’t have to be an aspiring journalist, just a dedicated advocate of St.X.

Now with this being one of my last posts, I just wanted to say thank you to St.X and thank you to WSTX for all the memories I’ve made this year. I’ve had a blast doing it. Writing for the site was hands down one of the best decisions I made my senior year, and Tiger Nation is the reason why.

Thanks for everything,

Max Masterson

Contact Max Masterson at mastersonm17@stxtigers.com








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