Vote for Two Former Editors of WSTX Sports in The Manager Games!

After a full week of March Madness, it’s taken some time to comprehend all that just happened. The past week has been full of Blue Bloods returning to form, cinderella teams looking to make a run, exciting matchups and stories, and awesome games to watch. If you’re anything like me, you’ve watched about as much basketball as humanly possible. If you’re also like me, you’ve probably had to take this time and mourn over the loss of yet another potential perfect bracket (thanks Villanova and UofL!).

While we have been watching our favorite teams, players, and coaches duke it out to make it to the Final Four, there have been some unsung heroes roaming those same sidelines. Managers.

Basketball managers take up a huge responsibility on their respective teams. Setting up practices, doing laundry, you name it, and the managers are doing just about everything other than going out on the court during the game… until now.

Every so often, the night before a game between opposing schools, the managers of each school are able to play in a pick up game. The games are meant to be fun, and are purely for bragging rights, and they quite often are never mentioned after they are played. However, they have come increasingly popular the past few years, notably getting some attention from college basketball analyst Jay Bilas. The games have become so popular that in 2014, two managers from Michigan State created a whole system based on ranking the teams of Managers from the D-1 Basketball Landscape.

The system has moved so far that for the past two years, the Managers have created a whole March Madness bracket of their own. The seeding is the same, but is based off their own rankings, not the rankings from the actual NCAA Tournament.  There are your powerhouses like Duke and Kentucky still in the Tournament, but also schools like Akron and Morehead State, not teams that would usually playing in March. Matchups are then voted on via Twitter (unless the teams can travel and actually play, then the vote is null) and the Final Four teams will travel to the actual Final Four site and play at the NCAA Fan Fest.

This year, the bracket has made it to the Sweet 16 , and two former Editor’s-in-Chief of WSTX Sports are still in the running to travel to Phoenix this year.

Cole Bollinger ’16 and Jacob Hayslip ’15 are currently both basketball managers of Missouri and Western Kentucky, respectively. Cole has reached out to me asking for help to send him to the Final Four, and as my predecessor, of course I am here to help spread the word.

Missouri is the #5 seed in the West Region, currently facing #1 seeded VCU Managers. Western Kentucky is the #1 seed facing #5 College of Charleston in the Midwest Region. Both voting polls on Twitter are currently open for another day so make sure to vote on the links below!

Vote for Missouri here  

Vote for WKU  here  

From one Editor to another, good luck to Cole and Jacob and let’s get them to Phoenix!

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