Tiger Swimming and Diving Leads the Way After Prelims

Tiger Swimming Nike Graphic

The Tiger Swimming and Diving team is well on their way to a 29th consecutive title after racing this morning. The swimmers competed this morning and for every single event, there was at least one swimmer in the TOp4. Swimmers that placed in the Top 16 will race tomorrow in the Finals (17th and 18th place are alternates). Here are the results by event:

  • 200 Medley Relay – Martin Nitzken, Keefer Barnum, Connor Kang, and Michael Eastman (1st)
  • 200 Yard Freestyle – Aldan Johnston (1st), Cole Brown (6th), Will Cole (7th), and Andrew Streater (9th)
  • 200 Yard IM – Keefer Barnum (2nd), Martin Nitzken (3rd), Grant Largen (6th), and Peter Hurst (14th)
  • 50 Yard Freestyle – Michael Eastman (2nd), Jack Harty (10th), Conner Lynn (16th), and Ethan Highley (T-18th)
  • 100 Yard Butterfly – Cole Brown (3rd), Connor Kang (5th), Brandt Wilhelmi (17th), and Dane Rueff (18th)
  • 100 Yard Freestyle – Michael Eastman (4th), Will Cole (5th), Andrew Streater (7th), and Dominic Tomchek (8th)
  • 500 Yard Freestyle – Aldan Johnston (1st), Peter Hurst (5th), Grant Largen (6th), and Tom Irvine (18th)
  • 200 Yard Freestyle Relay – Aldan Johnston, Will Cole, Jack Harty, and Dominic Tomchek (1st)
  • 100 Yard Backstroke – Martin Nitzken (3rd), Dominic Tomchek (5th), Brandt Wilhelmi (9th), and Kenton Whiteley (14th)
  • 100 Yard Breaststroke – Keefer Barnum (1st)
  • 400 Yard Freestyle Relay – Aldan Johnston, Will Cole, Cole Brown, and Michael Eastman (1st)

Along with the swimming events, Blake Ansert has been holding steady in the diving competition and will compete in finals tomorrow. He currently is in 7th place after Prelims and Semi-Finals.

Currently, if the Tigers were to finish in the same order they are seeded for Finals, they would be leading the meet with a score of 451. To round out the Top 3, Covington Catholic would be in second with 206 points and Lexington Catholic would be 3rd with 153 points (that’s a lead of 245 and 298 points, respectively).

So obviously, the Tigers hold a sizable lead over the competition, but expect that gap to grow, because the Tigers are going to be amped up to make history tomorrow. The first swimming events will take place at 11:00 AM and the diving portion will take place immediately after the 50 Yard Freestyle.

Good luck Tigers!


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