Tiger Sports Schedule: Week of December 4th, 2016

WSTX Sports Logo Square

Monday, December 5th 

4:30 PM – Freshman Basketball @ Seneca
6:00 PM – JV Basketball @ Seneca
7:30 PM – Varsity Basketball @ Seneca

Thursday, December 8th 

4:00 PM – Bowling vs. Male @ Executive Strike and Spare

Friday, December 9th 

4:30 PM – Freshman Basketball vs. Covington Catholic
6:00 PM – JV Basketball vs. Covington Catholic
7:30 PM – Varsity Basketball vs. Covington Catholic
8:00 PM – Hockey vs. Henry Clay at Iceland

Saturday, December 10th 

Archery Practice Tournament @ Atherton
9:00 AM – Wrestling @ Ryle
9:00 AM – Wrestling – King of the Bluegrass @ Fairdale High School
2:00 PM – Swimming & Diving @ Cincy St.X
3:45 PM – Varsity Basketball vs. Newport Central Catholic at Bardstown High School

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