Tiger Football rallies to defeat Male

Max Willinger (left) and Kyle Robinson (right) run off the field after a big stop | Photo by Megan Stearman (@saintxpics)

Max Willinger (left) and Kyle Robinson (right) run off the field after a big stop | Photo by Megan Stearman (@saintxpics)

One play can change the dynamics of a whole game. With the game starting to get out of hand, Male was leading 21-7, and the Tigers were on their heels. Desmond Ridder and company were running the two-minute drill to get one last scoring opportunity to keep the game close. The offense stepped up to the line on fourth down, Ridder threw a prayer downfield towards the end zone with 3.4 seconds remaining, and the ball was tipped and fell into the hands of Michael Meredith. 21-14 Male at the half.

The SportsCenter-esque play was the one that shifted the momentum for the rest of the game. The Tigers that came out of the locker room in the second half were a completely different team.

The Tiger Defense was challenged the whole game, but really stepped up in the second half. Led by Kyle Robinson and Max Willinger, who each had pivotal sacks, the Tigers’ D limited the lethal Male Offense to 101 yards in the second half.

The terrific play by the Defense gave the Tiger Offense just enough time to find their rhythm in the fourth quarter.

Owen Johnson knocked in a 23 yard field goal with 8:47 left in the fourth following a 13 play drive that was stalled by the Male Defense. But the Tigers were too close to victory to let it slip through their fingers.

Sam Taylor celebrates after one of his two touchdowns | Photo by @saintxpics

Sam Taylor celebrates after one of his two touchdowns | Photo by @saintxpics

Another big stop on Defense and a 20 yard punt return by Brewer Cahalan to the Male 41 yard line gave the rushing attack of Sam Taylor and Ridder a chance to get the lead. The Tigers were driving and got to the five yard line following a defensive pass interference. Taylor got the ball on the next play and was able to punch it in, capitalizing on his great offensive effort (108 yards, 2 touchdowns). The score was now 24-21 St.X.

With about two minutes left to play, Male punted the ball once more, and Ridder would then only need two plays to run in from 15 yards out. 31-21 Tigers.

Male made one last-ditch effort to keep the game alive, but the Tiger Secondary, after being knocked on all week, put some icing on the cake of their stellar game with Jake Taylor snagging the interception. Game. Set. Match. Tigers win 31-21 at Male, breaking their four game losing streak, and locking up the district title for the first time since 2009.

With this win, the Tigers will have the possibility of playing in three straight home games in the playoffs, their first road game would be in the semi-finals at the least.



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