Tigers Take on the Jungle

The varsity cross country team showed their talent today by placing first in the Rumble Through the Jungle meet. The team was led by junior Patrick Schaefer who placed fourth and was followed by sophomore Grady Shiftlet, sophomore Zach Larkin, junior Cooper Marchal, and junior Nick Poole who placed eighth, 10th, 13th, and 19th respectively. Also in the top twenty for varsity was junior Clay Meiers who placed 20th, junior Eric Portaro who placed 21st, and junior Johnny Vaughan who placed 23rd.

Varsity B  scored third in the meet which was led by Thomas Knepshield who placed sixteenth in the meet. Other scorers for the varsity B team include junior Joey Schrepferman, sophomore Will Perone, junior Seth Goodwin, and junior Sam Snawder.

The JV team placed third with sophomore Luke Buddeke, sophomore Brian Carrico, sophomore Zacb Weigel, freshman John Paul Stegman, and sophomore Paul Buechler placing fourth, 12th, 13th, 23rd, and 36th. Freshman Kaden Woo also placed 22nd for the JV Tigers B.

UP NEXT: Trinity Invitational @ Tom Sawyer State Park on Saturday 9/17

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