EXPYS Voting – Tuesday, August 2nd Update


2015 EXPYS


Best Breakthrough Athlete
Leader: Connor Holden (42%)
The Pack: Brewer Cahalan (18%), Joey Mackin (10%), and Trent Ennenbach (8%)
Breakdown: Connor Holden running away in the voting, leading 2nd by 203 votes. Cahalan leads over Mackin by 70 votes. Ennenbach trails by 14 votes.

Best Team 
The Leader: Baseball (41%)
The Pack: Cross Country (25%) , Swimming and Diving (14%) , and Lacrosse (6%)
Breakdown: Baseball still leads over Cross Country by 54 votes. Swimming and Diving trails 2nd by 34 votes. Lacrosse trailing by 28 votes.

Best Championship Performance 
The Leader: Connor Holden’s shutout in the state title game (47%)
The Pack: Sam Mudd and Cam Scheler’s back-to-back walk-offs (25%) , Cross Country places all seven of their runners in the top 11 finishers (10%), and Keefer Barnum breaks the 100 yard breaststroke state record (6%)
Breakdown: Connor Holden holds his second monster lead, this time by 148 votes. Cross country trails the Mudd-Scheler duo by 107 votes. Barnum trails 3rd by 26 votes.

Best Game 
The Leader: Mudd’s walk-off vs. West Jessamine (40%)
The Pack: Matthew Thomas winning the Dream Mile (23%), Basketball’s District Championship vs. Male (19%), and Football’s win over Bowling Green (4%)
Breakdown: Mudd’s walk-off stays steady, leading by 89 votes. Basketball’s District Championship trails Matthew Thomas by only 20 votes. The Bowling Green Game trails by 76 votes.

Tiger Pride Award 
The Leader: Baseball (30%)
The Pack: Cross Country (17%), Basketball (16%), and Swimming and Diving (7%)
Breakdown: Baseball still in control, leading Cross Country by 50 votes. Basketball has narrowed Cross Country’s lead for second, only trailing by 4 votes. Swimming and Diving trails by 35 votes.

Best Athlete 
The Leader: Connor McKim (28%)
The Pack: Matthew Thomas (23%), Adam Elliot (17%), Keefer Barnum (12%)
Breakdown: McKim keeps his lead over Thomas by 26 votes. Elliot trails by 32 votes and leads Barnum by 27 votes.

Best Coach 
The Leader: Coach Medley (32%)
The Pack: Coach Porta (26%) , Coach Larkin (17%) , and Coach Lancaster (9%)
Breakdown: After taking the lead last week, Coach Medley has now increased his lead to 19 votes. Larkin trails Porta by 29 votes. Coach Lancaster trails 3rd by 25 votes.

Remember to vote everyday. If you want your favorite athlete/team to win an EXPY, you need to keep voting. You can vote once per hour everyday, so do that. Happy Voting!

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