EXPYS Voting – Tuesday, July 26th Update


2015 EXPYS

The EXPYS have been open for two days now, and we are starting to see some of the early favorites in voting so far. Athletes and teams have already taken the lead in their respective categories and have tried to put space between those in the hunt.

As a reminder, every Tuesday and Friday we will be giving updates on the voting results. A brief breakdown of every category will be included, as well. Next week, more extensive rundowns will be given on each category, so make sure to check our site or Twitter for updates.

Also, we have been told that people are having trouble voting from their phones, so to fix that, we will be moving all of the voting to the home page for the 2016 EXPYS. The past winners will be moved to its own separate page under the 2016 EXPYS tab. This way, you will not have to switch between pages to vote for each category. I hope this adjustment solves the problem.

Now, here is our 1st Update for the 2016 EXPYS Awards!

Best Breakthrough Athlete
Leader: Connor Holden (41%)
The Pack: Joey Mackin (23%), Brewer Cahalan (18%), and Trent Ennenbach (4%)
Breakdown: Connor Holden takes a sizable lead after the first two days of voting, leading Mackin by 41 votes. Cahalan trails Mackin by 15 votes. Large gap vote gap after 3rd place, and the rest of the nominees.

Best Team 
The Leader: Baseball (46%)
The Pack: Cross Country (18%) , Golf (10%) , Swimming and Diving (7%) , and Lacrosse (7%)
Breakdown: Baseball controlling the polls early, with 2nd place trailing by over 20 votes. Golf is in the hunt for second, trailing by 7 votes.

Best Championship Performance 
The Leader: Connor Holden’s shutout in the state title game (48%)
The Pack: Sam Mudd and Cam Scheler’s back-to-back walk-offs (32%) , Keefer Barnum breaks the 100 yard breaststroke state record (6%) , Cross Country places all seven of their runners in the top 11 finishers (5%)
Breakdown: Connor Holden in the lead for his second Award, taking almost half of the votes. The joint performances of Mudd and Scheler are 27 votes back. The gap between 2nd place and Keefer Barnum’s breaststroke state record is over 40 votes.

Best Game 
The Leader: Mudd’s walk-off vs. West Jessamine (33%)
The Pack: Basketball’s District Championship vs. Male (25%), Matthew Thomas winning the Dream Mile (19%) , and Football’s win over Bowling Green (11%)
Breakdown: Mudd’s walk-off leads the District Championship vs. Male by only nine votes. Thomas winning the Dream Mile trails only by six votes, and then leads over the Bowling Green game by eight votes.

Tiger Pride Award 
The Leader: Baseball (33%)
The Pack: Basketball (16%), Football (11%) , and Cross Country (9%)
Breakdown: Baseball takes the lead in yet another category, ahead of Tiger Basketball by thirteen votes. Football trails in 3rd place only by four votes, and that gap lessens to two for Cross Country

Best Athlete 
The Leader: Connor McKim (30%)
The Pack: Matthew Thomas (17%), Adam Elliot (14%), Keefer Barnum (13%), and Caleb Grimes (13%)
Breakdown: Tiger Nation favorite Connor McKim jumps out to an early lead over Matthew Thomas by 20 votes. Elliot is behind by only four votes. Barnum and Grimes are tied, and they only trail Elliot by two votes.

Best Coach 
The Leader: Coach Porta (34%)
The Pack: Coach Medley (21%) , Coach Larkin (15%) , and Coach Lancaster (13%)
Breakdown: As of now, this is the tightest race for a 2016 EXPY Award. Porta only leads Medley by nine votes. The two-time reigning champion Larkin is in 3rd place by four votes. He leads Lancaster by a count of one vote.

Remember to vote everyday. If you want your favorite athlete/team to win an EXPY, you need to keep voting. You can vote once per hour everyday, so do that. Happy Voting!

Go Tigers!






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