2016 Tiger Football Position-by-Position Preview: Wide Receivers

Part seven of a ten part series previewing the Saint Xavier Football Tigers: Wide Receivers

Blake Roshkowski | Photo by Courier-Journal

Blake Roshkowski | Photo by Courier-Journal

Depth Chart 

Blake Roshkowski 5-10 195 Sr.
Max Masterson 5-11, 155 Sr.
Brewer Cahalan 5-7, 164 Sr.
Matt Smith 6-2, 165 Sr.
Addison Waddell 6-2, 178 Sr.
Daniel Turner 6-0, 158 Sr.
Michael Meredith 6-0, 185
James Bryant 5-10, 160 Sr.
Nathan Mosley 5-8, 174 Sr.
Jackson Thieneman 5-11, 145 Sr.

The Men

Blake Roshkowski, Max Masterson, and Brewer Cahalan


Chase Collins 6-1, 172 Sr.
Cameron Garrett 6-1, 166 Jr.
Ben Seger 5-7, 140 Jr.
Ben Mueller 6-3, 170 Jr.


The Wide Receiver group is taking a hit very early in the season this year. As some may already know, two-year returning starter Blake Roshkowski tore his ACL before the start of his lacrosse season. He is well on his way to recovery, and he should be cleared to play by the first game of the season. When we will see him in action, though, will be up to how he returns. He said if he needs to prove anything coming off of his injury is that, “I’m coming back stronger than before.” Yet, he knows the end game remains the same; in quoting Drizzy he said, “I have a really big team, and we want some really big rings.”

Other key contributors to the offense this year are going to be Max Masterson and Brewer Cahalan. Masterson was able to gain some experience last year after playing in the wake of injuries. He is arguably the fastest player on the team this year, making him a great option to stretch the field. Cahalan, on the other hand, is an absolute bulldog when he gets the ball. The first thing he said he thinks about when he gets the ball is, “that there’s no one that can stop me from getting to the barn.” He’ll prove that statement too. Despite his mighty 5’7″ frame, he is going to the lay the first hit on opposing defenders.

Other  seniors looking to lead the passing attack this year are going to be Matthew Smith and Addison Waddell. Smith is a big body who is going to provide mismatches to corners all year long. He runs crisp routes for his fellow senior Desmond Ridder, and you can always find him after practice fine tuning his route running even more. Waddell is another big body that has the best hands on the team. Look for him to be a great contributor in red zone situations.

Lastly, a trio of junior receivers are looking to contribute this year. Cameron Garrett, Ben Mueller, and Ben Seger all will be fighting for playing time this year. They should all be names to remember when looking for people to impact the offensive side of the ball for the next two years.

With so much potential firepower, the return of Roshkowski will only further boost the playmaking abilities of this group. This senior led group and trio of juniors know how important they are to helping the team win its first title since 2009. With this in mind, they are ready to step up to the challenge with open arms. It’ll be fun to watch how Coach Nurnberg will utilize this group.

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