2016 Tiger Football Position-by-Position Preview: Secondary

Part six in a ten part series previewing the 2016 St. Xavier Football Tigers: Secondary


Jacob Stofer tackles the Trinity ball carrier | Photo by Varsity Views

Depth Chart

Jake Taylor 5-8, 154 Sr.

James Myers 5-10, 150 Sr.

Owen Weis 6-0, 155 Sr.

Jacob Stofer 5-8, 157 Sr.

Logan Houk 6-1, 160 Sr.

Nic Malubay 5-7, 160 Sr.

The Man

Jake Taylor


Austin Eisert 5-9, 155 Sr.

Ryan Neutz 5-9, 160 Sr.


The secondary is going to be quite the interesting mix of personas this year. Returning starter Jake Taylor is poised to lead the group. Taylor is an absolutely tenacious defender, one capable of making a play on every single down. With a great blend of speed and agility, Taylor is going to be able to lock down opposing receivers all year.Look for a big year from Taylor. On the opposite side of the field will be Owen Weis. Weis also played a rotational role as a junior, and he was able to fill in tremendously when he was needed. Look for him to be a breakout player this year for the Tiger Defense.

Jacob Stofer is going to be another vital part of the secondary this year. Stofer was able to play a lot as a Junior and will look to take sole control of a starting role in Coach Bruner’s Defense this year. He has great instincts and a nose for the ball, as he is always the first one to make contact with the ball carrier. His greatest attribute is that he is extremely tough. Last year, he broke his arm in the regular season Trinity game. He continued to play the whole second half with a broken arm, giving his all every play. If this doesn’t say enough about Stofer’s toughness and play, I’m not sure what else will.

Perhaps the most interesting player to keep tabs on will be converted Wide Receiver Austin Eisert. Eisert was quite the playmaker on the offensive side of the ball, so it will definitely be interesting to see how his skill set translates on Defense. He is arguably the fastest and shiftiest player on the team, and with a sure set of hands on him, he has ball-hawk written all over him.

Coach Bart Bruner has his work cut out for him with the Tiger Secondary. Most of the players have game experience under Bruner, and they are all hungry to make a name for themselves this year. If the Tiger Secondary has good, consistent play every game, look for them to push the team into a deep playoff run.

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