2016 Tiger Football Position-by-Position Preview: Runningbacks

Part five of a ten part series 2016 St. Xavier Football Tigers: Running Backs


sam wstx

Sam Taylor runs the ball against Butler | Photo by Varsity Views 

Depth Chart

Sam Taylor 5-10, 190 Sr.

Mack Blincoe 5-10, 190 Sr.

Dalton Gillespie 5-8, 175 Sr.

Michael Smith 5-9, 199 Sr.

The Man

Sam Taylor


Brett Metzmeier 5-11, 166 Jr.

Will Ginter 5-5, 140 Jr.

Jack Varga 5-10, 200 So.


The running game will be a focal part of the Tiger Offensive attack this year. The backfield will return both of its starters in tailback Sam Taylor and fullback Mack Blincoe. Both stepped up last year and filled major roles for the team.

Sam Taylor will be the featured rusher this year for the Tiger Offense. Taylor is an absolute bruiser when he gets the ball, but has a nice blend of speed as well. Taylor will chip off 15 yard runs like its nothing, and he is a wildcard to get the endzone on every single play. The greatest part of his game, however, comes off the field. His motor and work ethic are phenomenal. He is constantly asking his coaches what he can do to get better, and the results are going to pay off big time.

Fullback is never a glorious position to play, but Mack Blincoe has filled the role with a great attitude. Blincoe will lay the wood  every play to open up running lanes for Taylor and to protect Ridder from the pass rush. He is never going to be the one to back away from a hit, or from a bigger defender. Hey, who knows, maybe he will be given the ball this year… maybe.

Juniors Brett Metzmeier and Will Ginter are expected to share the workload with Taylor this year. Metzmeier plays very similar to Taylor. He is an all round talented tailback with a good combination of size, strength, and speed. Ginter, on the other hand, is one of the fastest kids on the team. Expect to see him playing when the offense needs a faster pace.

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