2016 Tiger Football Position-by-Position Preview: Offensive Line

Part three in a ten part series previewing the 2016 St. Xavier Football Tigers: Offensive Line 


GJ Wellinghurst (#70) takes on a Male defender | Photo by Sweet Spot Photos


Depth Chart

GJ Wellinghurst 6-3. 250 Sr.

Joe Lyons 6-0, 240 Sr.

Graham Summers 6-0, 254 Sr.

Andrew Eberle 6-3, 228 Sr.

Wyatt Smock 6-3, 260 Jr.

The Man 

Joe Lyons


Chase Farris 6-4, 317 Jr.


The Offensive Line is a group that a team can ride or die on. Without a solid O-Line, the offense is done for. Thankfully for the Tiger Offense, there is absolutely no need to worry about our Offensive Line.

Anchoring the big boys out front will be returning starter Joe Lyons. As a junior, Lyons proved that he could handle the varsity caliber defenses after making the jump from JV, and he performed outstandingly. Out of the linemen listed, Joe is the smallest, but there is a reason his talent is one to be reckoned with. He has great speed, technique, strength, and high IQ.

The other leading senior will be GJ Wellinghurst. Wellinghurst was able to provide valuable rotational minutes at Left Tackle last season. He performed well in protecting Ridder’s blind side last year. From a leadership standpoint, Wellinghurst will take charge for this group, as he is known for his, let’s say, “loud and proud” attitude. Here are his expectations for the group:

“I want us to be the most intense, physically dominant, and unrelenting group on the field every game. I want us to be able to wear down all of our opponents so that by the time the third or fourth quarter rolls around, we can dominate the line of scrimmage and help lead our team to victory.”

Juniors Wyatt Smock and Chase Farris are also looking to play major roles this year. As a sophomore, Smock was a rotational player at the guard spots. He is a big body, but he can flat-out move. If you see Smock on the move, be ready for a BIG hit, because he is looking to take some names. On a sidenote, Smock is also a gifted athlete and if you haven’t seen a 250+ guy do an impressive dive –  Yes, this excludes bellyflops and cannonballs – then check this out:  https://twitter.com/wolf6769/status/752952018692603904 . Chase Farris on the other hand is absolutely huge. His size alone is something to be intimidated by, and if his play on the field can be just as big, look for a big year from him.

Next up: Defensive Line 

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