2016 Tiger Football Position-by-Position Preview: Linebackers

Part two in a ten part series previewing the 2016 St. Xavier Football Tigers: Linebackers

Tiger Football defense

Jack Kronk (#55) and The Tiger Defense swarm around the Manual ball carrier. | Photo by Courier-Journal

Depth Chart .

Jack Daly 5-11, 200 Sr.

Jack Kronk 5-9, 196 Sr.

Sam Dedich 6-1, 191 Sr.

Chandler Simpson 5-11, 156 Sr

Ian Bentz 5-10, 182 Sr.

Braidon Washburn 5-10, 178 Sr.  

The Men 

Jack Kronk & Jack Daly


Doug Shaffner 5-11, 172 Jr.


The Tiger Linebacker Corps will feel the loss of Logan Butler to graduation. As the anchor of the defense and arguably one of the best linebackers in the state, Butler made his presence heard to opposing offenses. However, there are a few players that are ready to make the jump into the spotlight this year at the linebacker position.

Rising Senior Jack Daly will be filling in the shoes of Logan Butler at Inside Linebacker. Daly provided valuable play last year for the defense and looks to expand his workload even more. Daly has a great sense of vision, which will be pivotal to his success as a run stopper this year. Along with his vision, Daly is extremely aggressive; he contributed over 50 tackles last year, two sacks, and two forced fumbles.

Playing alongside Daly will be another Jack. Jack Kronk will be a great contributor once more for the Tiger Defense after playing a major role as a junior. Kronk is  undersized, but do not let that fool you. He is the epitome of, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” Kronk is deceptively strong and if you aren’t paying attention, he will gladly ring your bell.

Other possible players to keep tabs on will be junior Doug Shaffner and senior Braidon Washburn. Both of these players are absolute beasts. Shaffner is ready to rumble under the lights on Friday nights. He is a great athlete and will prove to be very versatile in Coach Bart Bruner’s defense. Washburn on the other side is arguably the best athlete on the 2016 Tiger Football team. Washburn has been moved around the field, but hopes to find his home in the linebacker corps. Every cliché in the book can be said about his toughness, and his grit on the football field. Although he may get ahead of himself sometimes and get caught up with his emotions on the field, if you’re picking someone to battle with, Braidon Washburn is your pick.

The Linebacker group is extremely excited to make a name for themselves this year after looking up to Logan Butler last season. They are poised for a great year and will have to be if the team wants to be successful. Look out for big play from this group this year.

Go Tigers!

Next up: Offensive Line 

Part One: Quarterbacks


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