Tiger Baseball vs. Greenup County – GAME THREAD

We’re live at Whitaker Bank Ballpark as Tiger Baseball is about to take on #1 Greenup County in the first round of the Rawlings/KHSAA State Baseball Tournament. We will be updating this thread as the Tigers look to advance to the 2nd round. First pitch is scheduled for 6:00.


Top 1st – Stephen Mitchell opens the game up with a double. Casey Simon hits an RBI triple to bring in Mitchell. Elliott brings in Simon with a groundout to 2nd. Tigers end up leaving the bases loaded.

2-0 Tigers

Bottom 1st – Greenup County goes down in order

Top 2nd – St. X also goes 3 up, 3 down

B2 – Greenup County scored off a sac fly with a runner on 3rd. Leaves a runner on 2nd.

2-1 Tigers

T3 – Elliott walks to first to start the inning. Mitchell is also walked. Hedge’s bunt goes right back to the pitcher, and Elliott is thrown out at 3rd.

Dedas hits it to the shortstop, but Greenup County isn’t able to pull of the double play which scores Nick Nelson from 3rd.

3-1 Tigers

B3 – Two straight batters hit the ball right to Fischer for easy outs. 3rd batter is hit by a pitch and advances to 1st. Next batter hits a line drive to 2nd which bounces off Fischer’s glove and lands next to 2nd base. End of inning.

T4 – 3 up, 3 down for the Tigers

B4 – Stephen Mitchell produces another great catch in deep left field. Musketeers go down in order.

Still 3-1 Tigers

T5 – Elliott crushes the ball to deep right center as it bounces off the wall for a triple. Nick Nelson brings Elliott home and advances to 2nd due to a fielding error!

4-1 Tigers

B5 – DH Joey Evans hits a one-out single. Greene gets on base as Evan’s pinch hitter, Hill, is out at 2nd. Gammon strikes out swinging to end the inning.

T6 – Very short inning as the Tigers quickly go down in order.

B6 – Greenup County gets a run off a pretty wacky play. Hunt for GC hit the ball down the first base line, and the ball ended up in the GC bullpen and behind a tarp. Mudd for St. X put his hands up to stop the play, but the umps didn’t call it. Hunt quickly rounded the bases and scored.

4-2 Tigers

T7 – St. X once again goes down in order. Tigers are 3 outs away from advancing to the 2nd round

B7 – 1st batter lines out to Porta at 2nd. Fischer walks the 2nd batter. Double play for the Tigers ends the game!


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