Tonight is the NFL Draft! Who played in the league from St. X?

We have posted this before, but in honor of this weekend’s NFL Draft I have put a list together of the Saint Xavier football players who have played in the NFL. The years next to the player’s name are the years they played in the NFL.

Bernard Crimmins (G) – 1945 – Notre Dame. He played one year in the AFL at the age of 26 and scored one touchdown. From 1952 to 1956, Crimmins served as the head football coach at Indiana University Bloomington and was later inducted into the Indiana Football Hall of Fame.

Robert Talamini (G/OG) – 1960-1968 – University of Kentucky. He played 8 years for the Houstan Texans and his last year in the AFL with the New York Jets. Talamini was a part of the New York Jet’s Super Bowl victory and started against the Ravens in their win in Super Bowl III.

Samuel Gruneisen (C/G/LB/OG) – 1962-1973 – Villanova University. He played for the San Diego Chargers. After completing his tenure in professional football, Gruneisen coached at several levels of the sport.

Maurice Moorman (OG) – 1968-1973 – University of Kentucky and Texas A&M. He played for the Kansas City Chiefs during the early days of the NFL. After winning the American Football League Championship with the Chiefs in 1969, he started for them in their victory over the National Football League Minnesota Vikings in the fourth and last AFL-NFL World Championship Game.

Dicky Lyons (S) – 1970 – University of Kentucky. He was drafted in the 4th round (103rd overall) by the Atlanta Falcons. He is the father of former Kentucky and NFL wide receiver Dicky Lyons, Jr.

Kevin Lamar (OG) – 1987 – Stanford University. He played one year in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills. Kevin was a part of “The Play” when California ran back a kickoff to win the game and the Stanford band famously ran on to the field before the game ended. Lamar, a Stanford player who was in on the tackle, says that Garner’s knee had hit the turf while he was still in possession of the ball, but the play was ruled a touchdown.

Christopher Sedoris (C) – 1996 – Purdue University. He played his single year with the Washington Redskins.

Will Wolford (OG/OT) – 1986-1998 – Vanderbilt University. He was the Bills’ first-round pick in the 1986 NFL Draft, and played for them from 1986–1992, including AFC championships (and Super Bowl losses) in his last three years in Buffalo. Wolford signed as a free agent with the Colts in 1993, and finally joined the Steelers from 1996-98. He was named to the AFC Pro Bowl roster in 1990, 1992, and 1995. This upcoming season he will return to his alma mater and lead the Saint X football team onto the field as the head coach.

Bernard Jackson (DE) – 2002 – University of Tennessee. He played for the Washington Redskins at age 22. He not only played football but was a center in basketball and won state titles in discus and shot put. In 1998, Jackson was a part of Tennessee’s National Championship.

Joe Tronzo (FB) – 2010-2011 – University of Louisville. Joe played primarily on the practice squad for the Cincinnati Bengals and Tennessee Titans over 2 years.

All of these players were fortunate enough to continue to play a sport they love and even after they graduated from Saint Xavier they made us proud.

Go Tigers!


*If we left any names off the list, we apologize. Let us know, and we will be sure to add them!*

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  1. I remember seeing Bernard Jackson play in ’97 when I was in 5th grade, and I would have to say that he is by far the best player I have seen come through the doors at Tiger Tech.

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