Coach Bryan Just writes about Connor McKim

Connor McKim | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Connor McKim | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

The Tiger Basketball season ended Tuesday night vs. Trinity and with that it meant senior Connor McKim had played his last game in the green and gold. To say goodbye, Coach Bryan Just wrote the below passage on Twitter about Connor McKim.

“The thing that makes me sick to my stomach for Connor McKim, is that he stays silent. His game is one of the loudest the seventh region has seen in a long time, but off the court, you wouldn’t have any idea what this kid is capable of. I’m really sorry if you are just now learning about the talent this St. X student brought to the basketball court. And since McKim didn’t get the full recognition he earned over the past three months, I’m doing my own article on him now.

Meet Connor McKim. A “silent assassin”. A guy that doesn’t need the spotlight. An absolute pleasure to watch if you’re a fan of the player that truly let’s his game do the talking. McKim doesn’t talk trash. He doesn’t really talk at all. But for his teammates that have been playing with him for four years, he’s a leader through action, an ideal teammate, and a best friend. I got the unbelievable opportunity to coach Connor for 2 years, and I wouldn’t feel right leaving this out. Connor deserves everything positive this game has to offer. I received countless texts from him, late at night on the weekend, asking questions about film and scouting. He’s the definition of a student of the game. He is passionate. He’s mature beyond his age. He does everything that will never show up in the score book while the lights are off, and delivers every time the lights come on. He doesn’t boast or brag when he plays well, and he doesn’t hang his head or sulk when he’s playing bad. He’s just solid. He’s tough. He’s a coach’s dream.

While you may have been keeping up with other teams in the 6th and 7th region, Connor was leading St. X to wins over them. Down went #3 Trinity, #6 Bullitt East, #13 Ballard, #12 Fern Creek, and #8 Male (with McKim scoring 31, 26, 19, 36 and 34 respectively in those games). In the 20 games played in 2016, he averaged 27.7 ppg, and scored 30 or more in the last four games of his high school career. In this season alone, #5 accounted for 788 total points, 75 made threes, and 199 made free throws. His efficiency was off the charts. He finished the season shooting 50% from the field, 41% from deep, and 84% from the stripe. He is the first St. X Regional Player of the Year since 1970, and ended up 14th in the state in scoring. If you get bored, go compare stats and wins he had this year to the other Mr. Basketball candidates. And if you find out how this kid didn’t make any of those lists, let me know, because I still can’t figure it out. Connor McKim had a very special senior year, and it didn’t take a basketball guru to notice.

Lastly, what Connor McKim did this season was bigger than a game. He was a leader on the team that restored belief in St. X basketball. He brought excitement, electricity, and hype into this program. He brought unity to both current and past students, as well as anyone surrounding the school or program. “He will never even realize how many people he impacted this year,” said Coach Keven Klein. Connor, you did something that most people won’t even realize until years from now. You did it without the hype or recognition you deserved, but I’m thinking you might have actually preferred it that way. On behalf of the thousands of people that got to watch you this year, thank you for taking me on that ride with you”

Thank you Connor!

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  1. Connor is a true Christian young man with a GOD given talent to play and excel on the basketball court. He is very humble and as you’ve said quiet. He plays for the shear joy of the game and what it gives to the fans, NOT for any personal recognition or glory. Any College would be blessed to have him join thier team for the next four years.
    I am privileged to know Connor personally, as he dates my granddaughter Blaire. He truely is a very very special young man.

    • I’m Connor’s grandmother and after finally composing myself after reading this article I read your reply and I’m crying again….Connor is quiet and I didn’t know if other people saw what I knew of how great a kid and how good a person he is. Thank you.

  2. Connor also has made the “Principal’s List” with all A’s for the first two quarters of this school year. So proud of him.

  3. I was lucky enough to watch this young man play!!! And all I can say is WOW! What a great young man and I know he will do great things on and off the court!๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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