If the District 26 tournament began today

District 26 postseason

If the District 26 tournament began today, the above bracket would take place. With only St. X and Brown left to play each other, the bracket will most likely end up like this. If Brown defeated St. X, Collegiate, St. X and Brown would fall into a three way tie for 2nd place. The tie would be broken by the last Litkenhous Ratings of the regular season. More than likely, St. X would win the tie breaker, as they are currently in 5th in the Region 7 Litkenhous Ratings at 89.5 points. Collegiate is in 14th with 44.9 points, and Brown is in 16th with 27.9 points. So, the above brackets is very likely to be played out the way it is now.

An intriguing matchup would of course be a possible Male-St. X rematch in the District 26 Championship. Male won on a miracle in the first meeting last week and with the game impacting seeding in the Region 7 Tournament, that could be a great showdown at St. X.

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