Making a Statement

The Tiger Defense swarms around the Manual ball carrier. | Photo by Courier-Journal

The Tiger Defense swarms around the Manual ball carrier. | Photo by Courier-Journal

Coming into year three of the Wolford Era, so many question marks were up for discussion, but now seven games in, we see that the program is headed in the right direction. A 5-2 record sits next to the Tigers’ name in the win-loss column, which is quite impressive. One hiccup against Central and a hard fought loss in a rainy affair with Trinity is all that stands between St. X and an undefeated record. Who predicted that before the season?

Although we haven’t called Manual Stadium home since 2006, we still own it. For the 22nd straight year, Manual hasn’t beaten St. Xavier. Read that again. That was an important win for the Tigers in multiple ways, but most importantly it kept Manual as the Wanna-Be-Tigers for yet another year. Another big thing that came from that game was the style of tough football that was played by the Tigers, bouncing back from what could have been a demoralizing Trinity loss.

This week gives St. X the opportunity to make a big statement. Male is undefeated and has one of the best team’s they have had since the Michael Bush days. They’re nationally ranked and a summertime 7 on 7 national champion team. One thing that has always differentiated the programs that will face off on Friday is the TEAM. Male has some studs, but St. Xavier always has a TEAM. Another factor that could be in the Tigers’ favor? Home field advantage. Tiger Football has defeated Male four out of the five times they’ve hosted the Bulldogs at Br. Thomas More Stadium since its opening in 2007.

Fall break gives the Tigers a more proffesional approach to the week because they will only have to focus on one thing, beating Male. No school for St. X on Thursday and Friday means they will be able to rest up and have their mind completely on football the whole second half of this week. Male has all those girls and friends telling them how great they are and how they’re going to beat St. X, while our guys will be practicing and getting a couple of good lifts during the day and watching endless amounts of film.

Those are some pros of Fall break, but let’s not make the Rage Cage a con. Yes, a lot of you have been planning vacations and such for this upcoming weekend, but keep your plans open Friday night at 7:30 PM and make your way back to campus for about 3 hours. That’s all.

This would be the biggest win in the Wolford Era no doubt, so let’s go make it happen and give this program a shot of energy heading into the playoffs and dream of December nights in Bowling Green.

Roll Tigers.

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