Weight Room is almost finished!

Photo from Facebook.com

Renovations almost complete on Mueller Weight Room at Tiger Tech | @stxstrength

The Mueller Weight Room Renovations are nearing completion and the picture above posted by Coach Tronzo on Instagram has to get you excited and ready to run down the stairs and get working out right now! The newest addition to this picture is the sneak peak at the motivational quotes wrapping around the weight room. I can’t even read all of the quote, but it already has me running through walls again.

Running through walls gif

The renovations have been ongoing since about mid-May and are now almost over meaning the Tiger Athletes are close to getting back in there for work outs. The garage is nice, but just look at all those fun new toys to play work out with.

At some time this year, we’ll go old school and give you an MTV Cribs run through of the new workout space, so look forward to that. We’ll take suggestions on who should give us the grand tour. This is looking like it will be one of the nicest facilities in the state which is on par with every other part of the St. Xavier campus. The Best for the Best.


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