EXPYS Voting – Wednesday, July 1st Update

2015 EXPYS

The EXPYs have been public for five days now. Since then, athletes have taken the lead in their respective categories and teams have tried to put space between the others in the Tiger Pride Award and the Best Team category.

Every Sunday and Wednesday, we will update you on the voting and give you a brief rundown on the category.

With out further a due, here is the Wednesday, July 1st update.

Tiger Pride Award
Leader: Tiger Football (20%)
The Pack: Tiger Baseball (11%), Tiger Soccer (10%) and Tiger Swimming and Diving (10%)
Breakdown: Tiger Football is up by 40 votes on Tiger Baseball. Tiger Baseball leads that pack, but is only up by 2 votes on Tiger Soccer and 3 votes on Tiger Swimming and Diving.

Best Athlete
Leader: Klayton Grimes (24%)
The Pack: Nathan Haddad (15%), Keaton Byrd (11%) and J.D. Mundt (11%)
Breakdown: Grimes takes the lead. Grimes has had a strong push these last couple of days, as he leads Haddad by 77 votes. Haddad sits comfortably in 2nd, as he leads Byrd by 44 votes.

Best Team
Frontrunner: Tiger Lacrosse (28%)
The Pack: Tiger Swimming and Diving (27%), Tiger Golf (13%) and Tiger Tennis (10%)
Breakdown: Tiger Lacrosse is still in the lead, but they only lead Tiger Swimming and Diving by one vote now. Tiger Golf is 15 votes off the lead.

Best Coach
Leader: Coach Larkin (35%)
The Pack: Coach Saylor (15%), Coach Gold (12%) and Coach Lancaster (12%)
Breakdown: Coach Larkin still leads as the Best Coach, as he is up by 71 votes. Coach Gold and Coach Lancaster are tied and down eight votes to Coach Saylor.

Best Game
Leader: Tiger Football vs. Trinity, Regular Season (41%)
The Pack: Tiger Soccer vs. Male, District Championship (10%), Tiger Baseball vs. Central Hardin, Regular Season (Adam Elliott Perfect Game) (9%) and Tiger Cross Country’s performance at the Lexington Catholic Invitational (8%).
Breakdown: The Tiger Football gave vs. Trinity remains in the lead, but their lead has shrunk a little. Tiger Cross Country’s performance at the Lexington Catholic Invitational jumps into the top four and is up by 1 vote over the Tiger Lacrosse vs. Trinity, KSLL State Semifinals.

Best Championship Performance
Leader: Jake Glass winning the Shot Put State Championship (32%)
The Pack: Tiger Track and Field’s 4×800 Relay Team setting a new school and state record, while winning the state championship (16%), Tiger Rugby defeating Trinity 26-0 to win the 2015 KY Rugby State Championship (9%) and Tiger Lacrosse defeating KCD to win the 2015 KSLL State Championship (9%).
Breakdown: Glass continues to extend his lead, and Tiger Track’s 4×800 meter relay team’s state record performance is extending its lead on 3rd place. Tiger Rugby’s win over Trinity in the State Championship jumped to 3rd, hopping over Tiger Lacrosse and Tiger Swimming and Diving.

Breakthrough Athlete of the Year
Leader: Logan Butler (20%)
The Pack: Konner Kraeszig (16%), Keefer Barnum (15%) and Adam Elliott (9%)
Breakdown: Butler remains in the lead, but Konner Kraezig is now moving in closely. Kraezig is 31 votes behind Butler. Kraezig jumped over Barnum this week and is up by 4 votes on Barnum.

Remember to vote everyday. If you want your favorite athlete/team to win an EXPY, you need to keep voting. You can vote once per hour everyday, so do that. Happy Voting!

Go Tigers!

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