EXPYS Voting – Monday, June 29th Update

2015 EXPYS

The EXPYs have been public for five days now. Since then, athletes have taken the lead in their respective categories and teams have tried to put space between the others in the Tiger Pride Award and the Best Team category.

Sorry for the delay in the voting update. From now on every Sunday and Wednesday, we will update you on the voting and give you a brief rundown on the category.

With out further a due, here is the Sunday, June 28th update.

Tiger Pride Award
Leader: Tiger Football – 24%
The Pack: Tiger Baseball (11%), Tiger Swimming and Diving (10%) and Tiger Soccer (9%)
Breakdown: Tiger Football has jumped out to an early lead. No surprise there if you see the views they bring to the site. They have a large fan base, and it’s showing early on in the voting. Tiger Baseball, Swimming and Diving and Soccer are within five votes of each, and it’s a very tight race. Tiger Baseball has brought there team to relevance. Tiger Swimming and Diving has won 27 straight State Championships. Tiger Soccer, like Football, has a large fan base, and the votes show that.

Best Athlete
Leader: Nathan Haddad (18%)
The Pack: Klayton Grimes (16%), J.D. Mundt (12%) and Keaton Byrd (11%)
Breakdown: Haddad has had the lead from the early going, and he still keeps the lead. He has a 9 vote lead over Grimes currently. We have gotten word that the Grimes camp have been campaigning hard, and we strongly encourage more of that. Mundt and Byrd are both strong competitors that could make a run for the title these next couple of weeks.

Best Team
Frontrunner: Tiger Lacrosse (29%)
The Pack: Tiger Swimming and Diving (26%), Tiger Golf (15%) and Tiger Tennis (9%)
Breakdown: Tiger Lacrosse is another one of those sports that has a large fan base, and it doesn’t hurt that they were pretty good on the field too. They won their 2nd straight state title this past season, and they showed their control over the state once again. Tiger Swimming and Diving are sitting in a close 2nd, like 3 votes close. This could be exciting battle between the two. It’s pretty hard to bet against Tiger Swimming and Diving’s 27 straight state championships though.

Best Coach
Leader: Coach Larkin (36%)
The Pack: Coach Utley (14%), Coach Gold (14%) and Coach Lancaster (12%)
Breakdown: Coach Larking has a very strong lead right now, as he leads by 70 votes. Tough to disagree with that. Coach Utley and Coach Gold are currently tied, and Coach Lancaster sits 6 votes back from them. Coach Larking has a strong grip on the lead now; it will be interesting to see if that changes in the upcoming weeks.

Best Game
Leader: Tiger Football vs. Trinity, Regular Season (45%)
The Pack: Tiger Soccer vs. Male, District Championship (8%), Tiger Baseball vs. Central Hardin, Regular Season (Adam Elliott Perfect Game) (8%) and Tiger Lacrosse vs. Trinity, KSLL State Semifinals (7%)
Breakdown: It’s really tough to argue with the voters on this one. Tiger Football produced a great game when they defeated Trinity in the regular season. Leading by over 120 votes, they look to win this category. Tiger Soccer, Baseball and Lacrosse’s fan bases better step it up if they want to win this thing. Smart Money would definitely be on Tiger Football repeating in this category.

Best Championship Performance
Leader: Jake Glass winning the Shot Put State Championship (30%)
The Pack: Tiger Track and Field’s 4×800 Relay Team setting a new school and state record, while winning the state championship (15%), Tiger Lacrosse defeating KCD to win the 2015 KSLL State Championship (9%) and Tiger Swimming and Diving winning their 27th consecutive team state championship (9%)
Breakdown: Jake Glass has jumped out to an early lead on his other Track brothers. Glass currently leads by 61 votes and doesn’t look to be slowing down. In 2nd place, Tiger Track and Field’s 4×800 meter relay team breaking the state record is sitting comfortably. Tiger Lacrosse’s state championship romp against KCD and Tiger Swimming and Diving’s 27th straight state championship are close together in 3rd and 4th.

Breakthrough Athlete of the Year
Leader: Logan Butler (21%)
The Pack: Keefer Barnum (18%), Konner Kraeszig (18%) and Adam Elliott (10%)
Breakdown: Logan Butler has also jumped out to an early lead. Barnum looked to be in the lead early, but Butler has since taken over. Barnum and Kraezig are within a couple of votes of each other. All three still have the potential to move up and chase down Butler for the title of Breakthrough Athlete of the Year. Anything can happen in a couple of weeks.

Remember to vote everyday. If you want your favorite athlete/team to win an EXPY, you need to keep voting. You can vote once per hour everyday, so do that. Happy Voting!

Go Tigers!

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