Thank you, Jacob Hayslip

Thank you, Jacob.

As the 2015 school year winds to a close, we remember all the great memories made by this senior class in the world of sports. The football team defeated Trinity in their yearly meeting at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Making this the first time they defeated them at the varsity level in 7 games. The golf team captured their first state championship since 2009 and also after falling just short the past two years. The swimming and diving team captured their 26th straight state championship, continuing their dominance in the pool. The powerlifting team also captured the state title. Now all the spring sports teams are in full swing and each team has a chance to make a name for themselves and add more state championships to our two already captured this year. There is one common thread between all these teams. Jacob Hayslip.

Jacob has been the face of WSTX sports and The Xavier News this year, as well as producing the WSTX morning news, and being the basketball team’s manager. Jacob has taken thousands of pictures of every single sports team, and every single player wants one of them. He has spent countless hours writing posts for this great website, and had a few sleepless nights trying to get everything else done in his crazy life. He truly deserves a huge thank you from Tiger Nation. He put the team on his back, covering the football and basketball games with expert analysis skills. He goes on the news with such confidence and really knows what he is talking about, no matter the sport. Jacob Hayslip has been there from day one. He started writing for the web site as a sophomore, and has carried this website through thick and thin. He has done so much for this school, and it would take me a lot more than a thousand or so words to say so.

If you want to know what kind of kid he is, go and look at his Instagram (JHAYS96). Instagram is a social media app that allows kids to share pictures, usually of themselves. Not Jacob. Most of his posts do not even feature him in the picture, they are all of the various athletes that go to St. X. He posts pictures of them and pumps them up, letting everyone know what they have been doing on the field. This is a completely selfless act done by Jacob, and is something that may go unnoticed by the majority of people, but I notice it.

Jacob comes to so many sporting events, I am surprised they haven’t gotten him a permanent sideline pass and a reserved chair there. He comes to away games too. I always see him at the lacrosse games with his camera. He takes pictures of everyone, showing each player in at least one. He captures the true journalist action shots as well as the fun and creative pictures that all kids like. He is out there with all the teams and he feels like a part of our team. Just the simple task of taking pictures and upload them means so much to the players. He really knows how to keep us happy. He has sacrificed so much of his free time to come to these games that it is unreal. He also takes many AP classes and still gets that work done. He amazes me every day when I see him at school smiling away and always happy, no matter how much sleep he got the day before.

Jacob, I know that we cannot repay you for all that you have done, especially in time, no way we can give you all that time back, but thank you. You have truly been a great role model in this school, and a clear leader by example. I look up to you because I know that if Jacob can manage his tight schedule, then I can too. You left some very, very big shoes to fill; they may never be totally filled. You continued the great legacy that Clay Bollinger left behind, and I never thought it was possible, but you did. I speak for all of the students in the school when I say thank you. Thank you, Jacob.

Phillip Freeman


Thank you, Jacob.

Jacob, what you have done with WSTX Sports over the last year has been amazing. You have brought coverage like no other to St. X athletics and have made it top of the line. When my brother graduated, I didn’t know if WSTX Sports would continue or what the future of it would be. You stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park.

Like Phillip said, the amount of time you have spent on the web site and twitter accounts is astonishing. The articles and features you have written and brought to the site have been of the best quality. The great thing is that you have spread the love around. You don’t care if it is volleyball, rugby or basketball, you are there. You take pictures for all of these sports, and you make sure that they get their fair share of coverage. As you said in post earlier this year, you aren’t going to be a journalist, but you do this because you love St. X spots. I don’t think I can name a person who loves it as much as you. You spend every day with St. X sports, and it has become a part of your lifestyle.

You technically were only a part of the Basketball team as a manager, but you ended up being a part of every team at this school by senior year. Every member of every sports team knows that you are the man behind the operation. You were able to celebrate state championships because you were with the team every step of the way.

Thank you for all of the work you put into this and thank you for paving the way for future members of WSTX Sports. You enter the line of Clay Bollinger and Evan Shaheen, and it was such an honor working under you this year and working with you the past two years.

Thank you for showing me how to do this job at such a high level. You may be graduating today, but you will always be a part of the St. X and WSTX Sports community. We still might not be “real” media, but you got the job done. You’re the best and go do work at WKU!

Cole Bollinger

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  1. From a dad, and a St. X. alum and fan, you are the best, Jacob!

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