Tiger Lacrosse destroys Collegiate

Blake Roshkowski | Photo by Varsity Views Louisville

Blake Roshkowski | Photo by Varsity Views Louisville

For most students at St. X, spring break was time for relaxation and no worries. The lacrosse team is not like most St. X students. During the week long hiatus from school, the Tiger lacrosse squad drove the 10 hour trip up to Virginia beach where they faced some of the best competition in the country. This trip proved to be a huge help in Wednesday night’s big district matchup against Collegiate, where the Tigers faced an interesting Titans team that had knocked off Trinity the week after spring break.

After all of the build-up for the match against Collegiate, the Tigers ended up winning by a score of 15-2.

Though the game was not even close to the thrilling ride many were expecting, it did prove many things.

1.) The spring break trip really, really helps. The lacrosse team makes the long trek up to Virginia every year, and always comes back a completely different team. Every move out on the field seems more polished and confident. Trinity, who usually makes a trip somewhere, decided not to this year, and felt the effects in their loss to a team who the Tigers destroyed 15-2 Wednesday night. I think the scores speaks for themselves.

2.) Our faceoff combo is fantastic. Wednesday’s night, the Tigers did not lose a single faceoff the entire game. Alex Cherry got the start, but Coleman Webb took a major chunk of the work as well. The two proved to be unstoppable in a vital area of the game. Their success was a major factor in the win Wednesday night, and it’s exciting to see what they will do in the postseason.

3.) Our Attack is fun to watch, and works well together. In Wednesday night’s beat-down, the one man show of Will Edwards driving to the middle was in full effect. Edwards quickly picked up four goals in the game. Leland Gray worked on the edge of the crease, picking up feeds from Roppel, and finishing with five goals on the night. Roppel finished with two goals and a myriad of assists on the night. Each Attackman has their own style, yet they’ve somehow managed to make it work together and put up goals in bulk.

With only two regular season games left for the lacrosse team, the end is quickly approaching. The season is finally starting to pan out, and what we are finding looks pretty good. The Tigers play Cinci St. X this Saturday in a big away game. Next Tuesday night is senior night, and the Tigers will host Christian Academy.

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