2015 Tiger Track and Field Event-by-Event Preview: Distance

William Mulloy will be a force to be reckoned with in the distance events this season. | Photo by Jana Bollinger

William Mulloy will be a force to be reckoned with in the distance events this season. | Photo by Jana Bollinger

Part five in a 5 part series previewing the 2015 St. Xavier Track and Field Tigers: Distance



800 meter run

1600 meter run

3200 meter run


800 – William Mulloy (2nd), Eli George (5th at Regional)

1600 – William Mulloy (1st), Max Mudd (5th)

3200 – Chris Striegel (2nd), Spencer Hayden (13th)


William Mulloy (SR) – 800, 1600

Eli George (SR) – 800

Spencer Hayden (JR) – 3200


Last year at State, Senior William Mulloy was one of the main contributors for the Tiger Track and Field Team. He contributed in 20 of St. X’s 65 points. This year should be no different. He is the favorite once again in the 1600 and a legit chance to contend in the 800. Throw in a possible 3200 and running in the 4 x 400 meter relay, and he has a chance to have one great Saturday.

“I’m working on becoming a smarter racer,” said Mulloy. “Last year I got myself into some pretty tricky situations because of flawed racing tactics. Also doing all of the extras to become the best athlete I can be whether it’s my diet or weight lifting/cross training.”

What kind of cross training is he doing?

“Well unfortunately I was on the bike and in and out of the pool all fall due to injury,” said Mulloy. “But even now that I’m healthy and running, I’ve found that I have had a hard time getting away from those things. So while we are in the process of building mileage and getting in shape, I’ll hop on the bike or in the pool because they are both great ways to stay in shape while not having to worry about injury.”

In the 800, look for Senior Eli George to be the 2nd participant again this year at Region for St. X. George was going into Region with a lot of confidence, but a quick start ruined his race.

“Everything felt good, the weather, my legs, and we were doing well on the day,” said George. “I went out 4 seconds faster for the first 200 than I usually do. Just a huge mistake that a junior shouldn’t have made.”

How far can he go this year?

“It’s tough to say,” said George. “I had a nice indoor time that I was nowhere near last year around that time. If I work hard, I can see 1:57 being a real possibility. As for state, it’s just about racing my team. I don’t see any problem getting past regional, but I just have to be one of the two that coach chooses to put in the 800.”

One of the people that could be coming for that second spot in the 800 is junior Matthew Thomas. He was injured most of last year’s track season, and he could make some noise in May. He will most likely also be the second participant in the 1600, so be prepared to hear more about Thomas this season.

In the 3200, the Tigers lost Chris Striegel to graduation. They return junior Spencer Hayden, but he is currently out with an injury. Hayden should be back before state, but it will be interesting to see how fast he recovers. While Hayden is absent, look for senior Andrew Garvey to step up and fill that spot. He really turned it on at the end of last year, and if he continue that into this year, he could turn some heads in Lexington.



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