Letters to Santa from the St. X Winter Head Coaches



Here at WSTX Sports we have some pretty good sources, and it just so happens that we have a close friend who works in the mail department at the North Pole, and we got our hands on a few letters.

The St. X Winter Head Coaches feel they have been extra nice this year, and they apparently got in the holiday spirit by sending their own letters to Old St. Nick. I have been told that Santa takes the time to read every letter he receives and we are to be assured that he will be checking them twice to see if the people have been naughty or nice.


Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good basketball fan and coach not only during the season, but all year long. Just like you asked for, right? And now that I’ve held up my end of the deal, here’s what I need you to do on yours..

I would love to take a trip back to Rupp, and no I already saw Coach Cal and Kentucky (yes Santa I know they are good). I’m asking for the Tigers to go back to Rupp this upcoming March and yes Santa, I know it’s been a long time, but I feel like it’s not that much too ask for. We’ve gotten pretty close a couple of times, but I feel like this year would be a great year to make it all the way to Lexington.

Best wishes,

Coach Klein.


Dear Santa,

You have been pretty good to me and my wrestling team over these past couple of years, and I don’t mean to be greedy, but I have a couple of requests on my Christmas list this year.

You gave us a State Championship in 2013, and I would really appreciate a repeat of that this year. I know that’s a lofty wish because I’m sure everyone is asking for that this Christmas, but it would be nice if you helped us bring back a championship to Poplar Level. On a smaller level, I would really like a big dot-dash Rage Cage for the Trinity Dual on January 29th.

Thanks again,

Coach Kraeszig.


Dear Santa,

Look, we have won a lot in my tenure here at St. X. I don’t mean to brag, and it’s not that I’m counting (I am) or anything, but we have won 26 straight Swimming State Championships. As Director of Aquatics, I would quite appreciate a 27th straight championship. People are so used to us winning that other teams celebrate when they finish second behind us. Those runner-up tee-shirts seem nice, but I would like to just keep winning and continuing to make people wonder why teams compete against us.

You’re the best,

Coach Larkin.

P.S. – If you could get me some 2015 MLB All-Star Game tickets at Great American Ball Park, that would be great. Thanks.

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