St. X Dominates Tennessee Competition Saturday

The swim team spent its day in Nashville very well, placing in the top two in every event. They defeated Ravenwood High School 251-45, Ensworth High School 246-49, St. George’s Independent School 251-37, and University School of Nashville 251-40. While all five teams swam together in one meet, it was scored as a separate dual meet between each individual school.

The team celebrated at Dave and Busters after the meet with a huge buffet and the final quarter of University of Louisville versus Notre Dame.

The Pool
Ensworth has beautiful facilities, and the natatorium is no exception. It rivals many college pools.

The ten-lane pool is 50 meters long with a bulkhead to allow for 25-yard competition. The depth, lane lines, drainage and bulkhead minimizes resistance, making it a fast competition pool.

The area surrounding the pool is equally great. The huge area has a high ceiling, lots of natural light and great ventilation. A walkway surrounds the upper level of the natatorium with seating looking down on the pool.

There are two large digital scoreboards and top-tier one-meter diving boards and starting blocks.

The Tigers are used to being a powerhouse, but this group of swimmers is special. The young talent has allowed the team to “reload,” according to Head Coach Todd Larkin. One of the freshmen, Aldan Johnston, finished second in the 200 Free and third in the 500 Free.

The sophomore class had a strong collective performance. Sophomore Keefer Barnum won the 100 Breast by about two seconds, and sophomore Martin Nitzen won the 100 Back by about a second.

Familiar names were dominant as usual. Senior Heyward Harrison won both of his individual races (200 IM and 100 Fly) by large margins and participated in two winning relays.

Senior Trey Hubbuch won both of his events, too. He even had the fastest split in the 200 Free Relay (22.12) with a mere five minutes of rest after his win in the 500 Free.

Junior Clayton Forde followed suit. After placing second to Hubbuch in the 500 Free, he swam a 22.14 right after him on the 200 Free Relay, almost catching up to senior Zach Carrico and defeating the A team.

The Tigers were without one of their star sprinters junior Matt Steiden, who is out due to illness. However, they are not short on talent. Three St. X swimmers (Trent Schulten, JD Mundt and Matthew McDermott) all swam the 100 Free in less than 51 seconds.

Junior Michael Miller came within half of a point of breaking 200 in diving, and senior George McCracken, coming off his season with the soccer team, was just five points behind him. Diving Coach Dustin Schulten expects both of them to be well over 200 by later this season.

The Results

200 Medley Relay
1) St. X A (Nitzen, Barnum, Harrison, Schulten)
2) St. X B (Tomchek, Carrico, Eastman, McDermott)
4) St. X C (Yates, Kraus, Rueff, Cromer)

200 Freestyle
1) Trey Hubbuch
2) Aldan Johnson
3) Clayton Forde
4) Gavin O’Brien
7) James Roth

200 IM
1) Heyward Harrison
2) Keefer Barnum

50 Freestyle
1) JD Mundt
2) Matthew McDermott
3) Trent Schulten
4) Zach Carrico
7) John Cromer
8) Dominic Tomchek
9) John Young

1) Michael Miller
2) George McCracken
3) Blake Ansert
4) Bryce Goldsborough

100 Butterfly
1) Heyward Harrison
2) Michael Eastman
3) Nick Yates
4) Michael Rueff

100 Freestyle
1) Trent Schulten
2) JD Mundt
3) Matthew McDermott
4) John Cromer
6) Gavin O’Brien
7) John Young
8) Greg Willett
9) Michael Eastman

500 Freestyle
1) Trey Hubbuch
2) Clayton Forde
3) Aldan Johnston
4) Patrick Baty

200 Freestyle Relay
1) St. X A (Mundt, Schulten, McDermott, Carrico)
2) St. X B (Cromer, Johnston, Hubbuch, Forde)
3) St. X C (Corley, Willett, Crecelius, Young)

100 Backstroke
1) Martin Nitzen
2) Dominic Tomchek
4) Nick Yates

100 Breaststroke
1) Keefer Barnum
2) Zach Carrico
4) Alex Kraus
5) Casey Rierdon
6) Clay Corley

400 Freestyle Relay
1) St. X A (Harrison, Hubbuch, Mundt, Forde)
2) St. X B (Johnston, Barnum, Tomchek, Eastman)
4) St. X C (O’Brien, Nitzen, Yates, Metts)

Edited by Elton Su

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