Coach Pitino and Davenport on Patrick

Photo by Andy Lyons

Photo by Andy Lyons

Rick Pitino Comments

“I just think it’s a cool thing for a young man. Everybody in Card Nation as well as Bellarmine is going to be…our prayers are going to be that he makes a recovery and gets back to where he’s playing for real. So, we’re all playing real hard for that.”

Scotty Davenport Comments

“What that young man (Patrick McSweeney) did out there in front of 20,432 (people) took a lot of courage. He is an amazing young man; he is all that’s good about young people. One of the officials came over and thanked me for what we did, said it was a really special day and he is glad to be a part of it. It’s amazing young people that have opportunities in front of them and mess them up. What that guy would do to have an opportunity like a lot people have and don’t take advantage of. This was an experience of a lifetime for our players, Louisville’s players and everybody in this community today.

(On Patrick McSweeney being mad that he missed the three) “He was crushed, and if you had been in practice the last two days, I was too because counting on us being ahead 3-0. Think about it like this: somebody said is that putting a lot of pressure on him, having him shoot a three? You think what that young man has been through the last ten years, he’s worried about pressure? No. He was embracing the thrill of a lifetime and he was going for it, just like we’re all going for him to get some great treatment and great news. Coach (Pitino) was amazing before the game. Like I said all week, that guy impacts lives. He’s impacted my life and I know he helped us impact a life of a very special young man today.”

(On what this opportunity meant for Patrick McSweeney) “I think we can all learn a tremendous lesson on being appreciative, and he was appreciative. If he said thank you once, he has said thank you from Wednesday night, when Doug and I went over and invited him to join us for this and to come to practice and etc. If he has said thank you once, he has said thank you a thousand times. I wonder how many people in here thanked anybody today for anything, and that young man has thanked us over and over. Pregame meal, thanking everybody. He went over to the pregame meal with Jake, `thank you Jake this is great,’ hung out with our guys, `Coach, thank you Corbin, appreciate it.’ He had the manager passing him the ball and he’s thanking our manager. How many of us have thanked enough people today?”

(On impact Patrick had on Bellarmine’s team) “Life’s lessons. It’s life’s lessons. I think that’s what athletics, that’s what college, that’s what growing up is all about. And our players are learning life’s lessons through a super young man, Patrick McSweeney. I’m proud of them, I’m proud of our guys. They have handled it much better than I have, because it just rips my heart out and they’re right there for him. They have given and given and given and that’s life lessons right there for them.”

Quotes via Card Chronicle

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