St. X vs. Trinity Positional Breakdown: Secondary

Davey Sermersheim will have his work cut out for him Friday night. | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Davey Sermersheim will have his work cut out for him Friday night. | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

If either Trinity or St. X wants to walk out of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium Friday night, they will have to execute a balanced offense, intelligently mixing play calling on the ground and through the air.  If one defense can take away the opponent’s passing game, that defense’s team will have a huge advantage.  That job falls upon the secondaries, and both the Tigers and the Shamrocks have some names back there that you want to get to know.  There is a lot of talent in both defensive backfields, so it will be interesting to see which group will have the bigger impact on the outcome of this clash of titans.  Let’s take a look at the St. Xavier and Trinity defensive backs.


St. Xavier Depth Chart

-#27 Davey Sermersheim-CB 5’10” | 160 lbs. | Senior

-#10 Tyler Boarman-SS 6’1″ |  178 lbs. | Senior

-#7 Jackie Arnold-FS 6’0″ | 170 lbs. | Senior

-#29 Brandon Blaser- CB 5’9″ | 162 lbs. | Senior


St. Xavier Overview

The Saint Xavier defensive backs have been nothing short of outstanding to this point in the season.  They have gone up against high-level competition and made statement after statement, and against inferior offensive talent, they have not let up one bit.  They have taken care of business week-in and week-out, and I don’t think fans will see anything different under the brightest lights these guys will see all season.

Sermersheim and Blaser are just so rangy and versatile.  They can both be nasty, physical pitbulls in bump-and-run press coverage; they aren’t afraid to crash the perimeter running game, either.  They can drop back in zone coverage and read the ball, and they all have a great feel for when to make a break on the ball.  Sermersheim made an interception against Moeller that got him WDRB Sports Play of the Week.  Blaser had a pick-six against Fairdale.  These corners can flat out ball.

Arnold has three interceptions on the season and has shown amazing instincts in defensive centerfield.  He is often the last line of defense for St. X, but he is not afraid to gamble for an interception or lay a big hit on a receiver.  Remember Ed Reed when he was in his prime playing for the Baltimore Ravens? He was just scary; he could do it all.  Arnold is that kind of safety for the Tigers, and he doesn’t get hurt as much as Reed did either.

Tyler Boarman deserves some choice words.  In the very rare words of one of my favorite sports personalities ever to grace this wonderful planet, Stephen A. Smith, Boarman is a “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD MAN.”  But seriously, this guy can do it all.  He is probably the most physical St. X defensive back, and he is almost built like a linebacker.  Again, I compare Boarman to another frightening safety who could not avoid injury: Bob Sanders.  He was a nightmare coming up to the line and stuffing run plays before they even started.  Boarman has that kind of effect on offenses.

These guys are ballhawks.  They are brash and unafraid of any stage.  They have the ability to completely shut down the Shamrocks on the perimeter, and you very well may see just that.

This is a special unit.


Trinity Depth Chart

-#2 Blake Corbett-CB 5’9″ | 160 lbs. | Senior

-#7 Canon Jackson-SS 6’3″ | 210 lbs. | Senior

-#6 Calvin Fante-FS 5’11” |180 lbs. | Senior

-#10 Rodjay Burns-CB 6’2″ | 175 lbs. | Junior


Trinity Overview

The Rocks also feature a stout secondary.  I have two words for you, Tiger Nation: Canon. Jackson.  This guy is big time.  He has elite size for a safety; St. X doesn’t have linebackers as big as Jackson.  As a junior, Jackson played cornerback and locked down some receivers that are now playing college football.  He is an absolute stud, one St. X must locate before every offensive snap.  This is the kind of defensive back who can change a game.  Jackson has the size of a linebacker with the quickness and coordination of a defensive back.  He is dangerous.

Junior Rodjay Burns plays wide receiver, but he also covers receivers–and he does it really well.  He has great size for a corner, and being a receiver on offense gives him an advantage almost any other corner doesn’t have, and that is knowing the ins and outs of the position which he is defending.  He has great anticipation and will be a major threat to the Tigers’ passing game.

However, the Shamrocks are a bit bruised in the secondary.  Senior saftey Alex Reisert, another agile defensive back built like a linebacker, will most likely miss the game.  He started alongside Jackson in Trinity’s first four games, but he tore the Lisfranc ligament in his right foot making a tackle against Cincinnati Colerain High School.  He is a big part of Trinity’s back end, and his absence puts a lot of pressure on backup Calvin Fante, pressure that Fante may not be ready for.

The Shamrocks’ secondary is strong, but without Reisert in the lineup, there may be some open holes or windows for the St. X passing attack that wouldn’t normally be there.


EDGE: This is a very close call.  Both units are sound, but I am confidently choosing St. X here.  Jackson is a monster for the Rocks, but with Reisert’s absence, I feel more comfortable picking the Tiger defensive backs, who are 100% healthy and out to prove a point.



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