St. X vs. Trinity Positional Breakdown: Linebacker

Senior Dylan McFarland is ferocious, and he could end up making big plays Friday night. | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Senior Dylan McFarland is ferocious, and he could end up making big plays Friday night. | Photo by Jacob Hayslip


St. Xavier Depth Chart

-#55 Dylan McFarland-OLB 6’2″ | 218 lbs. | Senior

-#49 Logan Butler-ILB 6’1″ | 190 lbs. | Junior

-#50 Trace Amshoff-OLB 5’9″ | 185 lbs. | Senior

#91 Parker Maddox-OLB 5’9″ | 185 lbs. | Senior

-#36 Andrew Lyons-OLB 5’8″ | 170 lbs. | Senior

-#6 Kyle Oliver-ILB 6’0″ | 190 lbs. | Senior

-#40 Connor Barnes-ILB 6’2″| 205 lbs. | Senior

-#32 Clark Campbell-OLB 6’2″ | 198 lbs. | Senior


St. Xavier Overview

All you need to know about the Saint Xavier linebacker corps is one word: depth.  Linebacker is the deepest position of the entire team, and it shows on the field.  Defensive Coordinator Bart Bruner expertly rotates these guys to create a machine that never gets tired.  This machine is wild.

Junior Logan Butler had a signature performance against Bryan Station in week two with a trio of interceptions and a sack, but he wants to make an even bigger statement tonight.  I don’t know about you, but it scares me that this guy could play even better than he did in Lexington, when he won the MVP of the Bluegrass Bowl.

St. X has speed everywhere.  Clark Campbell and McFarland are ruthless coming off the edge, and Connor Barnes and Kyle Oliver sure up the middle of the defense with great leadership, smart decision making and uber sound fundamental skill.  Oliver and Barnes play the game the way it should be played, no frills or flash, and it’s their play that anchors the defense.

The Tiger linebackers will be everywhere tonight–all eight of them.  They will be flying from sideline to sideline with a chip on their shoulders.  They want to end a drought of five years and seven games.

Trinity Depth Chart

-#8 Zach Berger-OLB 6’3″ | 235 lbs. | Senior

-#30 Brentton Ervin-ILB 5’11” | 215 lbs. | Senior

-#52 Damon Lowe-ILB 6’1″ | 225 lbs. | Junior

-#93 Matthew English-OLB 6’1″ | 180 lbs. | Senior


Trinity Overview

The Rocks’ linebackers are no joke either.  They have stood up against some of the most athletic offenses in the country.  The name to know in this group is Berger.  He’s got fantastic size, and he is an animal when he pins his ears back to rush the passer.  He sound against the run and the pass, and he can blow up a play in the backfield at any moment.  Berger told me that the Trinity backers are first and foremost a group that loves to get after it, and they aren’t shy about it.

“We are a hard-hitting and in-your-face,” Berger said.  “We all have a passion for this game.”

The tough competition to this point in the season has molded the corps into a balanced unit proficient in stuffing the run and shutting down passing lanes over the middle of the field.  They’ve had to face pass-oriented teams and run-oriented teams, and they were successful against both.

It will be interesting to see how the St. X offensive line deals with this group; the Shamrock linebackers are bigger, stronger, and faster than most if not all the corps that the Tigers have gone up against.

Trinity’s unit should also be playing with a chip on its shoulder; the seniors are looking to put the finishing touches on a four-year period where there was nothing but dominance over St. X.  I’m sure they would rather not lose their final game against the Tigers.

This group might even be a tad bit underrated because of the massive defensive line in front of them, so it should be a lot of fun to see this group play in front of the biggest high school football crowd in the country.


EDGE: Like the secondaries, these units are so close to each other.  Each group has an advantage.  St. X will have more bodies, and because of this, they will probably be as fresh and stout in the fourth quarter as they were at the beginning of the game.  However, Trinity’s unit has fought tougher battles to this point in the season and should be more than well prepared to square off with St. X’s offense.  I’m going to declare linebacker a draw.


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Senior at Saint Xavier High School. Editor-In-Chief of WSTX Sports.

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