St. X vs. Trinity Positional Breakdown: Defensive Line

Sophomore defensive end Max Willinger has had a huge season on the varsity squad. | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Sophomore defensive end Max Willinger has had a huge season on the varsity squad. | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

The battle in the trenches often goes unnoticed, but tonight’s game is different.  Besides it being the biggest high school football rivalry, St. X versus Trinity features two massive units that you will want to watch: the defensive line.  This position very well maybe the strength of both defenses.  Whichever line wins the war at the line of scrimmage will probably cop the victory after the fourth quarter horn sounds.  Let’s take a look at the behemoths on the Tiger and Shamrock defensive front.

St. Xavier Depth Chart

-#94 Will Edwards-DE 6’0″ | 215 lbs. | Senior

-#79 Ethan Adams-DE 6’2″ | 210 lbs. | Junior

-#95 Max Willinger-DE 6’2″ | 221 lbs. | Sophomore

-#77 Christian Fell-DT 6’2″ | 270 lbs. | Senior

-#92 Carson Kehres-DT 5’11” |315 lbs. | Senior

-#54 Kaleb South-DE 5’11” | 215 lbs. | Junior

-#76 Tucker Donlon-DT 6’0″ | 271 lbs. | Junior


St. Xavier Overview

Saint Xavier’s defensive line is ferocious, and it is headed by senior Will Edwards, an absolute monster.  That is literally the best way to describe him.  He is just mean, and fortunately, that is a good thing.  He is quick, smart and physical; he can beat a tackle off the edge or bull rush through him.  He digs his hand into the turf each down with a mission, and he completes that mission more times than not.

There are plenty of guys behind him as well.  Ethan Adams, Max Willinger, Christian Fell, and Carson Kehres know how to use their size to their advantage, and it’s interesting to watch how they get it done.

They never wow you, outside of Edwards making plays, but they are just so solid.  They don’t get a lot of sacks or tackles for loss, but they hold their ground.  They pressure opposing quarterbacks just enough to make them uncomfortable; they don’t get a ton of penetration, but they plug holes so effectively.

A lot of times, you can’t even tell they are winning down there, but they are grinding, and all of a sudden, they string two or three huge plays together.  Then you’re just like, “Wait.  Those guys are pretty good.”

This unit is special.  They not only disrupt the flow of opposing offenses, but they free up space for the linebackers to shoot in and clean up whatever slips by the line.

Trinity has played some very good teams, but I’m not sure they have met a defensive line like the Tigers’.

Trinity Depth Chart

-#56 Connor Foos-DE 6’4″ | 250 lbs. | Senior

-#91 Landon Corolla-DE 6’3″ | 232 lbs. | Senior

-#47 Adam King-DT 6’0″ | 260 lbs. | Senior


Trinity Overview

When I take a look at the Shamrock defensive line, the size stands out.  Connor Foos is rather large.  Landon Carolla is a big boy.  Adam King is just massive.

St. X has decent size; Trinity has outstanding size.

King is a stud.  He has had multiple impressive performances already this season, including a contest against Philadelphia Imhotep Charter High School, where King totaled four tackles for loss and completely stifled Imhotep’s star running back, Tyliek Raynor.  He is very versatile, as he can play inside or outside and be effective.  He will command a double team.

Trinity’s defensive line is the anchor of the defense.  Linebacker Zach Berger told me it is the backbone of the unit.

“It all starts with the defensive line,” Berger explained.

“They are very good at stopping the run and putting pressure on the quarterback,” said safety Alex Reisert.

These guys have the ability to overwhelm an offensive line, so St. X better be ready.

EDGE: Both of these groups are just menacing.  It is going to be a war of attrition in the trenches.  Much like the linebacker position, each group has a strength.  St. X has more depth, and Trinity has more size.  Which one will reign triumphantly?  My guess is as good as yours.  I’m calling a draw between these defensive lines.  They are both so good, and their talent will be more than noticed when the lights come on at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

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Senior at Saint Xavier High School. Editor-In-Chief of WSTX Sports.

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