WSTX Sports’ DO’s and DON’T’s for Patriotic Night

2012 Patriotic Night | Photo by Jana Bollinger

2012 Patriotic Night | Photo by Jana Bollinger

Patriotic Night is upon us and will take place tomorrow night at Br. Thomas More Stadium at the Tiger Football vs. Moeller game.  We know a lot of WSTX Sports readers will be in attendance for the game tomorrow, so we thought we’d put together a good list of advice for you, Tiger Nation.

Here are the official unofficial Do’s and Don’t’s of Patriotic Night…

DO dress as if you were standing in between a collision of Uncle Sam and George Washington riding a bald eagle.

It is important to know that the more red, white and blue paint you have on your body, the more right you are.  Tomorrow night is a time to dress up and have a little fun while cheering on your friends and classmates.  Be creative and come up with something so American, that even George W. Bush would be proud.

DON’T let the flag hit the ground.

If you do in fact bring a flag to the game, which is highly recommended because it looks super cool in the Rage Cage (see picture above), then make sure you treat Old Glory respectfully and not let it hit the ground.  Let’s honor America the right way.

DO sing the national anthem loud and proud.

When Coach Schweitzer cues up the National Anthem right before game after the players take the field, make sure to put your arm around the guy next to you and sing our country’s song like it was meant to be sung.  This will sound really awesome and surely someone will capture it on video.

DON’T stop cheering.

This is a huge game for the team even if it does not have post-season implications.  It’s Ohio vs. Kentucky, it’s big school vs. big school.  Take it upon yourself to bring the intensity from the crowd and have an impact early and often throughout the game.  We want some MOE!

DO recognize that our school colors change from Green and Gold to Red, White and Blue for one night.

Yes we are “proud of the green and the gold”, but on one night, we hold another set of colors to be more important.  Show off that awesome Red, White and Blue cut off you got over the summer or face paint yourself and others so that everyone knows just how proud you are to be an American.

DON’T forget why we are having Patriotic Night.

The theme was created two years ago to honor those in Tiger Nation who have served our country and they will be recognized tomorrow night.  Make sure that applause is louder than any after our touchdowns.  It is important to keep in mind that without the brave men and women fighting around the world, we could not have a chance to go to such a great high school, nor watch a little Tiger Football on a beautiful September evening.

DO respect our guests from the north.

Moeller travels really well and will most likely pack their side of the stands.  Don’t be surprised if you look out during G period and see the parking lot full of tailgaters from Moeller.  They like to do that kind of thing, and to be honest, it’s pretty awesome.  So acknowledge that they bring the same pride as we do and show our guests from Cincinnati a good time tomorrow night.

DO enjoy the game.

This is going to be a great game with a lot of big plays and heart stopping action.  Have fun taking some of the best high school football in the nation as we take on the #40 ranked Moeller Crusaders on our home turf at Br. Thomas More Stadium.

Go Tigers! We Are!

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