Prediction Thread: Simon Kenton Scrimmage

Noah Houk | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Noah Houk | Photo by Jacob Hayslip

Tiger Nation, this season, we want to hear from you the fans more!  Each week, prior to the Tiger Football game, we will ask you to voice your opinion on what you think is going to happen that week by giving us your prediction in the comment section!

Remember, we will be moderating the comments just like on any other post on this site, so keep that in mind when posting!  Regardless of what is posted here, it will be up to the players only in their execution on what happens actually during the game.  This is just for fun!

Let’s try this out with tomorrow night’s scrimmage vs. the Pioneers of Simon Kenton.  Who do you think wins and why?  Leave your prediction in the comment section below!

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Senior at Saint Xavier High School. Editor-In-Chief of WSTX Sports.

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  1. As a scrimmage, there can’t be too much pressure on either team so I look for a good night of football from both schools. This is now the 4th year in a row that they have met in the preseason and it has always been a solid performance by the Tigers. I have the Tigers “winning” the scrimmage 28-14.

  2. Tigers win this one 35-7! Beat the Pioneers!

  3. Don’t know much about Simon Kenton, but based on your all’s reports from the Tigers, it seems as if St. X will do just fine tonight and be ready for week 1 against Ballard!

    IMO, St. X “wins” 31-10.

  4. I really hope we hit about 3 home runs and hit 6 three pointers. I hope it doesn’t go to penalty Kicks !!!

  5. I think the Tigers are going to mop up Simon Kenton. Since I don’t think there will be extra point kicks (not sure about that), I think the score will be 66 – 6.

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